[REVIEW] Holika Holika Sweet Peko Bun Puff

Holika Holika Sweet Peko Bun Puff Review:

The Sweet Peko collection is a collaboration between a famous Korean beauty brand Holika Holika with a female character called Peko from FUJIYA CO. LTD. From what I read before, Peko is a famous mascot and she was founded in Japan and FUJIYA themselves was known for their gourmet businesses.

When Holika Holika launched the Sweet Peko collection, I knew I had to get the bun puff because the packaging was so cute. I’m not quite sure why a Korean brand like Holika Holika can collaborate with a Japanese brand but I have to say that their products for the collab are very cute and have one of the best packaging I’ve ever seen from a Korean beauty.

I dislike any of beauty sponges aside from Beauty Blender, Real Techniques, and EcoTools because other sponges I’ve tried from drugstore were so hard and rough it felt so uncomfortable. They also tend to absorb more product and made the application look patchy but because of the cute the packaging, it’s the only reason I gave the Sweet Peko bun puff a chance.

Claims :

+ A special collection featuring one of the most popular and adorable characters from Japan, Fujiya Peko, is launched.

+ Apply and retouch your makeup using this bread-shaped sponge!

+ A non-latex puff for all skin types, including sensitive skin.

+ With 66mm diameter, it lets you capture enough amount liquid foundation, blush or cushion just with a touch.

Ingredients :


Holika Holika Sweet Peko Bun Puff Review

How to Use :

1. Fold the puff in half for use in narrow areas of the face.

2. If you want to make moist and glow make-up, use this product after spraying the mist on the puff.

Volume : 1ea

My skin type : Combination with very oily T-zone

Holika Holika Sweet Peko Bun Puff Review:

The bun puff from Holika Holika x Sweet Peko is advertised as a makeup sponge (or beauty sponge) that can be used to apply base product like BB creams, foundations, or concealer. The thing that catch my attention is the shape of the puff.

On the advertising image they also put the puff and it is shaped like a real bun, like a round bread that we can eat so that’s why on the bottom part of the packaging, there’s a caution saying that this is not a real bun so do not eat it.

It comes in a plastic packaging like an instant noodle and they totally make the packaging so close like a real food. It even has a ‘Open Here’ instruction so when I opened it for the first time, it feels like I’m opening a snack instead of a makeup tool. On the back part there’s some informations but they are in Korean so I don’t understand what’s written there. They have a small column as well so it almost look like a nutrition fact column you can see on food and drink packaging.

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When I use it for the first time, you will smell a hint of styrofoam scent. It doesn’t bother me though and the scent will be gone after you wet it. It absorbs so much water if you wet it so you have to squeeze it hard to let the water out and make sure that it’s totally dry before you use it.

Holika Holika Sweet Peko Bun Puff Review

The bun itself has a pretty decent size. It’s bigger than a beauty blender but you can wet it and the size will get twice bigger than the original size. On the center there’s Peko picture and it feels so lightweight! I’m sure it will be on my pouch when I need a beauty sponge for travelling as it’s so light and doesn’t need too much space as I will carry it when it’s dry.

Holika Holika Sweet Peko Bun Puff Review

It has a round shape and what surprise me the most is how the color look exactly the same as a bun. I think if someone saw this, they will think it’s a bun and not a makeup puff.

The round shape actually makes it a little bit hard to reach some part of my face especially on the side of my nose and on my undereyes. Since I need to be precise when applying concealer for my undereyes, I don’t use this bun because it’s too big for it. There’s no pointy part on the puff so the only way I can reach the side of my nose is by squeezing the puff to make a small pointy tip but it’s useless because it’s still round and too big.

For its price, which is very affordable, I have to say the quality is beyond my expectation. Sometimes on drugstore puffs they are so hard (I even feel like I’m punching my own face) and it’s hard to blend the base product so I’m really excited when I squeeze this bun because it’s very soft and fluffy! It bounces when I squeeze it and when a makeup puff bounce easily, it means it can blend the base product faster and won’t absorb too much product.

I always wet it before using it and it helps in making my foundation looks more dewy, as if my face is well-moisturized. If I use it dry, it will absorb more product and it won’t feel as soft as when it’s dampened.

Holika Holika Sweet Peko Bun Puff Review

I try using it with my favorite Peripera Ink Blurring Skin Tint so if the result is bad, I know it would be the bun’s fault because I love the Ink Tint and often use it. Lucky me the puff blend it very nicely and it makes my skin looks flawless! It does absorb product but only a little bit which I don’t mind at all. Because of the size too it helps my foundation blend way faster than usual.

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If you use it wet, after using it don’t put the puff at humid place like bathroom because mold can grow in the puff. I let it air dry in my room where it has room-temperature most of the time. I also put it on a tissue so it can soak the water from the puff to let it dry faster. I always do this with my other sponges and so far I never found any mold on them.

Overall I really love this puff and definitely will recommend it for everyone! For the price, it’s really worthy and because it’s a limited edition, it can be a nice addition if you love collecting cute and unique makeup products. It doesn’t effect the foundations performance and as long you keep it clean, the puff will last for a very long time (but remember, it’s recommended that makeup sponge should be replaced for every 3 months).

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