[REVIEW] LaFORLAB Blackhead Vacuum Cleaner 3 Step Care

LaFORLAB Blackhead Vacuum Cleaner 3 Step Care Review:

Once I got Red Spot Repair Cream as a free product from this brand, and then I liked it so much I bought it again. And I bought two more products with it. This was one of the other two products I bought! I’m not crazy about pore strips but for some reason I keep using them.

LaFORLAB specializes in sensitive skins so I thought this product would not work but that at least it wouldn’t harm my skin. Right? Wrong! It did not harm my skin, as I expected, but it did have some results. So I’m happy to talk about it!


– It aims to give you a clean and black-and-white-pore-free nose.

– It lifts the dirt in your pores in the first step, and clears them in the second one. On the last one it cares for your skin with a pore tightening essence.


LaFORLAB Blackhead Vacuum Cleaner 3 Step Care Review


Each step 1 strip

How to use:

1. After cleansing, apply step 1 on the nose evenly and remove it after 15 to 20 minutes.

2. Remove it, and apply water on the same spot the patch was.

3. Tear off the white strip and apply it to your nose.

4. Wait 10 to 15 minutes and then remove it.

5. Cleanse your nose and apply step 3 for 30 minutes, allowing the essence to absorb into the skin.

My Skin Type:

Oily T, dry U, sensitive, blemishes easily, and allergic. Dry, sensitive and allergic lips. Very thin, dehydrated and oily eyelids.

LaFORLAB Blackhead Vacuum Cleaner 3 Step Care Review:

LaFORLAB Blackhead Vacuum Cleaner 3 Step Care Review

This review isn’t rich on photos (I apologize) but instead I think the photos in here are the necessary ones for you to see how it works.

Here I opened the three steps (I put them back in the pouches while waiting). All of them open really easily. They are all almost the same size (on brands like etude the size difference between the middle one and the other two is one centimeter or so).

The first one is similar to a mask sheet, the second one is actually reminiscent of gesso (for those who are into arts and crafts) or similar to the cast of when you break your arm, and the third is like a gel mask.

I applied the first one for the full time duration, but I didn’t feel that it did anything to my skin or pores. It smells like tooth paste or Listerine, and it burns like them too. Okay, my skin was particularly sensitive as I had a cold-hangover at the time, but still.

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It adhered to the skin easily. Supposedly it opens the pores, or prepares them for the next steps, but my skin didn’t feel anything other than that minty freshness.

The second step to me was a first timer! I had never seen a second step that was white (until a few days later when I read the Tony Moly Tako Pack review here on CP), so I was quite surprised. Once I applied it really looked like the cast gesso from the doctor, except that it didn’t get hard on my skin. I mean, it literally was so not-hard that when I peeled it off it didn’t keep the nose shape. It had no smell and it also adhered easily.

The result was pleasing, there were no big lumps of dirt in it, but still more dirt than I thought I had in my pores. Also, and the most important part, it didn’t hurt at all – not even on my flaky skin! You can see on the photo below that there is literally no redness. As they said, there was a small residue that I cleansed with cleansing water and it was gone.

The third step was also nice. It felt like a good and soothing gel mask, and I kind of want to try their mask sheets hoping they may feel as nice as this one.

LaFORLAB Blackhead Vacuum Cleaner 3 Step Care Review

You can see less lumpy pores (with one exception of a white head peeking out – which I removed with a cotton tip later), and my skin is cared for with the last step, and mainly not red or sensitive at all. During the following skin care nothing burned on the area I used this strip.

As this was a perfect experience for sensitive skin that still wants to remove pores. As I keep saying, I’m not a fan of pore strips but I keep using them because they help remove the lumpy pores that show on my skin. It’s not as effective as other (ex Innisfree, Etude House, Holika Holika) but sensitive skins can definitely not use those ones, and they can probably use this one (except for that minty first step, seriously).

Before I decide if I will repurchase this, I will try the one from Tony Moly which also seemed okay for sensitive skins. But I’ll definitely repurchase either this or that one – I would rather have a more gentle result that doesn’t harm me than a bigger effect that also peels off patches of my skin!

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Have you tried LaFORLAB Blackhead Vacuum Cleaner 3 Step Care?

Do share your thoughts in comments.

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