[REVIEW] Korres Natural Clay Deep Cleansing Mask

Korres Natural Clay Deep Cleansing Mask Review:

Probably the smallest non-single usage mask I’ve ever seen and used, this is just one of the many, many flavors Korres came up with. It basically was their own attempt to jump on the charcoal mask trend but in their own way. This one is meant for deep cleansing which at first doesn’t sound as attractive or special as firming or brightening sounds like but let me say one thing.

Everything depends on cleansing correctly. Sure, double cleansing does a great job but once in a while it’s important to clear your skin from all the unwanted, persistent stuff. By doing that, you’re supposed to reduce sebum production which in excess, can cause acne and all of its children to appear. If you can prevent that, you can also get a smoother skin texture. On top of that, it’s all natural, it’s just cleansing.


– This mask is made with white clay, which is a natural clay that can effectively detox the face from pollution factors and dead cells while deep cleansing the skin to make it fresh.

– This mask also claims to make sebum production less by 20%. All this happens because of its content of Zinc and cinnamon extract.

– It also contains Salvia officinalis which is supposed to be styptic aka, it has the ability to dry and tighten the skin’s tissues.

– It’s also supposed to have antiseptic abilities, that can either make or break you since it can really dry your skin.

– On top of that it contains willowherb which is a natural source of salicylic acid (my fave), that can reduce hyperpigmentation and even out the skin’s tone.

Volume: 0.61 Fl. Oz/ 18 mL


Korres Natural Clay Deep Cleansing Mask Review

How to use:

1. On a clean, dry face, apply an adequate amount and gently spread it on your face or your desired area.

2. Let it sit for approximately 10 to 15 minutes and then rinse with plenty of water. Use 2 to 3 times per week.

My Skin Type: acne prone, combination dry and oily.

Korres Natural Clay Deep Cleansing Mask Review:

Even though I can see why anyone would be pissed off with its size, I have to state why its size is fine and actually, very convenient. Firstly, it’s just right for its price, no elaboration needed, you get what you pay for. Secondly, it’s perfect for times you have to stay at a place other than home.

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Especially for me, because I always breakout whenever I sleep anywhere besides my bed. Lastly, with large sized products, we’re all unconsciously using more than we really need while with smaller ones, we just use the amount we need ( Harvard Business Review published a nice article on that), so with this size not much goes to waste (usually).

Korres Natural Clay Deep Cleansing Mask Review

For the technical part, its texture is thick, it slightly smells like paper and it’s white/ beige. It can be spread very easily but it takes a while to fully get it off the face with water and it leaves a weird oily feel on the skin. The nice thing as it dries is that you can talk and move your face without being particularly worried about creating new wrinkles as it becomes very thin.

For long term effects, I haven’t noticed any difference that I could directly link to this mask. However, for immediate changes, there’s quite a few. Firstly, the skin feels smoother as the texture becomes smoother aka these weird bump pimples that pop out of nowhere become less noticeable. Also, maybe it’s just me but I think I also notice my face becoming brighter and my skin tone more even. Also I don’t get new pimples for a couple of days after using it.

I personally find this mask very gentle and got no irritation from it even though I once used it daily for a whole week; I wouldn’t really recommend you trying that but let me state that it didn’t harm me in any way.

Overall this is an OK mask. It doesn’t do any magic but it personally helps me prevent breakouts whenever I stay outside. I tend to be kinda picky when it comes to masks so I don’t know if I’d repurchase the exact same mask since it’s just average.

I’m pretty open to the idea of trying a different flavor from korres’s mask line though! I think that people with very oily or very dry skin wouldn’t like this mask. It’s more like it’s made for people with combination/ average skin.

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