[REVIEW] Korres Bellflower Tangerine Pink Pepper Shower Gel

Korres Bellflower Tangerine Pink Pepper Shower Gel Review:

I bought this shower gel to use with the body milk of the same line, mostly because my skin is dry but also because I developed backne and I really needed a good, natural cleanser for my back. I was mostly convinced because tangerine is known to be a good antioxidant and has vitamin C that is also well known to fight acne. On top of that, the bellflower type that’s used in this gel is supposed to be the rarest out of them all, as it only grows on mount Olympus. I go to Olympus quite often and I’ve never seen it so I guess they’re not lying.


♥ This shower gel is supposed to be ultra-moisturizing and beautifully perfumed. It can cleanse and deeply moisturize skin.

♥ The delicate and sweet bellflower blends with the ripe citrus scent of tangerine and discreet spice notes of pink pepper to create a sensual and sweet aroma.

♥ This product is 86.7 percent natural and does not contain silicone, Parabens or Phthalates.

♥ To get the maximum effects, it’s recommended to use it with the corresponding Body Milk.


Water, Sodiumlaureth Sulfate, Cocamidopropyl Betaine, Sodium Cocoyl Isethionate, Parfum/Fragrance, Coco-Glucoside, Glyceryl Oleate, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice, Alpha-Lsomethyljonone Arginlne Benzyl Alcohol Benzyl Salicylate, Butylphenyl Methylpropional, Castoryl Maleate, Coumarin, Geranlol, Guar Hydroxypropyltrimonium Chloride, Hydrolyzed Wheat Gluten, Hydroxycitronellal, Imidazolidinyl Urea, Lactic Acid, Limonene, Linalool, Phenoxyethanol. Polyquaternlum-7, Potassium Sorbate. Sodium Dehydroacetate, Sodium Gluconate, Tocopherol.


Volume: 250 ml. 8.45 Fl. Oz.

Korres Bellflower Tangerine Pink Pepper Shower Gel Review

How to use:

Apply daily to the body as needed to boost skin’s hydration

My body skin type: Dry.

Korres Bellflower Tangerine Pink Pepper Shower Gel Review:

Starting off right, I really have to say that the smell of a showergel really affects your mood. I’d like to think that it’s not just me that believes that. With that being said, this showergel is perfect for an evening bath as it’s really relaxing.

I personally use it whenever I want to clear my mind (pretty much daily). This product’s smell is just like the smell of the bodymilk from the same line. It smells a bit grown up, like a flower version of pink pepper. I don’t know if that is a really accurate description but it reminds me of the east.

Korres Bellflower Tangerine Pink Pepper Shower Gel Review

As far as its cleansing capabilities go, it’s very gentle but efficient. With a relatively small amount you can cleanse your whole body. I personally never find anything left behind after using this gel.

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Now, back to the reason I originally bought this. My backne. First of all a disclaimer, I didn’t only change my shower gel but I also started using a scrub on my back, I also wash my body after I rinse my conditioner and my backend wasn’t that bad; it was mostly scars and no bumps.

I managed to get rid of my backne in about a month and it’s been 3 months since then so I believe it’s not coming back. So for that alone it’s safe to say I got what I wanted from this showergel.

I believe this is as good as a body cleanser can get; because at the end of the day, you can’t really ask from such a product for much other than properly cleansing your body and smell nice. The fact that it contributed at getting rid of my backne is a huge plus and the relaxing sensation it gives is also a huge plus.

I already bought the exact same one to give as a present to my friend and I’m thinking of getting one for myself as it’s slowly getting to an end. I really recommend this to workaholics, people that get pimples from working out (especially if you’re a runner like me).

I also think this is a compatible body wash for people with very sensitive skin, I wouldn’t even be afraid to use it on my face as it’s so gentle. So overall, it’s pretty great!

Where to buy:

eBay | Sephora

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