[REVIEW] LABIOTTE Code Derm Capsule Cleansing Water | Gentle

LABIOTTE Code Derm Capsule Cleansing Water Gentle Review:

Labiotte is a trend-setting popular brand in Korea. It’s the same brand that made everyone try the chateaux wine lip tints. It’s also the same brand that had the fine idea of making bear shaped sponges for their cushion and sharp-edged bottles.

This time they are back, of course with more extravagant packaging. I personally hardly ever treat myself to Labiotte products because I feel that a lot of thought (and a percentage of their budget) goes into the appearance of their products so they spend less on the formula of their products.

Somehow Labiotte proves me wrong every time I try their products so I’m not really anxious about how this one will go. I originally wasn’t planning on purchasing this cleansing water because its price is too high for a cleansing water but I saw a lot of people raving about it and started changing my mind.

Eventually, the brand started promoting this product with two nu’est members and I immediately purchased one of the three different cleansing waters this line has (definitely not because I wanted a signed poster).I bought the pink one, because it’s recommended for sensitive skin, with redness issues, and I’ve been suffering from hyperpigmentation for quite a while now.


♥ Overal, these cleansing waters are no-wash cleansing waters that help with taking care of skin problems with the help of french celtic water and patended ingredients.

♥ The pink one claims to gently soothe reddish skin caused by external factors such as UV rays and fine dust.

♥ This line is especially made for when the skin is in need of moisture, detailed soft cleansing but also pore cleansing.


LABIOTTE Code Derm Capsule Cleansing Water Gentle Review

Volume: 250mL

How to use:

1. Carefully take of the lid (it takes time to find the way to proper open it), unlock the pump by turning it counter-clockwise and then press the pump with a cotton pad to dispense product on it.

2. Gently use it on your face and eyes (I got it in my eyes and nothing happened, it doesn’t irritate them, yay for that!).

3. Rinse if it’s needed afterwards. I’d still continue with my oil cleanser and the rest of my routine after using it, even though it’s not necessary, I want to be safe.

4. Don’t forget to close the lid by turning it after you finish!

My Skin Type: Sensitive, acne prone and oily.

LABIOTTE Code Derm Capsule Cleansing Water Gentle Review:

I usually get hyped over such nicely-made descriptions of products and ingredients but I was still somehow expecting it to fail; thankfully this product completely blew me off.

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For years I’ve been using Clinique’s makeup removers but I still needed something stronger since mascara is seriously hard to take off. From the first time I used this product I knew I’ve finally found a better product.

This one’s patented ingredient is MultiEx BSASM Plus No. 10-0812596. Now, I obviously had to google that extensively to understand what it is. To make it short, this ingredient is a combination of 7 different plant extracts.

What this can do? Well, it can reinforce/ strengthen damaged skin barrier, while it also has soothing, anti-inflammation and moisturizing abilities. All that while it is an anti-irritant. Pretty amazing for a single ingredient.

Now, the packaging is obviously nicely put together. It feels VERY firm and it actually is pretty convenient too. At first, I had a problem with the pump because it dispenses the product all at once but it actually dispenses just the right amount which I appreciate.

LABIOTTE Code Derm Capsule Cleansing Water Gentle Review

I know I’ll definitely be using the botte for some toner or something if I don’t buy a refill (lol we all know I’ll be buying a refill).

This cleansing water is incredibly efficient. If I didn’t have acne I wouldn’t even double cleanse after it. It takes off my mascara super easily, I’m very impressed.

Not only that but as it claimed, it’s suuuper gentle. I might be a bit biased but I feel like it’s gentler on my skin than water. It’s texture is super gentle as well.

I used this makeup remover all over my face but because I don’t use the oil cleanser that I use afterwards close to the eyes, I focus on eye makeup removal by using it- aka I thoughtfully remove everything that’s on my eyes with these and just swipe it on top of the rest of my face because I know my oil cleanser will do the job.

LABIOTTE Code Derm Capsule Cleansing Water Gentle Review

While it dissolves makeup and it needs a bit of extra rubbing to completely remove a product from the skin, I noticed that when I slightly press on my eyes with a soaked cotton pad for 10 to 30 seconds (the way koreans do it), I don’t have to go over it again.

Except for the eyelashes that take a couple more upward facing swipes. Personally I love that it takes everything off so easily because I don’t have to worry about extra wrinkles or irritation.

The only extra thing I’d like to see it doing is removing all of my mascara with one swipe. That’d be unbelievable. After using it my skin always feels hydrated, in opposition to the dryness my previous cleansing water gave me.

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The smell of this product is weird. It’s very hard to sense it once it’s on a cotton pad but as I was trying to smell it right from the bottle I really found it weird. It smells a bit like medicine, or something super clean.

It’s been about a month since this arrived in my maid and somehow, my eyes always look brighter- I guess because there’s no residue of my makeup on them anymore and my lips get chapped less; possibly because I didn’t really bother removing the lip tints I wore until I got this cleansing water hehe.

I’m in love with this. 5/5 stars. Will definitely buy again. Seriously, for how good it is, it’s incredibly cheap.

Where to buy:

Amazon Prime | eBay

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