[REVIEW+SWATCHES] Missha Color Filter Shadow Palette 06 Cony

Missha Color Filter Shadow Palette 06 Cony Review:

I fell in love with the colors presented on the website (at the time the Missha near me didn’t allow swatches so I could only trust the internet) and I knew I wanted this palette. I was divided between Cony and Brown since last time Missha had a Line friends collaboration I regretted not buying the Brown palette – and still regretted to this day. Because Brown reminds me of someone, completely unrelated to the product itself. This time I chose Cony (later I got Brown too) all because of the colors! Isn’t it adorable?

Not to mention the sustainable plastic-free packaging of the palette. That is a win in any book.


+ For people who used to think that using eyeshadow is hard.

+ You can do a whole look with just this palette, from eyeshadow to blush.

+ Matte, shimmer, glitter, etc – it includes several textures, so it’s also for people who like to mix and match.


(none available)

Missha Color Filter Shadow Palette 06 Cony Review

Volume: 15g

How to use:

Apply where desired with a brush or fingertips.

My Skin Type:

Oily, hooded, highly pigmented eyelids with thin skin.

Missha Color Filter Shadow Palette 06 Cony Review:

Missha Color Filter Shadow Palette 06 Cony Review

Let’s talk design!

Adorable. Cute. Pink. Hearty. No plastic – except for the box it comes in (I didn’t know this at the time, I thought it was paper). The plastic box comes with a flapper that is SUPPOSEDLY a bookmark of brown but it is far too small and far too thin to be a sturdy bookmark – in an actual book it keeps falling off. I was only able to use it on some loose paper sheets, but that’s enough of non-makeup talk.

It comes with a transparent film that tells you the name of the shadows, and it also says the name on the plastic box it comes in. On the plastic box side it also has a how to apply suggestion, which is actually how I usually apply my makeup (but my outer wing goes higher, my eyes are tiny, deep and hooded, so they need anything to make them stand out).

Missha Color Filter Shadow Palette 06 Cony Review

You can’t see it well in the photos because I don’t have natural light (stupid Korea is super grey and dark in the winter… and in the summer when there is pollution), but around the eyeshadows there is a gentle pink outline. Loveable.

The eyeshadows on the top row are all matte. Then you have a glitter, two shimmers, and the gold one on the bottom is also a glitter.

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Looking at the palette like this I thought (and after using it proved to be true) you can use the brown ones (lightly) to color your eyebrows in case of emergency, and you can use the two top right eyeshadows as a blush, as well as add a gentle cheek highlight with that color right in the middle.

Missha Color Filter Shadow Palette 06 Cony Review

Let’s analyze the colors, from left to right, top to bottom.

Soft whip is the most basic of base colors, and it doesn’t show well on the photos but is really covers your skin color and shades with its gentle pigment.

I love Brown is a color they consider a point color but you can apply it lightly to make it a base color too.

Soulmate, Hello Cony, No 6 and Baby Chu are as they say in the back of the box.

My favorite color is Hello Cony, followed by No 6 and Baby Chu, just fyi.

Then we have Love Me. They say it’s a Liner color. A liner color supposedly is a color so dark you can draw an eye line with it. Not in this case, and probably the only flaw of this palette! It’s not dark enough to be a liner color, but it is a good point color. So instead of drawing a line with it I smudge a triangle in the corner.

The last glitter color DKDK is a gold glitter.

The two glitters (No 6 and DKDK) both have lilac, white and gold speckles, making them beautiful and making them match with virtually anything.

The blushes are both pretty and the and Rose one is stronger in pigment. Missha says that one can be used as a point color and the other one as a base color. It’s true.

Missha Color Filter Shadow Palette 06 Cony Review

There is ooooone other tiny problem with this palette. They have a lot of middle tones. On the look on the left I did what they suggested using only the most contrasting colors in the brown family. Lovely!

But when I tried to do the same with the pink family, the pink colors aren’t contrasting enough, and the brown isn’t dark enough to do the line (as they suggest and as I tried) and isn’t dark enough to make a shading smudge with the pink shades (when I did it it just looked dirty).

So there are two flaws in this palette: the brown isn’t dark enough to line, and the pinks aren’t contrasting enough to be used alone.
Don’t get me wrong, you can easily make a whole pink look (that looks like it only has pink) by adding the brown for proper contrast, or using a lighter base!

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Other than that, I love this palette and love how natural it looks! It is the best daily natural look, it blends so easily you can use your fingers, and if I just clear the excess sebum after applying base (before applying the eyeshadow) it lasts decently even without a primer. It is super soft, like velvet.

With a primer for matte shadow (because I always use matte as a base) it lasts the whole day easily.

Another thing I noticed, it is such a natural palette it looks better just with strong eyelashes (left) than with a line (right) or an actual eyeliner line.

I like this palette a lot, but it is a little flawed in the things I mentioned.

I reach for it lots of times as it is so easy to do a daily, complimentary look with it. And Missha eyeshadow truly has great quality.

I don’t un-recommend it, if the colors are right up your alley (like they are for me) then it’s a great palette. If you are just looking for a palette to start then truly the Pig eyeshadow from Missha is way better. If you are looking for a special palette that will make your eyes the IT point of your look, then this is also not it.

But it truly is a great quality daily palette, and on discount it is definitely worth it (hey, you gotta be thrifty!)

Where to buy:

eBay | Yesstyle

Have you tried Missha Color Filter Shadow Palette 06 Cony?

Do share your thoughts in comments.

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