[REVIEW] HEIMISH All Clean Green Foam pH 5.5

HEIMISH All Clean Green Foam pH 5.5 Review:

I personally prefer a cleansing product that has minimal chemical components, but of course with pocket-friendly price. Finding a cleansing foam that meets this requirement is quite problematic, since an affordable one tends to be a bit harsh for skin due to its all-chemical ingredients.

Then I found this HEIMISH pH 5.5 All Clean Green Foam, whose sheet mask (HEIMISH Low pH Hydrating Mask Sheet) I tried before and fell in love with. I assume this product is still newly launched since there are only few sellers sell this. Since the mask sheet was a holy grail to me and the price was quite decent too, I dared myself to have a go.


+ pH Balancing Facial Cleanser, mild clean effect low acid for sensitive skin

+ “Subacid Cleansing for Healthy Skin”

Ingredients :

Water, Potassium Laureth Phosphate, Glycerin, Lauryl Hydroxysultaine, Acrylates/C10-0 Alkyl Acylate Crosspolymer, Quillaja Saponaria Bark Extract, Centella Asiatica Extract, Hamamelis Virginiana (Witch Hazel) Water, Potassium Cocoyl Glutamate, Citric Acid, Coco-Glucoside, Sodium Chloride, Caprylyl Glycol, Glyceryl Caprylate, Tromethamine, Sodium Cocoyl Glutamate, Sodium Cocoyl Isethionate, 1,2-Hexanediol, Disodium EDTA

HEIMISH All Clean Green Foam pH 5.5 Review

Volume : 150 g

How to Use :

1. Put a moderate amount in your hand and make a rich and creamy latter

2. Gently massage the foam over the face

3. Rinse with warm water

HEIMISH All Clean Green Foam pH 5.5 Review

My Skin Type: Normal with oily T-zone, enlarged pores.

HEIMISH All Clean Green Foam pH 5.5 Review:

HEIMISH All Clean Green Foam pH 5.5 has a generally bigger volume for a cleansing foam, 150 grams. It has a doff-material tube packaging with flip-top cap, inserted in a box with the same colors and designs; soft-tosca and white shades.

HEIMISH All Clean Green Foam pH 5.5 Review

As emphasized on the product’s name, HEIMISH pH 5.5 All Clean Green Foam claims to have slightly acidic pH which provides moisture and healthy skin, so they inserted a small pH description on the box too. The product itself turns out to be a gel cleanser, so it has rather transparent color with slight green-shade, with an acidic scent.

HEIMISH All Clean Green Foam pH 5.5 Review


These features don’t bother me a lot actually; that one thing I found as a drawback was how much product I had to squeeze out to produce the perfect amount of lather. Seeing the fact that I always used a cream-type facial foam before, I was inclined to put only a pearl-sized product while this amount just couldn’t work out perfectly with a gel-type foam.

In short, I assume one should use a relatively more amount of this product to cleanse face wholly. You can see clearly from the picture how little the latter produced from quite a lot amount of product.

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I guess the fact that HEIMISH Cleasing Foam has a gel-type texture and slightly acidic pH level plays a major role in the feeling I experience during the cleansing process. Aside from how little the lather was produced, I often felt that my face didn’t get cleansed thoroughly.

I assume this feeling was a part of this cleansing foam’s claim on providing moisture on skin, since my face was all sleek after being washed. At one point, this felt nice as my face didn’t feel dry at all, but in another point I didn’t think my face was clean enough.

I should do a patch test to prove HEIMISH pH 5.5 All Clean Green Foam ability to clean my skin, so this is it :

  1. Etude House Any Cushion Color Corrector– lavender
  2. EMINA Agent of Brow – brown
  3. Maybelline Hyper Impact Liner – black
  4. THE FACE SHOP Catch My Eyeliner Lovely Me:ex – brown
  5. ETUDE HOUSE Bling Bling Eye Stick – sunset star
  6. SILKYGIRL Blush Hour – nectar blush
  7. ESSENCE Water Kiss Glossy Lip Colour – deep sea love
  8. ETUDE HOUSE Dear Darling Tint (#BR401)

I’m accustomed to add cleansing water to my skincare list, so this was my first time using this cleanser directly toward make-up products. Although I had assumed beforehand, I was quite surprised seeing how the lather disappeared at once by the time it contacted with the make-up products. Turns out the cleansing foam wasn’t ‘strong’ enough to remove make-up products, and heavy dirt and pollution, I deduce.

HEIMISH All Clean Green Foam pH 5.5 Review

From the make-up test, there are some products that still left traces and even residuals on my skin: cushion (1), eyebrow (2), liquid eyeliner (3), lip colour (7), and water gel tint (8). Moreover, the traces of (3) and (7) didn’t wear off until some days even after I took a bath. In conclusion, I really really oblige anyone to use cleansing water before this cleanser.

HEIMISH pH 5.5 All Clean Green Foam is a very impressive product; it gives calming sensation especially to the sensitive skin, didn’t dry out the dry skin, and even provides appropriate level of moisture for every skin condition, but it is not enough to use this product singly.

According to cosDNA , this cleansing foam shows neither medium-level nor high-level of risk. In contrary, it contains relatively safe ingredients with safety index 1 – 2 so it would be suitable for every skin condition, just like what I mentioned above.

I personally have no problem with HEIMISH pH 5.5 All Clean Green Foam since I constantly use cleansing water, but I’m still not sure whether I would repurchase or not. However, make sure you add extra cleansing step besides this cleanser to confirm your spotless skin.

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Amazon Prime | eBay | Yesstyle

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