[REVIEW] Mediheal Masking Layering Ampoule Hydra Shot

Mediheal Masking Layering Ampoule Hydra Shot Review:

I kept eyeing this new Mediheal’s ampoule since it was released few months ago. Sadly, there was no local seller having this product though I really wanted to give it a try. Its unique concept attracted me a lot. So, layering an ampoule on skin sounds very interesting to me. Besides, the commercial of this product looks so promising as well.

My wait was over when I found local seller, finally, having this ampoule on their list. Well, I know, it’s just sample size, but at least I can try it out and give you a complete review about the performance of this ampoule. Lucky me, the seller have HYDRA SHOT variant, which was on top of my wishlist.

Claims :

+ Consentrate ampoule fully absorbs into the skin through the triple layers, and forms a barrier over the dry and rough skin.

+ First layer to boost active energy transfer, second consentrating layer supply the skin with abundant energy intensively, and third layer to keep skin protection film generation.

+ The ampoule delivers the abundant moisture and regain the skin vitality to give clear radiance.

+ Hydra Shot for Skin Density and Moisture Management. Hydra Complex is formulated and supplies moisture and nourishment deep into the skin to create moist and bright skin.

Main Ingredients :

Grapefruit Extract 55%, Sodium Hyaluronate, Ceramide NP

Mediheal Masking Layering Ampoule Hydra Shot Review

Volume :

2 ml (the full size comes in 4ml*3)

How to use :

1.  After cleansing, twist open the ampoule cap

2. Dispense 2-3 drops of the content directly on cheeks and forehead. Gently massage for absoption.

3. Repeat second step for two more times (3 times in total) for perfect masking of the face.

My Skin Type :
Oily-Combination, dehydrated, acne prone, very sensitive.

Mediheal Masking Layering Ampoule Hydra Shot Review:

If you purchase the full size of Mediheal Masking Layering Ampoule, you will get three tubes of the ampoule in a box (please google to know more). Each tube contains 4 ml ampoule so you will get 12 ml in total (mathematics lesson from me, lol). For this trial size, I got 2 ml ampoule in each pack.

Mediheal released this Masking Layering Ampoule in three variants and each one has different color for the packaging. Exceltoning Shot in green packaging, Poreminor Shot in purple packaging and Hydra Shot in blue packaging.

Mediheal Masking Layering Ampoule Hydra Shot Review

For the full size, they designed the tube with airtight cap to prevent contamination due to invasion of external air. I couldn’t describe how tight the cap, but it seems that the full-size packaging is not only pretty but also safe.

Meanwhile they made the sample size packaging very much like its full size, but, of course, with sachet design. It also came with Kim Ji Won photo as a bonus (I like her. She is pretty, isn’t she?).

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Mediheal Masking Layering Ampoule Hydra Shot Review

I had to cut off the tip of this fake tube to take the ampoule out and kept the remaining ampoule in refrigerator for next use. However, it’s less hygienic than the full size but I had no other choice, haha.

The usage direction of this ampoule is 3 times application for every use. So, you have to apply the ampoule (2-3 drops) on your face, give a little massage or pat and let it absorb. Repeat the steps again for two more times. Mmm… honestly, I was not sure whether my skin would like that or not. I have oily-combi skin and layering ampoule on top of it seemed to be… uncomfortable?

But I was totally wrong.

Mediheal Masking Layering Ampoule Hydra Shot Review

Of course, Mediheal carefully thought their concept for this product, hence they made the ampoule in a very lightweight consistency. It is not different with water. They are same. It is colorless, weightless, runny and absorbs very easily.

Meanwhile, the scent is… a big trouble! Errr. Well, I’m serious, the scent is tooo strong. It is like a perfume, not an ampoule. Floral scent usually smells pleasant and relaxing, but if it’s too strong, it would make you faint. And I guess they put too much fragrance in this product thus it is so disturbing for me. The scent is pretty familiar on my nose but I couldn’t remember what product that used to smell like this. I think it was… a body lotion? Ha!

I expected a lot of good things from this product since Mediheal itself is a good brand. The commercial is also promising. But honestly, after sniffing the scent of the product, I started to have a big hesitation. I know well, mostly strong fragrance is not that friendly to sensitive skin. And when I tried this product, my skin was in its very sensitive condition. Redness and dehydrated spots were like everywhere on my face.

And can you guess what happened once I applied this ampoule onto my face? It stung my skin!
Seriously, I was shocked.

My skin became extremely red, looked like a boiled crab (not joking)! To be honest, I wanted to wash my face after completely applying the ampoule since it felt very pricky on my skin, but I didn’t. So I waited around 15 minutes and my skin got a bit better, but still very red. Well, at least it’s not that pricky anymore.

I thought, I don’t want to use this product anymore. But when I let it worked longer on my oily-combi-dehydrated skin, the result surprised me. Especially its hydrating power was aww-mazing! Okay. It’s amazing. Let me describe it for you.

Mediheal Masking Layering Ampoule Hydra Shot Review

First layer. It absorbed quite fast into skin and didn’t leave any greasy nor sticky feeling. The result was matte on skin. It was super lightweight, like pouring water on your skin. I could feel the ampoule hydrated my skin nicely, but I guess it’s still not enough to moisturize dry skin.

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Second layer. It absorbed as fast as the first layer but the ampoule became more moisturizing. It was still lightweight and not sticky. It made my skin feel smoother too.

Third layer. As you can see on photos, after layering three times, the only difference my camera could capture is it looks more glowy than the first and second layer. In real, it’s not only more glowy but the ampoule also hydrated and moisturized my skin much better than the two previous layers. The more layer I added, the ampoule became more hydrating and moisturizing.

Gladly, even after three layers, it didn’t leave any uncomfortable result on skin such as greasy, oily or sticky. It is also not heavy at all. This ampoule is literally super lightweight!

As I said before, I really adore its hydrating effect on my skin. No joking, it does hydrate my skin superb well. My chin was so rough and dehydrated but once the ampoule worked on it, that area instantly became smooth and supple. And guess what? The effect stayed quite long on my skin. From day to night and even to the next morning.

I… do not know what to say. I mean, the hydrating power is like a dream came true for my skin. It did help my skin feel and look healthier, supple and smooth. But… why did it sting my skin? Why??

I tried to use this ampoule again after a week, when my skin already got a bit better and was not as sensitive as the first time I tried it. And… the ampoule still stung my skin, though it was not as terrible as the first time. Hhh…
So I gave up with this ampoule.

I do admit it gives amazing hydrating effect but, I guess, this ampoule is not for sensitive skin. If you have normal to oily skin and want to hydrate your skin well, you could try this product. But for sensitive skin, once again, I do not recommend it.

Where to buy:

Amazon | eBay

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