[REVIEW] Innisfree Skin Clinic Mask BHA

Innisfree Skin Clinic Mask BHA Review:

You can never buy too many sheet masks. That might be one of the many things that make them amazing. You can try all sorts of sheet masks and you never have enough, unlike multiple-use masks that take up space and cost more… That perfectly sums up why I love sheet masks.

I was looking for sheet masks with BHA, since it’s my favourite ingredient and it works the best on my skin. I’ve also been quite curious about Innisfree’s masks since I’ve only tried the real squeeze masks (and loved them). I found the price to be decent so I decided to give this mask a try.

BHA can do a lot for the skin; as it works inside the pores. It can:

Make lines and wrinkles less obvious

Make the skin look and feel firmer


Brighten dull and uneven skin tone

Smooth out rough texture


+ This mask is supposed to remove accumulated dead and work against skin texture issues to make the skin smoother.

+ It’s made of 100% natural cotton sheet aka made from soft cotton hairs around the cotton wool (so it absorbs better than masks with less natural cotton I guess).

+ Furthermore, it is transparent and thin so, it has good adherence on the skin, which allows its good substances to be more effective when delivered into the skin.


Water, Butylene Glycol, Dipropylene Glycol, Citrus Paradisi (Grapefruit) Fruit Extract, 1,2-Hexanediol, Glycereth-26, Betaine, Carbomer, Arginine, PEG-60 Hydrogenated Castor Oil, Cellulose Gum, Salicylic Acid, Glycerin, Citrus Unshiu Peel Extract, Orchid Extract, Camellia Sinensis Leaf Extract, Camellia Japonica Leaf Extract, Opuntia Coccinellifera Fruit Extract, Juniperus Virginiana Oil, Abies Sibirica Oil, Juniperus communis Fruit Oil, Citrus Limon (Lemon) Peel Oil, Lavandula Angustifolia (Lavender) Oil, Citrus Aurantifolia (Lime) Oil, Disodium EDTA

Innisfree Skin Clinic Mask BHA Review

Noteworthy ingredients:

Salicylic Acid (exfoliating and whitening abilities)Camellia Sinensis Leaf Extract (moisturizing, antioxidant, can make pores smaller)

(Important: ingredients inside most likely to cause a breakout: Salicylic acid, Lime oil, abies sibirica oil, PEG-60 Hydrogenated castor oil)

How to use:

1. After cleansing, tone your face to even the texture and then apply the mask on your face.

2. Remove the protective layer before putting the mask on your face.

3. Leave it on for 10 to 20 minutes and then pat the remaining essence on the skin.

4. After it gets absorbed, continue with the rest of your routine.

Volume: 20ml.

My skin type: Acne prone and kinda oily, lots of hyperpigmentation.

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Innisfree Skin Clinic Mask BHA Review:

Basic characteristics:

Innisfree Skin Clinic Mask BHA Review


Starting with the basics, even the mask is very thin and it’s supposed to fit the face easily, it really didn’t fit properly. Especially in the areas near eyes and mouth, to top that, it pretty much blocked my eyes. While it’s thin, it still absorbs a satisfying amount of essence (not to mention that it comes with A TON of it in the package; I used 2 more capsule sheet masks in the remains of it!). Because it comes with so much essence and it’s so thin, there was constantly formula dripping from my face.

Innisfree Skin Clinic Mask BHA Review

The mask comes with a protective layer that comes off easily but takes a lot of the formula away from the mask (not that it matters that much since it ended dripping off my face). I rubbed the protective layer on my body and it was more than enough, right now I’m considering buying ”protective layer sheet masks” – but you know, only with the protective layer.

This mask is not good for those who like using masks for longer than recommended since it dries very fast. You start to realize it is drying after it’s been on the skin for more than 6 minutes. There are many things that can make it dry so fast but I believe the main reason is that the formula’s texture is very thin- thinner than water, so it evaporates easier (I have to note that when I used the capsule masks with it, they didn’t dry at all so the cotton could be at fault). And the essence has no smell.

While using the mask:

Usually, you don’t feel much while using a sheet mask however, while using this one I felt multiple things. Firstly, it tingled a lot at first on the areas where I have hyperpigmentation but it went away after a couple of minutes (or I just got used to it- I’m still not quite sure).

Secondly, I felt like it was pressing against my face; I have no idea why, it wasn’t even heavy. Sometimes the cooling effect of a mask causes this but this one’s the exact opposite; It actually felt very warm on my face (perfect since it’s winter). To make things even weirder, as the mask dried, a cooling effect started kicking in (also enjoyable but seriously, this mask is a Tsundere).

Immediately after taking it off:

Innisfree Skin Clinic Mask BHA Review

My skin wasn’t moisturized at all. Because of the bad fit, some lines formed on my face, probably because they didn’t absorb as much essence as the surrounding skin (which implies that my skin did absorb the essence but it really didn’t feel moisturized). The lines disappeared the following day but this was pretty scary. Who’d want new lines on their face?

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There was essence on my face even though the mask completely dried up. It looked just like it was water. As I patted my face with it, it immediately evaporated/+ got absorbed.

The following day:

Everything this mask didn’t do immediately, showed up the following day. When I woke up, my skin was a bit brighter than usual. It also felt softer and my acne was toned down a bit (I don’t really get excited about this since my skin tends to do that regularly and also, randomly). For differences, that’s pretty much all. I didn’t feel any difference or noticed anything else.


At first, I was disappointed but in the end this mask ended up being quite good. I have a feeling that regular use of this mask could result to some great results so I’m tempted to try that when my budget allows me to. I don’t have plans to buy this mask again in the near future but if I find it somewhere with a discount or in a pack with the rest of the collection, I’d love to use it. I recommend this mask to people with clogged pores. You get (almost) immediate results but they sadly don’t last for long.

Where to buy:

Amazon Prime | eBay | Cosmetic-love

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