[REVIEW] Kailijumei Bright Surplus Flower Jelly Lipstick

Kailijumei Bright Surplus Flower Jelly Lipstick Review:

I do not normally wear makeup because I have such huge pores that I feel like any foundation I apply will clog them up and in the long run, this cannot be good for my skin. So, the only two makeup items that I allow myself are lipsticks and blushers. My Achilles heel has to be lipsticks and lipbalms. I gift them to myself on all special occasions: new job present, Monday present, birthday present, Tuesday present, break-up-with boyfriend present, Wednesday present, Xmas present, Thursday present…you get the idea. Its like an incurable disease I have – this urge to purchase lipsticks.

One morning, I was reading a magazine article on lipsticks and it mentioned this brand called Kailijumei. It said that this pH-adjusting lipstick made by a Chinese company that had dried flowers and gold flecks in it was apparently the hype among beauty bloggers. Flowers? Gold flecks? pH-adjusting? These were all unusual sounding references for a lipstick so I immediately bought one for myself to try.

Since I last bought this lipstick, Kailijumei have expanded into lip glosses. Their original website is rather simplistic with no information about the company. You just select the product you want and checkout. I guess there is nothing much to say when you’re essentially selling the same product with the only variation being the colour of the embedded dried flower. However, head on to their UK website if you want more detail.


– Moisten lips to prevent chapped lips

– Difficult to fade colour pigmentation

– Colour changes according to the wearer’s body temperature so each one is unique

– Allow lips to retain its brightness and shine


Candelilla Resin, Cocoa Butter, Beeswax, Plant Extract, Stearic Alcohol, Olive oil, Citric Acid, Grape Seed Oil, Lavender oil, Dried Flowers

Volume: 3.8g

How to Use:

1. Apply the lipstick evenly over the lips.

2. To get a darker colour, swipe a few layers as the first layer may not give you a strong pigment.

3. This makes the lipstick perfect for colour-building, the vividness of the colour dependent on your mood for the day.

My Lip type: Normal with the tendency to peel / flake during winter. Allergic to lip products containing spf.

Kailijumei Bright Surplus Flower Jelly Lipstick Review:

This lipstick is my go-to lipstick on days when I am undecided on which one to use. I like the lip colour that results when the lipstick reacts with the natural pH of my lips. It’s a nice pinky colour that is subtle enough to wear to work without people staring at your lips each time you talk (I have the tendency to be distracted by blood red lips and often find myself staring at the speaker’s lips rather than their eyes and I assume I am not the only one that does this).

Kailijumei Bright Surplus Flower Jelly Lipstick Review

The casing of this lipstick is quite classy in my opinion. It comes in a red reflective outer tube with an attached mirror that is very handy for perfect reapplication on the go. Written in cursive along the side of the tube is the brand “Kailijumei”.

To open the lipstick, it is not your usual pull or screw cap lipstick. Instead there is a button at the base of the lipstick which you depress and it ejects the lipstick at the other end. It is a different and nice concept…if only it worked well.

Annoyingly, I have often had to depress the button several times before the catch works and it ejects the lipstick.  I remember there was one morning where it just would not come out – I tried various ways: depress and hold, depress in quick staccato motions and finally hitting the base sharply on the dresser. As luck would have it, the last one worked like a charm.

Kailijumei Bright Surplus Flower Jelly Lipstick Review

As for the aesthetic properties of the lipstick itself, it is really pretty. On purchase, you can choose the colour of the dried flower. I chose purple and when it arrived I could not stop myself from admiring it. Clearly easily entertained! The lipstick itself reminds me of a lipstick-shaped snowglobe – a blooming purple flower with suspended gold snowflakes above it.

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For something so pretty, I honestly didn’t expect it to be of such a good quality either. You know, like Instagrammable food – nice to see, not so nice to eat. So I was pleasantly surprised when it glided on smoothly on my lips.

It kept my lips nicely soft and moisturized and this effect lasted a good few hours as well. The feel was similar to petroleum jelly which was fine with me as I do love my tins of Vaseline. I say similar because unlike petroleum jelly, this lipstick does not leave a shiny, sticky residue on the lips.


Not only was it moisturising, as mentioned, it also had a nice colour when applied on my lips. On initial application, it has a slight gloss to it but this will wear off after a while. As you can see on the photo where I swatched it on my hand, the colour is more or less similar to what I get on my lips.

The colour is also pretty long lasting. It does not last the whole day for me but that is mainly because I am constantly eating and drinking and so any lip colour I wear will eventually get wiped away after a few hours wear anyway.

Surprisingly, I really do like this lipstick. Mainly for the look of it I have to admit but also, it does deliver on its claim to moisturize chapped lips. Of course it was an added bonus that I like the colour it produces. Overall, a good purchase and am very likely to repurchase even though I still have hordes of unopened lip products.

Where to buy:

Amazon Prime | eBay

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  1. I was looking for a nice moisturizing tinted lip balm. I also avoid makeup and splurge on lip products.
    I bought the Dior lip glow and although I love it, I can’t justify getting another one because of the price. Looks like the Kailijumei may be a great alternative.


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