[REVIEW+SWATCHES] Innisfree Vivid Slimfit Tint 01 Ice Peach Tea

Innisfree Vivid Slimfit Tint 01 Ice Peach Tea Review: (Product purchased by Cosmeperks)

Innisfree recently just launched another lip product called the Vivid Slim Fit Tint. It’s a lip tint with a vivid pigmentation and the product size is pretty slim and tall, exactly true to its name. They have 7 shades for the first launch and judging from the swatch picture, it’s a pretty matte lip tint.

They launched another collection called the Jeju Color Picker with 3 new shades and I ordered it already from my local seller, but they sent me the wrong product and turned out they got the wrong items too from the supplier but Nigama was so nice to let me try this product instead of the Jeju Color Picker one!

Among the 7 shades, most of them are in pinks and reds, as usual for a Korean lip product but I’m sure everyone can find their favorite shade since most of the colors, even though they lean towards warm tone, are pretty universal and can be worn by every skin tone, from fair to deep skin tones.

Claims :

+ An ultra-slim lipstick that delivers saturated color with a matte finish.

+ The creamy, lightweight formula stays perfectly on your lips without giving a chalky feeling.

+ This series of vivid pigment can be blended to create your own lipstick shade.

+ The drop-shaped lipstick tip defines your lip line and fills in lips with vivid color for the appearance of volume and dimension.

Ingredients :

(ingredients are slightly different for each shade)

Methyltrimethicone, Cyclopentasiloxane, Trimethylsiloxysilicate, Polyethylene, Vinyl dimethicone/Methicone Silsesquioxane Crosspolymer, Polyglyceryl-2 triisostearate, Phenyl trimethicone, Poly Methyl methacrylate, Synthetic candelilla wax, Red iron oxide, Microcrystalline wax, Red No.104-1, Titanium dioxide, Polyisobutene, Sorbitan sesquioleate, Diisostearyl malate, Quaternium-18 hectorite, Caprylyl glycol, Perfume, 1,2-hexanediol, Blue No. 1, Propanediol, Tocopheryl acetate, Fennel extract, Quartz, Olive Oil, Avocado Oil, Green tea seed oil

Innisfree Vivid Slimfit Tint 01 Ice Peach Tea Review

How to Use :

Apply a moderate amount from inside to outside lips gently.

Volume : 0.6g

My lips area : Slightly dry

Innisfree Vivid Slimfit Tint 01 Ice Peach Tea Review:

Just like their other products, this lip tint comes in a white box made from recycled paper. The paper box packaging is quite tall and the actual lip tint is slim and tall as well. The packaging reminds me of their older tint called Glow Tint Stick.

Innisfree Vivid Slimfit Tint 01 Ice Peach Tea Review

The difference is only the bottom part where you can see what the shade looks like. I love this type of packaging since it will fit my purse and makeup drawer better because it doesn’t need too much space.

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Innisfree Vivid Slimfit Tint 01 Ice Peach Tea Review

Like an original lipstick, it’s a twist up packaging and Innisfree says to twist about 1mm for each application and I think maybe because the bullet itself feels more fragile than their lipsticks. The bullet has a teardrop shape with a very sharp tip to make application much easier especially on the cupids’ bow part. This tip also thin and small lips friendly since I can make a precise application with this type of bullet.

Innisfree Vivid Slimfit Tint 01 Ice Peach Tea Review

I got the shade 01 Ice Peach Tea and on their website, the shade looks like a peach/beige color with a white undertone but on real life, the shade looks like a true red color. I don’t like red lipstick but usually lip color looks different if you swatch it on the hand and on the lips so I have to use it on my lips first before I say I hate it.

Innisfree Vivid Slimfit Tint 01 Ice Peach Tea Review

On my lips, if I wear it thinly it will look like a pinkish red shade, a type of shade that match my complexion really well and if I wear it fully, the color is not as red as what I expected and totally different from what I swatch on my hand. This shade will suit everyone since it is a red color and it will brighten your complexion no matter what your skin tone is.

It has a hint of floral scent mix with tea but it’s hardly noticeable so it won’t be a problem if you hate product with strong scent.

When I swatch it on my hand, it feels matte yet soft at the same time. It feels like the bullet is gonna melt if I keep swatching. When I try it on my lips, it is really matte and tucks my lips a little bit especially if you have lots of dry patches.

Actually it has a good pigmentation but because of how hard the bullet is, it won’t shows on the lips so I have to apply several layers. I have to swipe the bullet several times to soften the bullet and makes the color looks visible.

It is hard to make a gradient lips because of how matte it is. The only way to make a gradient look is by blending the color with my finger but it’s not too blendable so this tint is not a good choice if you love gradient lips.

Because it’s very matte, it can be too drying and it can emphasis dry lips so preparing your lips with a lip balm is a must. If your lips are well-moisturized, your lips will look smooth and the application will be easier. The good thing is after I let it set for a few minutes, my lips feel smooth and comfortable even with that very matte finish. It feels like I didn’t wear any lipstick and it doesn’t look patchy either.

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It has a transferproof formula so it doesn’t transfer when I drink with a straw/glass and when I kiss the back of my hand to check it, I only see a hint of red color so I can say it’s really good if you hate re-applying lipstick since it doesn’t wear off easily.

This tint stays on my lips for all day! Even after I eat oily foods, the color still look intact, the only part that wear off is the inner part of my lips. I wore it for 6 hours but the color won’t even move and I don’t have to touch up my lips so I really like it! To remove it, I use a cleansing water from Garnier and it’s fairly easy to remove the tint even though it’s a transferproof formula.

I really like this lip tint! It’s really long lasting and comfortable, the price point is really good too so I’d recommend everyone to try this product. My mom tried it too and she really loved it.

If you love matte lips, I’m sure you’ll love it but if you don’t like a matte lips, maybe you want to avoid this tint because it won’t suit your preference. I’ll give it 4.5 out of 5 stars and if they release lighter shade in the future, I’m sure I’ll get another one for my collection.

Where to buy:

eBay | Yesstyle | Cosmetic-love

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