[REVIEW+SWATCHES] It’s Skin Colorable Draw Tint 05 Icing Coral

It’s Skin Colorable Draw Tint 05 Icing Coral was purchased by Cosmeperks.

It’s Skin may be one of the Korean beauty brands I rarely use. Not because of the price or the quality, but it’s almost impossible to find a seller who sell it without ridiculous price so I didn’t have any chance to try something from them. But one day Nigama offered me to try and I’m grateful for the chance! The item I got is the Colorable Draw Tint, which is their new product this year.

The It’s Skin Colorable Draw Tint basically is a tint with velvet finish. I have a hard time in finding information in English about this product because most of them are in Korean, even on their global website they didn’t put any info about it in English so I’m sorry if I can’t provide detailed info.

It is also hard to find online because only several stores have it in stock. Actually I’m surprised to see that YesStyle didn’t have this product so if you want to try this tint, I think you have to really dig the internet to find one.

Claims :

+High color and fit, high density color gives vital recharge

+ Application fits on the lips gently! Light and new type of velvet formula

+ Fill lips curve for silky lips look

Ingredients :

It's Skin Colorable Draw Tint 05 Icing Coral Review

How to Use :

Use applicator to apply gently from the center of the lips

Volume : 3.3g

My lips area : Slightly dry

It’s Skin Colorable Draw Tint 05 Icing Coral Review:

It's Skin Colorable Draw Tint 05 Icing Coral Review

I was a bit underwhelmed when I saw the packaging for the first time because they only packed the tint in a plastic air bag, but on the back side you can find the full information about the ingredients. I think it’s great that they listed the full ingredients but why aren’t they just put it on the website? I mean, there must be some people who will buy a product after they check the list, especially if they have an allergic reaction to a certain ingredient.

It's Skin Colorable Draw Tint 05 Icing Coral Review

The plastic packaging aside, I really adore how they make the tint in a pencil-like container! It really looks like a pencil. Even when my friends saw it, they asked if it’s a huge pencil or just a decoration. They didn’t even guess that it’s actually a lip tint. It’s Skin even care about the details such as the eraser and the pencil tip part. It’s quite huge for a lip tint but it’s very unique, I think it’s the most unique lip tint I ever have (in terms of packaging).

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It's Skin Colorable Draw Tint 05 Icing Coral Review

It's Skin Colorable Draw Tint 05 Icing Coral Review

The eraser part is actually the lid. You only have to twist it to open the tint and inside, there’s a doe-foot applicator with a bit of slanted shape to apply the tint on your lips. The applicator works well in applying the tint but it doesn’t pick up enough product so I keep dip it into the bottle over and over.

It's Skin Colorable Draw Tint 05 Icing Coral Review

I got the tint in shade 05 Icing Coral. On the website, It’s Skin claims that it’s a true coral color but on my lips, the shade turns into a light pinkish coral color. Maybe it’s because of my undertone but I still find the shade pretty nonetheless. It’s a perfect color if you have fair to light complexion and want something light and natural for a ‘no makeup makeup’ look.

It's Skin Colorable Draw Tint 05 Icing Coral Review

If you have medium to deep complexion, you may find this shade can make you look pale or ashy but don’t worry, It’s Skin made this tint in 10 shades, from light to deep shades so I‘m sure you will find a shade that will complement your skin tone.

They say that the tint has a velvet finish but I don’t think so. When I first applied it, it felt lightweight and has a shiny finish. After I let it set for a few minutes, it doesn’t turn into velvet but it’s more on the satin finish. I’m not complaining because I love satin finish but for those who buy it and expect a beautiful velvet finish may be disappointed.

The lip tint feels lightweight on the lips and it doesn’t dry out my lips at all! I have dry lips but I’m happy to see the tint doesn’t emphasis any of my dry patches. With this tint I feel like I’m wearing a moisturizing lip cream because it is that comfortable. If you love creamy or moisturizing tint, then you will adore this lip tint as well.

Because of the texture, it doesn’t last really well on the lips. The color will be gone after I eat something but it does leave a hint of pinkish stain so if you’re okay with a light lip color, I think you don’t have to re-apply the tint until the stain is fully gone. It’s a pity that it doesn’t last well but with all the good qualities, I think I can live with it.

I will recommend this tint if you have dry lips, prefer a moisturizing tint, or don’t mind a not long lasting lip tint. It’s a beautiful tint but if you want to buy it, it can be hard to find and a bit expensive for a lip tint from It’s Skin but I think the price will be worth it!

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