[REVIEW] It’s Skin Life Color Lip Crush Matte 09 Show Me What U Got & 10 What the Heaven

It’s Skin Life Color Lip Crush Matte 09 Show Me What U Got & 10 What the Heaven Review:

I only jumped onto the liquid lipstick bandwagon recently, but once I did, I was and still am always on the hunt for a good liquid lip — pigmented, transfer-proof, and non-drying. There was a lot of buzz surrounding It’s Skin’s extensive line of Life Color Lip Crush Matte lipsticks, which promises great pigment while remaining long-lasting and non-drying, so these naturally flew to the top of my “To-Try” list.

This product makes some very tempting and alluring claims to achieve the perfect lip, but do they really live up to their hype?


+ Vivid coloring like color pigment attached to lips

+ Without the incidence or dry wrinkle is transforms to a matte lip.

+ Power adhesion pigment. Long lasting lip color.

+ Plump effect on lips. Completion of lips with volume.

[No official ingredients list]

Claims to contain: Borage seed oil, apple seed oil, copoic acid seed butter

Volume: 5g

How to use:

Adjust the amount of tint on the applicator and apply color to your lips according to the natural lip line.

My Skin/Lips Type:

Oily, dehydrated, acne-prone, sensitive
Dry, often cracked, lips

It’s Skin Life Color Lip Crush Matte 09 Show Me What U Got & 10 What the Heaven Review:

The packaging for this product is pretty standard for a liquid lip — nothing sophisticated and extremely simple; it’s fairly slim and can slip into the smallest of clutches just fine.

I do enjoy how the color of entire exterior tube exactly matches the color of the liquid lip; it’s not misleading in any way, and makes it easy for purchase even without swatching.

I'ts Skin Life Color Lip Crush Matte 09 Show Me What U Got & 10 What the Heaven Review


The lipstick comes with a doe-foot applicator that’s slightly less curved and more on the round side; it’s quite thin, making it easy for precise application.

This product comes in an extensive range of colours — the original lineup already had 10 shades, and another 8 were added in 2018. Unlike many other Korean brands which tend to stick to bright pinks and reds, this liquid lipstick offers greater variety, including more muted pinks, different shades of n*des, and darker reds.The names of the lipsticks, like Don’t Judge Me and Rider Jacket On, definitely reflect the bold shade range.


I got #09 Show Me What U Got, a warm orangey-beige colour with a touch of brown, and #10 What the Heaven, a deep red shade that would work for both warm and cool skin tones.

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Upon first opening the product, there was an exceptionally strong artificially tropical scent to it, which only went away slightly throughout the day after application. Those who are very sensitive to scents in their beauty products may want to steer away from this one.

It's Skin Life Color Lip Crush Matte 09 Show Me What U Got & 10 What the Heaven Review

Pigmentation-wise, this product is very much on the strong side. Just a few swipes can get you a full opaque lip that stays true to the color in the tube, even without concealing your lips beforehand. For those that would prefer a sheerer look, that is also possible with a light hand and lots of blending.

However, this product does seem to be designed for more of a full coverage application, and it doesn’t blend as smoothly to give a light wash of color.

It sets to give a matte finish, however, if you apply a very thick layer, it will take some time to set. You can see in the photo with the unblended swatches of color that some of the product is still wet a few minutes after application.

One common weakness of many matte lip products is its tendency to be drying, and this liquid lipstick is unfortunately no exception. Even after exfoliating my lips and slathering on lip balm the night before, the Life Color Lip Crush Matte had my lips peeling after three hours of wear time; by the end of the day, it greatly emphasized cracks and dry patches.

One of the other claims of this product is its plumping effect, but I didn’t notice any of that when applying or wearing throughout the day.

Sadly, this product was also neither transfer-proof nor long-lasting, as it started to fade quite quickly even without me eating or drinking anything — two hours after application, to be exact. When I did drink some water, it left heavy stains on my mug. Reapplication is convenient, but I would have preferred greater durability.

Overall, this product was underwhelming, to say the least. It’s good for its extensive shade range that features many shades that are not often seen in the Korean market of lip products, however, even so, I would much rather get a Western drugstore liquid lipstick at a similar price point for a similar color match but with better longevity and durability.

Where to buy:

Amazon | eBay | Cosmetic-love | Yesstyle

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