[REVIEW] New 2018 Innisfree My Real Pet Mask Chihuahua Nourishing

Innisfree My Real Pet Mask Chihuahua Nourishing Review:

I did not plan to buy new sheet masks since I have a dozen stocks on my hand. Just by knowing the newest sheet masks from Innisfree, I immediately changed my mind and grabbed some of these cute masks. Oh by the way, do you guys already know that currently Innisfree has limited edition of My Real Mask in cute PET characters? Yess, here it is, Innisfree My Real Pet Mask!

Innisfree had just launched My Real Pet Mask in five cutie dog characters. Each cute dog has different function for our skin. We can choose the best mask based on our skin worries. Siberian Husky for moisturizing, Dachshund for brightening, Chihuahua for nourishing, Beagle for soothing, and Pug for firming. I love Innisfree’s sheet masks and the cute dogs make me more interested to try them out. And for today, let’s having fun with the cute Chihuahua that promises to nourish lifeless skin. Are you excited to have skincare with fun? Cause I am!

Claims :

+ My Real Pet Mask from 2018 Puppy Collection offering delicate skin care with cute dog characters.

+ It is a fun beauty product that you can enjoy with your precious people and have more fun while you have fun.It is a non-flowing, non-tacky essence that makes your skin moist and healthy without discomfort while wearing a mask.

+ Chihuahua (Nourishing) provides deep nourishment and glow to the lifeless skin.


Key ingredient : shea butter

Volume:  23 g

Innisfree My Real Pet Mask Chihuahua Nourishing Review

How to use:

1. After cleansing, use toner to refine skin texture.

2. Place the mask on the entire face, avoiding eye and lip areas.

3. Leave on for 10 to 20 minutes.

4. Peel off the sheet and gently pat for further absorption to keep the skin moist all day long.

My Skin Type:  Oily-Combination, dehydrated with some dry patches on cheeks, acne prone and sensitive.

Innisfree My Real Pet Mask Chihuahua Nourishing Review:

I believe the first thing I should write is its packaging, of course, we can not leave something cute behind, right? So, the nourishing mask comes with Chihuahua character in soft pink background. That looks definitely cute and girly. Innisfree never fails to impress me with their sheet mask’s package design.

Innisfree My Real Pet Mask Chihuahua Nourishing Review


And like usual, the information of the product itself can be found on the back side. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find the ingredients list in English.

Innisfree My Real Pet Mask Chihuahua Nourishing Review

I ripped off the pocket easily (well, I used scissors, though, haha) and found that the essence is not as much as My Real Squeeze Mask. I was a bit disappointed. I love sheet masks that bring a lot of essence, so I can use the remain essence for my neck, hands and knees.

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Luckily, though the essence of this mask is not that much, but I still had enough amount from the remain to make swatches and applied it on my neck and elbows as well.

Meanwhile I did not sniff too much scent after opening the pocket. Actually the mask has a citrus scent (typically skincare scents) but it is not strong. Honestly, I expected any flowery or something different scent at first, but I think this soft scent is not that bad too, at least it won’t annoy when the mask placed on face.

Innisfree My Real Pet Mask Chihuahua Nourishing Review

When I unfolded the sheet, the essence seemed to be a little bit thick and sticky on my fingers. I guessed it’s because of its main ingredient which is shea butter. Besides, it aimed to deeply nourish and give glowing skin. Hmm, I hesitated it would work well on my oily-combination skin, though. Anyway, forget about the essence for a while and let’s meet the cute doggy!

Innisfree My Real Pet Mask Chihuahua Nourishing Review

This sheet mask has Chihuahua face design, just like the face you found on the package. It is very cute (just look at that mole, hhaha). Sheet masks in pet or any cute character design is always interesting and funny. Even after years, I believe that this kind of mask will always steal our heart. Well, at least for anyone who loves to combine beauty and fun.

Aside from its cute Chihuahua face printing, the sheet itself has a perfect size for me. I think the size is same with Innisfree My Real Squeeze Mask. It fits perfectly on my face and the cutout holes are nice too. Its thin sheet makes it very comfortable to be used. It has no slippery surface and soft texture. And it also can cling perfectly.

Innisfree My Real Pet Mask Chihuahua Nourishing Review

Ah, do not forget to take a lot of selfie while wearing this mask, hhaha. I may look silly on photo but actually I had so much fun with this Chihuahua face, LOL. And do not worry, since the mask can adhere perfectly on face, it will not fall off easily. Just have fun!

Now back to the essence. More than anything, I was relieved that the essence is, actually, not as thick as I thought. It is not like water-type essence, it is slightly thicker but not too heavy for my oily-combi skin. I just have to make sure that I do not use it during a hot day on summer.

Though at first I felt that the essence was too sticky, but when I put the mask on my face, I did not feel uncomfortable feeling. I left the mask on about 20 minutes and patted the remain essence on my face for complete absorption. Gladly, it absorbed pretty quick and did not leave greasy feeling.

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The result was not as glowy as I thought. It gave me sheen but it was not like I put a lot of oil on my face. This mask made my skin smoother, very moist, and (the result I like the most ) my face looked brighter. It did its job really well to nourish my dull skin. Like I fed my hungry skin with yummy foods, so it became very fresh and healthier.

Though it did not do anything with my big pores nor helped to control excess sebum on my T-zone, but its brightening effect is super good. Even when I washed off my face on the next morning, I still had a bright face. This mask is such a great product for dull and tired skin. And I think it also can be used for dry, normal and combination skin type.

I love this mask for its cute dog design, its delicate yet rich essence and the formula that is suitable for my sensitive skin. So, will I repurchase it? Well, I am not sure whether I will repurchase it or not. I want to try the other cute dogs first, so I can decide which one I like the most to be repurchased. But however, this Chihuahua mask is highly recommended!

Where to buy:

eBay | Qoo10 | Cosmetic-love

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