[REVIEW+SWATCHES] Memebox I’m Meme Tic Toc Satin Lipstick 007 Pink Bomber

Memebox I’m Meme Tic Toc Satin Lipstick 007 Pink Bomber Review:

I’ve been wanting to try the infamous Memebox I’m Tic Too Satin Lipstick since forever and finally I got the chance to try it! I’ve been saving money to get some products from Memebox including this one. When I saw it for the first time, I thought the shape is too ‘gimmicky’ and I don’t like the fact that I have to click the button at the bottom part to get the bullet out (and it won’t get inside after you click it out) until I saw some reviews about it on Youtube and Naver.

Memebox I’m Tic Too Satin Lipstick is available in 10 shades but what I like is how each shades have their own uniqueness because they have different tone and even though the majority of the shades dominated by reds and pinks, most of them are MLBB (My Lips But better) shades so everyone can try it.

From the reviews I read, everyone is gushing about how good and creamy this lipstick is. I can’t find a bad review at all and actually it’s surprising me since I read from both Korean and non-Korean reviews. Even though I don’t like the shape, I was really curious and finally I bought this lipstick along with my other purchase from Memebox but I had to wait for more than a month to get the package arrived at my place so I can’t wait to share my experience with this lipstick.

Claims :

+ A heart shape lipstick collection comes with 10 colours, ranging from nude beige, cherry red to burgundy.

+ Intense pigmentation creates vivid, long-lasting colour payoff with a satin finish.

Ingredients :
(Ingredients are not listed)

Memebox I'm Meme Tic Toc Satin Lipstick 007 Pink Bomber Review


How to Use :

1. Click to dispense the right amount of lipstick.

2. Outline the natural edge of the lips using the tip. Fill out the inner part fully for a bold look.

3. Or apply gently from the inner lip to the outer lip line as to make gradation.

Volume : 1.5gr

My lips area : Slightly dry

Memebox I’m Meme Tic Toc Satin Lipstick 007 Pink Bomber Review:

It comes in a paper box packaging with personalized color of each shade. In my opinion the packaging is not that special since there are a lot cuter packaging from other brands. The lipstick is tall and to get the bullet out, you have to click the bottom part, exactly like pen would.

Memebox I'm Meme Tic Toc Satin Lipstick 007 Pink Bomber Review


I don’t like a click-type lipstick because I can’t put the bullet inside once I get it out and I’m afraid I will click it too much. For the first time, I have to click more than 10 times (I didn’t count how many times I have to click it) to get the product out but it’s not weird for a clicker product. On the contrary, if you have to click so many times for the first time, it means your product is new and no one has ever opened it.

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Maybe it’s only me, but I think I got the bad one. The clicker part is not working like it should! When I push the clicker, it gets stuck and I have to pull it up to get the clicker work properly again. It happens every time so it’s really unfortunate that I got the bad one.

From the 10 shades, I can’t decide which one should I get between shade 09 Nude Romper and this one. On the reviews, the color look different on everyone since they have different skin tone but on most reviews, the shade 09 Nude Romper can look too light so I get Pink Bomber shade instead of 09 Nude Romper.

Memebox I'm Meme Tic Toc Satin Lipstick 007 Pink Bomber Review


07 Pink Bomber is a muted rosy pink that will match every skin tone and belongs to the MLBB shade category. I’m sure this type of shade can be worn by every skin tone with different undertone as well. On me, the shade looks more like a rosy pink than a muted pink but it’s still pretty nonetheless and it’s a perfect shade to wear for every occasion since it’s not too bright but not too light either. On warm undertone, I think the shade will look more rosy and on cool undertone, it will look more pink.

Memebox I'm Meme Tic Toc Satin Lipstick 007 Pink Bomber Review


The bullet has a heart shape and at first I thought it will be hard to apply because of the shape but I was wrong. The upper part of the heart shape actually distribute the color on my cupid’s bow area perfectly. It is be a little awkward on first application since I never used a lipstick with a heart-bullet shape but fortunately it works just fine.

As its name, it has a satin finish. Among all finishes, my favorite is satin because they can last as long as matte lipstick yet still have a sheen like a creamy lipstick. If you have a dry lips but still want to try a matte lipstick, a satin finish can be your alternative. When I swatch it on my hand, I thought it will look more matte than satin but then I apply it on the lips and the finish looks so pretty!

Memebox I'm Meme Tic Toc Satin Lipstick 007 Pink Bomber Review


It has a smooth texture and I think it’s one of the smoothest lipstick I’ve tried this year. It glides like a butter and the pigmentation is amazing. The pigmentation covers my whole lip and not only that, it doesn’t emphasis any of my dryness! I have some dry patch here and there especially on my upper lips so it’s really nice to be able to use a lipstick that won’t make my lips look worse.

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Not only it has a comfortable finish, it also last pretty long even with eating and drinking. I thought the color will fade but it’s fading only a little bit on the inner part of my lips. There’s no need to remove the color if you want to re-touch because trust me, it will still look good even if you layer it down.

It doesn’t leave a stain but I think for a long lasting lipstick like this, a stain is not needed. To remove it, a gentle cleansing wipes is okay but you will need an extra effort to wipe it off. I’d recommend you to use a cleansing water instead.

I’m so satisfied with the quality and I can’t wait to try the other series from Memebox! I already set my eyes on the I’m Meme Cashmere Lipstick one but seems like I have to wait for a little while since almost all the shade is sold out in Korea.

In the meantime, I will save up more money to get another shade from the Tic Toc Satin series because while the price is not expensive, it is still on the high cost side. But the price is really worth the quality!

Where to buy:

eBay | Yesstyle

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