[REVIEW] New 2017 Missha Homemade Moisturizing Mungbean Modeling Mask

Missha Homemade Moisturizing Mungbean Modeling Mask was purchased by Cosmeperks.

I want to say here in this section that if you have seen this product on Missha’s webpage you might have been deceived by the photo into thinking the size of this mask’s pack was bigger! I know I was! However I hope my photo was a little more enlightening than theirs. More on this later.

This mask is a jelly-type modeling mask that comes in three flavors, with three completely different effects. Of course being summer I chose the moisturizing mask (maybe even not in summer I would choose it). The gel part of this mask (or essence) is common in all three flavors, then the powder is the different agent, which I found cute and practical. I know modeling masks are very popular among foreigners, but in Korea they are actually just starting to kick off, and it’s an expected-to-be trend for the end of this season. I urge you to find out how Korean products are “discovering” these masks!


DIY Homemade modeling mask to make your skin healthy by creating your own facial mask with choosable cereal powder.



Purified water,  Glycerin,  Methylpropanediol,  Algin,  1,2-hexanediol,  Aloe vera leaf extract,  Fig extract,  Centella asiatica extract,  Carrageenan,  Tetra sodium pyrophosphate,  Citric acid,  Ethylhexyl glycerin,  Disodium Edta

Mungbean Powder:

Glucose, Calcium Sulfate, Corn Starch, Dextrin, Green Tea Powder, Mung Bean Powder, P-anisic Acid, Sodium Hyaluronate, Perfume

Volume: 50 ml gel + 5g powder

How to use:

-Cleanse and tone your face to prepare for the mask.

-Mix the gel (1) and the powder (2) together in the recipient of (1).

-Mix well using a spatula but be sure to not take too long and apply the mask to the face immediately.

-Spread it evenly over the face and neck. Leave it on for 15 to 20 minutes and then peel it off.

My Skin Type: Oily T, dry U, sensitive, blemishes easily, and allergic. Dry, sensitive and allergic lips. Very thin, dehydrated and oily eyelids.

Missha Homemade Moisturizing Mungbean Modeling Mask Review:

Take a good look at that ingredient list. It’s really short but really impressive! Aloe vera, fig and centella asiatica extracts, green tea and mung bean powders! And nothing too scary for me.

Missha Homemade Moisturizing Mungbean Modeling Mask Review

I wanted (needed) to show the real size of the mask. Because if you saw it on Missha’s webpage you have no clue of the size, it can be as big as a mask sheet for all I know! It’s a really appropriate size. I dare say the powder pouch could even be a bit smaller.

Missha Homemade Moisturizing Mungbean Modeling Mask Review

On the package, sadly, there is little useful information. And no information whatsoever in English. What they say there is the using method and the caution points. No ingredient information at all, but that’s what you have me for!

Missha Homemade Moisturizing Mungbean Modeling Mask Review

Both the packs opened easily, without any fuss, and without any spilling at all.

Missha Homemade Moisturizing Mungbean Modeling Mask Review

The gel essence and the powder individually look like this. Nothing particularly special about the gel, and the powder is white with some weird texture grains, plus some green grains which are the actual mung beans (or part of them).

Missha Homemade Moisturizing Mungbean Modeling Mask Review

The moment of truth! These modeling packs powders and gels never really mix, wet, nor dissolve by themselves, since the gel is too dense. So never be surprised at that. But such an exciting moment!

Missha Homemade Moisturizing Mungbean Modeling Mask Review

The beginning of the mixing process, and after it’s completed. Now, first thing is I know I should use a wooden spatula but I had none and I couldn’t use my finger because I was taking photos. So, if you have a wooden spatula (or ice cream stick) use that, if not you can use a mask brush, a plastic brush, or your finger! My brush was unavailable, drying from applying a mask on someone else (sobs).

Anyway, second thing, you can see it a little here, but better later and just as well on the stores’ websites, there are small grain-like particles that didn’t dissolve. It’s normal, on the official website that also happens.

The scent of the mask starts spreading gently as we mix the powder and gel together. It doesn’t smell of mung beans (gladly) but it smells fresh and watery, however I can’t specify what scent it is.

Missha Homemade Moisturizing Mungbean Modeling Mask Review

So, after I applied it to my face it never stopped dripping everywhere. I mean, eventually it stopped dripping, but for such a long time it was dripping so much that I gave up on applying it on my neck, since I didn’t want a mess on the sofa.

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And I have to say this too: did you watch the Night At The Museum 3 movie? In the second photo I feel like Sir Lancelot (Dan Stevens) when his wax nose melted! I love that movie.

Also, the mask covered my lips and, tired of cleaning, I decided to just be quiet until the mask was done.

Missha Homemade Moisturizing Mungbean Modeling Mask Review

See? Everywhere. Also some drips on the floor.

Another thing I want to point out is that, as you can see it slides a lot, each time it slides down my face it’s a sloooow process and feels like I’m melting in sand like the guy from The Mummy (so many movie references today). especially when I changed positions (I was sitting and decided to lie down) then it was either like that or like when your legs start falling asleep! But I decided to sit back up because with all the mess I thought I might get stuff on my washed hair and I really didn’t feel like it.

Until the mask solidified enough to stop sliding I couldn’t relax at all.

Missha Homemade Moisturizing Mungbean Modeling Mask Review

After the mask dried it basically still felt very very moist, and it still looked as fresh as when I applied it. I knew it was time to remove it because 1) the time was up and 2) when I touched it (of course it was soft but) it didn’t dodge at all anymore.

Missha Homemade Moisturizing Mungbean Modeling Mask Review

I tried to remove the mask in one go, it didn’t really work for me, maybe because I was removing it with one hand only (to hold the mirror and take the photos). Regardless, it came out very easily, didn’t tug on my skin, pimples, hairs or anything. And it almost left no gel residues on my face (you can see a few in the very last photo I’ll post)

Missha Homemade Moisturizing Mungbean Modeling Mask Review

I think the difference is quite obvious. First photo is before, second is after. First of all, you can see a very tired and dehydrated skin, and with lots of red spots. Then you can see a lively skin, with less red spots, and almost no gel residues.

The ingredients and the coolness of the mask work well in relaxing the skin and calming down the sensitive parts. The hydration was long lasting, I sweated a lot on that day and my sweat wasn’t acidic (sensitive skin problems which I didn’t have this time).

The hydration lasted the whole day, until my night time routine, even with all that sweat leaving my skin. And just as important, the pores didn’t clog with dirt!

I am very satisfied with this mask. It’s not a cheap mask, but still on the cheaper side compared to some other modeling masks. I will definitely purchase it again.

Honestly, I’m not even curious about the other two flavors because the hydration that this one gave me was so strong!

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