[Review] Milky Dress The White Platinum Cream | Anti-wrinkle & Whitening

Milky Dress The White Platinum Cream Review:

For my whole life, I’ve been dealing with discoloration on my face. Probably because I didn’t care about my face the least bit as a kid and my skin is pretty sensitive. Ever since 4 years ago that I started getting acne issues, it has gotten worse and easily noticeable. There’s a wide variety of treatments to do and things to put on your face to treat it or cover it, since it’s quite a common problem within the population. I chose to try whitening products in the past without observing any huge difference.

I did not give up. I once was watching a drama on television when a telemarketing commercial about this product came up. In the commercial, a woman put some of this cream on her arm and it completely changed color immediately! I was so amazed, I knew I had to look it up. With a quick research, I found out that it contains ground cherry fruit extract, which prevents skin dullness that is caused by sun exposure and it reduces melanin color buildup( aka what makes your skin darker). I thought this might work so I decided to buy it and see how it goes!


By applying this product, you can make your skin look brighter temporarily but also lighten it with regular use in the long-term. It can treat and give you bright, clean and glowing skin and also, protect it from the harsh and polluted external environment.


Milky Dress The White Platinum Cream Review

Volume: 65 mL

How to use:

Use it on your skin after washing your face and applying basic skin care (toner and serum).  Squeeze a small amount of the cream and dab it on to your face or your preferred part of the body, before applying sunscreen.

My Skin Type: Acne prone, dry and oily combination.

Milky Dress The White Platinum Cream Review

Milky Dress The White Platinum Review:

Milky Dress The White Platinum Cream Review

At first, I was disappointed by the size of this product. To be precise, I ordered it together with the Milky Dress serum and couldn’t believe my eyes when they arrived, I thought I was scammed; turns out, I was not. As far as design goes, it’s pretty simple, nothing special however, the box it comes in is so cute! It has a Cinderella vibe to it.

Milky Dress The White Platinum Cream Review

As far as texture goes, I’d describe it as a thick sunscreen; My skin absorbed it right away and it was very easy to spread it on my face but also on my hands. It’s safe to say, a little goes a long way. Also, it smells amazing. I’m still searching for a perfume that has the same smell. It’s like a peach smell but not quite there;

Milky Dress The White Platinum Cream Review

Milky Dress The White Platinum Cream Review

Now for the good part. As I previously mentioned, my skin tone varies across my face. This product actually helped!! Of course it didn’t make my discoloration issues go away just like that forever, but if I use this in the morning, my face has the same shade all over, for most of the day.

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I’d say that it adapted to the lightest color on my face. Now, this product’s main use and also the only way it’s being promoted, is whitening. The more I used this product, the more uses I found it can provide.

Milky Dress The White Platinum Cream Review

This can be a great (great is an understatement), primer. It acts as the perfect base for your face before you apply makeup or sunscreen. It smoothed my skin’s texture and reduced my acne’s visibility. I’m not sure how that’s possible but that really happened.

I sometimes use it alone with sunscreen and my face looks like I’m wearing foundation! On top of that, I have very bad, red acne scars. To be able to accomplish all that and be transparent, I have to give the kudos to milky dress. They created an amazing product.

Overall, this is a great product. I’m not aware of any cheaper one that has the same or/and better results. If you ever find it on discount, I’d definitely recommend you to buy it, whatever your skin concerns may be, as I’ve said, it has multiple uses and it’s very kind to my skin. Obviously, you shouldn’t even consider using it if you are trying to tan your skin.

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      Not at all, to be precise it made my skin feel more moist. Especially in areas where my skin is dryer like on top of my eyebrows. It also has a cooling feeling 🙂


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