[REVIEW+SWATCHES] Holika Holika Nudrop Lumi Cheek 01 Caramel Luster

Holika Holika Nudrop Lumi Cheek 01 Caramel Luster Review:

Holika Holika is finally back again with their latest collection! After their ’Sparkly’ collection (which I’m not too fond of), Holika Holika launched a new collection, ’NuDrop’ with dewy and natural makeup for its theme. If I’m not mistaken it’s for the Summer collection and it consists of lipsticks, cream blushers, nail polishes, eyeshadow palettes, and some brushes. The collection intrigues me so much since I’m a fan of dewy makeup look so I purchased the blusher and the lipstick.

The blusher I got is a cream blush with hint of glitters. Actually I’m not a huge fan of cream blusher but most of the time if I want to have a natural makeup look, a cream blusher is way better than a powder one because it can give you a luminous and natural flush look. I think maybe Holika Holika put a wet, creamy blusher in the collection instead of a cushion/liquid because it’s easier to control and looks more natural on the skin.

I’m surprised to see this release from Holika because usually they put more effort into making the packaging instead of the quality itself (I’m sorry Holika!) but lately, they started to make more simple yet mature packaging along with high-quality products. I hope this new blusher will work wonder on my oily combination skin so let’s see.

Claims :

+ A rich-pigmented blush that brightens all complexion as it glides on the cheeks.

+ The blendable color is formulated with golden shimmer pearls to give a radiant glow.

+ Available in three shades.

Ingredients :

Triethylhexanone, Castor Oil, Macadamia Seed Oil Polyglyceryl-6 Ester Scephenate, Lauryl Laurate, Synthetic Beads Wax, Mica, Titanium Dioxide, Hydrogenated Castor Oil, Synthetic Wax, Polyglyceryl-2 Triisostearate, Yellow No. 5, Ceresin, Ethylene / Propylene Copolymer, (1) Of Red No. 104, Red Iron Oxide, Black Iron Oxide, Tin Oxide, Aluminum Hydroxide

Holika Holika Nudrop Lumi Cheek 01 Caramel Luster Review

How to Use :

1. Dispense a small amount of the color with fingertips or a sponge.

2. Apply to the apples of your cheeks, then blend.

Volume : 2.5gr

My Skin Type : Combination with very oily T-zone

Holika Holika Nudrop Lumi Cheek 01 Caramel Luster Review:

The NuDrop Lumi Cheek from Holika Holika is pretty affordable but I didn’t expect to see the blush come in a fairly small and compact packaging. Because of the size and the material, sometimes I find it’s too slippery and it almost fell down especially if I’m in hurry. Seems like the packaging is sturdy enough but it’s better to be careful.


Holika Holika Nudrop Lumi Cheek 01 Caramel Luster Review

On the back side, you can see a small black hole and it’s for depotting the pan. It’s very useful if you want to put the blush on your custom palette so you don’t have to bring the blush in the full packaging. The thing is because it’s a cream blush, I’m not sure if it won’t hardened after exposed to air so I prefer to put the blush in the original packaging instead of put it in my custom palette.

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I’m disappointed with the shade range. They only make 3 shades and they are not too far from coral, pink, and orange. I know they want to make a natural shade of blush to complete the ‘natural look’ theme but I think there are more colors that can be categorized as ‘natural flush’ along with those 3 shades.

Holika Holika Nudrop Lumi Cheek 01 Caramel Luster Review

The shade I purchased is 01 Caramel Luster. It’s a beautiful coral beige shade with a hint of gold sparkles. Actually this shade is not my first choice but from some reviews I read, it looks so vibrant and match every skin tone.

On me, the shade looks more like a warm coral thanks to my undertone but unexpectedly I really like it! Because it has a warm undertone, it makes my pale complexion look more alive. Not only that, with the luminous finish it gives a ‘dewy from within’ effect which make my skin looks really healthy.

Holika Holika Nudrop Lumi Cheek 01 Caramel Luster Review

I believe this shade is a universal shade, means everyone with various skin tones can use it and still look so pretty. On fair skin, you just need a little bit to make the color show up on your skin because it’s pretty pigmented. Even only with a dab here and there you can get a natural flushes. For medium to deep skin tone, I think you can use more on your cheeks, it builds up nicely so you don’t have to worry if the blush will get patchy.

To apply it, you can use either a finger or a sponge. I don’t like applying product with my finger so I choose a sponge. The sponge I use is an air puff sponge you can find on cushion product but they do sell the sponges individually as well so it’s easy to get and the price is pretty affordable.

Because it’s cream blush, you have to press the sponge into the blush to get the pigment. If you only dab the sponge (just like if you applying a powder) it won’t work because the texture is a bit dense. If you don’t have sponge or find it too hard to apply the blush with the sponge, you can use your finger. In fact, thanks to the warmth from your finger, the blush melts easier and blends a bit better.

Because it’s a cream blusher, you can’t apply it on top of any powder product (powder, bronzer, highlighter) or it will make your makeup crack. The best way to use a cream blusher is by applying it on top of a foundation and underneath powder products. I always use it on top of my base product then set it with a powder. This way the blusher won’t affect your makeup.

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No matter which tools you use, the finish will be a very natural color. It’s very easy to blend as well, as expected from a cream blusher. Even though it has a gold sparkles in it, I didn’t feel it at all when I’m touching the blusher and the sparkles in it won’t emphasis your skin texture. It’s not too visible on the cheeks too so if you are not a fan of sparkly blusher, don’t worry.

As for its performance, honestly there are better cream blusher on the market. The reason I think like this is because it doesn’t last well on my skin even after I set it. If I didn’t set it, it will get oily and patchy all over my cheeks so I have to set it with a bit of powder. With or without powder, the blush still fades really fast, even after only 1 – 2 hours!

At the end, I use it as a base for my powder blusher. As a base, it works really well but I think it defeat the purpose of this blush, don’t you think? This product is advertised to make a natural makeup look but at the end because it doesn’t last well, I have to use a powder blush on top of it and there’s no more luminous blush. I don’t think I will get it in another shade but I will keep using it especially if I only need to go out for a short time.

Where to buy:

eBay | Yesstyle

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