[Review] G9 Skin White in Milk Toner

G9 Skin White in Milk Toner Review:

I was browsing for a new toner on an online shopping site which has a lot of upcoming and new Korean brands. I suffer from mild hyper-pigmentation and being dark skinned, my spots are quite “out-there’’ (I can be quite self-conscious). I was looking for toners that would whiten/lighten my scars and voila, I came across this “white in milk toner”. Basically anything that whitens my scars always catches my eye.

So, did a bit of digging up on G9 Skin brand, since I have never heard of it. It is a little sister of Berrisom, a well-known k-beauty brand. They market themselves as an anti-pollution skincare brands, sounds weird but I guess Korean marketing is different. Who doesn’t want to protect their skin from pollution?

G9 Skin products consists of 9 key ingredients: lotus, ivy, pine needle, eucalyptus, oregano leaf, chlorella, hibiscus petal, chia seed, and green tea, which are supposed to protect “skin exposed to the city’s pollution during your busy and tiring commutes”. I know that lotus extracts are anti-oxidants and it can help in blood circulation for face. (I am not a doctor and this is what I gathered from my internet research)

Disclaimer: To clarify a Korean ‘whitening’ product itself is not going to change your skin white, Korea has beauty ingredients standards, so chill ! You ain’t gonna get bleached, sista! By whitening, these products mean overall brightening, and also lightening sun spots or pigmentation.

Did I mention again ? I loved their packaging on the toner, reminds me of 3CE but less expensive and very vintage. Also, the toner had 300 ml and costs $13.50. Since I am cheap as chips, it was a win-win.


The product claims to be good for moisturizing & whitening and Wrinkle Improvement

Not super familiar with the ingredients. But niacinamide and milk protein extract does help in whitening/lightening scars. It doesn’t look like it has any artificial fragrance. Also, it has soybean and yeast extracts, I am guessing this is for wrinkle-improvement but it is towards the end of the ingredient list. I am not hoping for this toner to do that.


G9 Skin White in Milk Toner Ingredients

Volume: 300 ml for $13 is definitely value for money especially if you are using it twice daily.

How to use:

After cleansing, apply facial toner gently on the face with cotton pad, or hands.

My Skin Type: Normal

G9 Skin White in Milk Toner Review:

G9 Skin White in Milk Toner Review

I have been using this product for the past 1 month. I cannot say that it was lightened by scars greatly but it helps. Also, it is generally suitable for sensitive skin and contains gentle and less-irritating ingredients, if you check on COSDNA.

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The texture is milky and translucent just like the description. But, once applied, it easily absorbs into your skin. In case if you are wondering, it DOES NOT bring a grey cast or white cast to your fast. See my picture below.


G9 Skin White in Milk Toner Review

The packaging is a bit inconvenient. The dispenser is the click up type that opens a gap to pour does the job. However, because I apply product with my hands, a pipette type top or pump would probably be slightly more convenient. I pour a bit into my hand through opening and dab it on my face concentrating especially on my scars.

It smells a bit of like baby powder, to be honest. But it does not have a strong smell. Generally, any toners that have a strong fragrance can irritate your skin. I expected it to have a flowery scent since the ingredients points to a lot of leaf extracts. So, I was pleasantly surprised.

Although the product claims to be good for wrinkle improvement, I cannot say the same. I don’t have wrinkles but I have fine lines underneath my eyes and this hasn’t helped to improve that. However, my scars my lightened considerably but that is not just because of using this product but because I have a strict skincare routine. I think having a good and regular routine regardless of the product helps as opposed to a single product. However, my skin has definitely improved its tone and looks a lot brighter and healthier, which I think is the most important function of any toner.

This product is definitely moisturizing for combination, oily and normal skin types. But I don’t think it would be enough for those with dry skin.


Value for Money: 10/10
Wrinkle reduction: 3/10
Moisturizing: 8/10 but not for dry skin
Whitening/Lightening: 5/10
Brightening and healthy looking: 10/10

In my situation, since I have light hyperpigmentation and I simply wanted to improve my skin as opposed to treat a particular problem, I would purchase it again.

I would recommend it to those with normal, oily or combination skin type looking to step up their skincare or looking for hydrating toner that will brighten their skin. For those, simply looking to lighten acne scars, I would suggest using this toner in conjunction with a good whitening serum and A good AHA/BHA exfoliator like the ones from COSRX.

Where to buy:

Amazon | eBay

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  1. Great review, Geethu. Do you think this toner will be suitable for the “7 skin method”? Or would it be too heavy?

  2. Hi Niagara,

    This might be a bit too heavy for the 7 step method. But you can apply this as a toner + emulsion.

    • It’s Nigama, not Niagara..hahaha.
      But Niagara sounds great though 😀
      Anyways thank you for the review 🙂


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