[REVIEW] Holika Holika Peko Melty Jelly Lip Balm 02 Peach Berry

Holika Holika Peko Melty Jelly Lip Balm 02 Peach Berry Review:

About a week ago I shared about Holika Holika Peko Pure Essence Jelly Mask Sheet Strawberry and now I am back with another product from this sweet milky Peko collection. This is Holika Holika X Peko Melty Jelly Lip Balm. As guessed, I bought this lip balm because it’s CUTE, haha. It’s true, but other than that, I do need a new lip balm as I just finished my Innisfree My Lip Balm (it’s like a big achievement to me finishing 15 gram of a lip balm less than 3 months. It proves how great the product is and how I love it so much).

Holika Holika Peko Melty Jelly Lip Balm is not only cute but also provides dual color lip balm in one package (I assumed it would give both the moisture and attractive look on lips). It comes only in 2 shades. The Cherry Berry and Peach Berry. Both are pretty and tempting. But since I am still in orangeish mood lately, so I picked up the Peach Berry one.

Claims :

+ Jelly lip balm that expresses shiny and moist lips with elastic and sticky texture. Give strong moisturizing film and freshness to your lips with elastic texture, sweet and sour fragrance

+ Strawberry shape in the lip balm + Dual Color. Freely use lip balm and color balm with your desired color depending on your mood.

+ Full of moisturizing and mild ingredients. It contains moist natural moisturizing ingredients (ground color: 3 kinds of high moisturizing oil / middle color: 3 kinds of fresh fruit extract) and maintains moisture for a long time.

Key Ingredients :

Mineral Oil, Olive Oil, Avocado Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Ceresin, Shea Butter

Holika Holika Peko Melty Jelly Lip Balm 02 Peach Berry Review

Volume : 9.8 g

How to use :

1. Apply the ground color to the entire lips to moisturize dry lips.

2. Apply the middle color around the center of the lips as gradient to complete lively lips.

My Lips Type : Normal with some fine lines, pigmented, occasionally dry

Holika Holika Peko Melty Jelly Lip Balm 02 Peach Berry Review:

I am not a lip-balm-in-jar lover since I think it’s not that hygienic, especially when it doesn’t come with a spatula. I would prefer lip balm in squeezed tube or stick shape rather than jar package, but I’m not going to complain anything for this one since Peko’s face is too cute, ha!

This lip balm doesn’t come with box and when I got it, it’s just sealed with a tiny clear sticker. And if you look closely, my Peko’s hair is scratchy due to the shipping. It would be better if they wrapped the whole jar in an outer box or at least a clear plastic.

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Since it doesn’t have box, it’s understandable if we get a little information about the product on the back side. And I was a bit surprised that its PAO is 24 months because my usual lip balm can only be used until 12 months after opening. Also, I just realized that this Peko edition has a hologram sticker to show that it is an authentic product.

Holika Holika Peko Melty Jelly Lip Balm 02 Peach Berry Review

Once opened up, we will find a peachy lip balm surrounding a cute strawberry shape. Yes it’s cute and this is actually why I decided to buy this lip balm, because this lip balm is dual color. The middle part has a strawberry shape and this is the lip color balm. Meanwhile the outer part is the lip balm with soft peachy color. Besides its cute strawberry shape, this lip balm provides a strawberry candy scent as well.

Holika Holika Peko Melty Jelly Lip Balm 02 Peach Berry Review

The lip color balm amazed me with its nice color payoff. It is amazing for a color lip balm product. The shade itself is very pretty. A true coral color that looks so fresh. The texture is also very nice. It is creamy, not clumpy and glides smoothly and evenly on lips. I thought it would be semi matte finish, but the actual result is moist and glossy.

Meanwhile, the lip balm itself is clear and transparent though it looks peachy in the jar. The finish is not different from the lip color balm, moist and glossy. But the texture is different.

This lip balm has a solid jelly-like texture. It is soft but not as smooth as the creamy lip color balm. I do not use my fingers to take out the lip balm from the jar, but a cotton swab. Unfortunately, the lip balm tends to be a bit clumpy whenever I apply it with the cotton swab right after taking it out.

I have to put the lip balm on my hand first then swirl it so its thick texture melts away (you know, it’s melty jelly), only then apply on lips (by the way, you don’t need to do these steps if you don’t mind to use your fingers to take out and apply the lip balm, haha. I just don’t believe my own fingers, LOL).

Holika Holika Peko Melty Jelly Lip Balm 02 Peach Berry Review

When applied on lips, this Peko Melty Jelly Lip Balm, surprisingly, is not sticky nor tacky at all. Both the lip balm and lip color balm are so comfortable and lightweight. The glossy finish makes my lips look smoother and healthy, and of course, doesn’t accentuate my wrinkly lips. Its pretty coral color are wearable for daily and looks natural on lips.

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It’s not transferproof, as already guessed. But a thing that amazed me is when my lips do not touch anything, even after 6 hours the sheen and moist look still stay very pretty. Hence my lips don’t feel dry. Sadly, the lip color balm doesn’t leave any stain on lips thus I need to re-apply this product when it wears off. Well, it’s okay since this lip balm is weightless and not sticky.

This lip balm gives an awesome moist finish but sorry to say, its moisturizing and hydrating effects are so so. I mean, it’s not too bad but decent. My lips are quite fine and not dry lately, and this lip balm gives an enough moisture to my lips, keep them away from dryness. But it doesn’t make my lips more moisturized after using it. It just prevents my lips from dryness when it’s applied on.

Having that result, I think this lip balm is more recommended to normal lips, meanwhile the very dry and chapped lips will need more moisturizing lip balm as a treatment. Holika Holika Peko Melty Jelly Lip Balm is good for a daily lip balm if you just need to avoid dryness and have pretty, moist, healthy lips look at once.

But if you need a true treatment to cure very dry and chapped lips, you’d better to use other lip balm with extra moisturizing effect (I recommend lip balm from Innisfree, either My Lip Balm or the Canola Honey Lip Balm).

However, I bought this lip balm because of its cute packaging. That’s why I do not feel too disappointed with few down sides of this product. I still enjoy this lip balm (especially its pretty coral shade) for daily when my lips don’t face any issue (dryness or allergy).

But I will replace it with Innisfree My Lip Balm when my lips need more moisture because, I’m not going to lie, the moisturizing power of this lip balm is not that amazing.

Where to buy:

eBay | Yesstyle

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