[REVIEW] Graymelin Pure 100% Beta-Glucan

Graymelin Pure 100% Beta-glucan Review:

For all of you my fellow rosaceans, you know how the fight is tough and constant. We are in everlasting quest for some immuno-boosters and any kind of skin shields. Thus, when someone offers you pure beta-glucan for your skin, you will not pass on it, I am sure. So neither did I.

Graymelin is Korean indie skin care brand praised by many popular bloggers. Graymelin call themselves Skin’s Beauty Natural Cosmetics Brand and they tend to deliver. Apothecary chic as someone named them, or “the next big thing”. This product is around for at least couple of years, but always fresh and intriguing to write about.


+ Hydration Nourishment .Moisture & Nutrition: this product promises to deeply moisturize, brighten, tightening and relax skin.

+ It is also free from synthetic fragrances, artificial pigments, paraben , benzophenone, mineral oil and alcohols.

(source: Graymelin’s website)

Ingredients: Pure 100% beta-glucan

Graymelin Pure 100% Beta-glucan Review

Volume: 50ml / 1.7 fl.oz.

How to use:

Apply this after using your toner and before your moisturizers.Just drop a suitable amount onto your palm and then pat it into the skin.

I also like to mix it with other serums, ampoules and moisturizers.

My Skin Type: Rosacea, sensitive, aging

Graymelin Pure 100% Beta-glucan Review:

The moisturizer of the 3rd generation that not just moisturizes, but seals moisture within the skin. So they flatter beta-glucan. This really is great moisturizer, but for my skin, it is much more.

For healthy, normal skin, this will provide enough moisture and even nutrition for the skin to manage the whole day if used in the morning. Although, I would recommend for oily skin types to use it in PM skin care routine rather.

This stuff is powerful and delivering. For troubled skin, this might be a true saviour. Beta-glucan as itself is polysaccharide sugar derived from yeast or oats. It has anti-oxidant power and is excellent anti-redness, skin-soothing agent.

Therefore, you lucky beautiful skinners, this will make your skin dewy, plump and bouncy the whole day, and for my fellow trouble skinners this might be the relief in the bottle.

Graymelin Pure 100% Beta-glucan Review

As I mentioned before, this brand is typically apothecary chic – glass bottle with the pipette dropper with minimalistic approach to the design. Nice and simple.

Graymelin Pure 100% Beta-glucan Review

Product itself is thick, viscous, transparent liquid. It stretches with strings when pulled with fingers. Very much like the snail mucin. But when applied to the skin it simply disappears into it without sticky, tacky or any kind of feeling different than hydrating and moisturizing.

No fragrance here, but slightly (for the finest of the noses) yeasty smell.

Graymelin Pure 100% Beta-glucan Review

Graymelin Pure 100% Beta-glucan Review

I have been using this pure beta-glucan on my face for about 4 months now. I can see all the difference it makes when my rosacea strikes. Additionally, when I mix it with niacinamide serum, it makes the soothing bomb to provide instant relief to inflamed skin. I love this stuff.

Although, whilst nothing can make chronically inflamed skin look like porcelain chok chok skin, this Pure 100% beta-glucan ampoule can definitely make it chok chok look alike. Pun intended.

Graymelin Pure 100% Beta-Glucan is on my forever-buy list. I simply cannot have my skin care without this one, niacinamide, vitamin c, or my acids. That simple.

This product is safe for all skin types. Very moisturizing, so oily skin types try to see would it work with your moisturizer in the morning skin care routine. Or just use it in the evening.

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