[REVIEW] Missha Pig Dream Minimore Palette 02 Brown Rosy Dream

Missha Pig Dream Minimore Palette 02 Brown Rosy Dream Review:

This product was released in an online exclusive collection and let me tell you how sad that is! It is cute, completely appropriate for this year, Missha level quality (that means good quality), and cheaper than most Missha products!

Not to mention it’s one of the few yearly cute collections they release (unlike Etude which almost only has cute collections). I’m pretty sure this specific product would have sold out more than once if sold offline.

But gladly most of us are online shoppers anyway!


+ Fits in a pocket, in the palm of a hand, it’s a multi palette in a mini size that you can take with you wherever, whenever.

+ What is a pouch? With eyeshadow and blusher you can easily make a complete makeup.

+ What are creases? A formula with even softer application gives you perfect makeup that lasts throughout the day.

(from the website, translated by yours truly)


Not Available

Missha Pig Dream Minimore Palette 02 Brown Rosy Dream Review


3.6g + 3.8g

How to use:

1. Apply to the skin with fingers or a blush.

They suggest the following:

With the matte shadow apply widely all over the eye lid.

With the glitter make a small shadow and underline the eye.

With the blush, apply as a blush.

My Skin Type:

Combination (dry U oily T), sensitive, needs elasticity, hydration and nutrients.
Dehydrated, sensitive, allergic and very pigmented lips.

Missha Pig Dream Minimore Palette 02 Brown Rosy Dream Review:

Missha Pig Dream Minimore Palette 02 Brown Rosy Dream Review
The design is cute, simple, very un-Missha-like in how cute it is, but amongst cute stuff it’s still quite elegant – like Missha usually is.

The package isn’t the sturdiest ever, but it feels stronger, safer than Etude House any cushion cases, for example.

I particularly love the pig with wings. It’s the golden year of the pig, so dream on and fly~

Missha Pig Dream Minimore Palette 02 Brown Rosy Dream ReviewMy photo looks a little dark here, the colors look less dark in real life but I couldn’t edit the darkness out! TT

Also there is more color-package contrast with number 1, which makes it prettier, but the colors of this number 2 are just so much better for me. If you like brown neutral makeup then consider number 1 instead.

The two tiers open easily and close easily and I never had any accidents of unwanted opening. The only down side is that since there is only one mirror applying the blush can be a tad bit bothersome. But for this price even if there was no mirror I would purchase it again (is this a spoiler?)

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Missha Pig Dream Minimore Palette 02 Brown Rosy Dream Review

The colors in this photo are very accurate and you can built up or down the pigmentation! You can also make it all “warmer” by applying the glitter shadow as a base all over the eye, or colder by applying the blush as a base. (again, you can tone down the pigmentation, they are super soft just like they promised, and also super blendable)

You can see that it also doesn’t gather on creases, except if you have oily eyelids like me AND apply a lot of the glitter shadow (to make it almost metallic).

And I mean “AND” as in both at the same time, when I apply the glitter light to normal it almost doesn’t gather on the crease, and doesn’t gather at all with an eye primer (I still use the VDL eye primer one I posted about here on CP).

Missha Pig Dream Minimore Palette 02 Brown Rosy Dream Review

The website’s presentation pictures suggest the “classic Korean” makeup look: all over upper lid matte shadow, glitter in the bottom eyelid and a spot in the center of the top eyelid, and blush as a blush.

So let’s not do that! Don’t get me wrong, it’s pretty and I have used it myself, but a review is not just for what’s expected of the product but also to see how far it can go.

It has countless possibilities, the only thing I didn’t do is use the glitter shadow as a blush. But otherwise everything was used as everything.
The colors are really simple, and they are pretty much “the same tone in different colors” which doesn’t really allow for making deeper eyes. On a darker skin these colors look light, on a lighter skin these colors look dark. (I’m a Korean 21)

But most importantly, the colors aren’t the slightest bit vivid, unlike they show in the website.

They are dry beige, dry gold, and dry rose. All three incredibly beautiful and look good on anyone.

Missha Pig Dream Minimore Palette 02 Brown Rosy Dream Review

This is probably the first time in my life I didn’t have to worry about blending because the colors are “all the same tone” and the eyeshadow is indeed super soft. It truly has Missha quality. And has the same level of pigmentation as their usual single and triple shadows (which I also recommend btw).

This look is as I described EXCEPT I added a tiny bit of dark brown in the corner of my eyes and it made a huge difference! For the better.

So truly all you need for makeup is this minimore (and your choice of lip product), but for making a deeper or more defined look you need to put some shade on your eyes or use eyeliner as they suggest on the website.

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And it is awesome – I know it’s an edit on the right but tell me that eyeliner wouldn’t look good there. I am just really bad at drawing eyeliner and just started getting the hang of it, and all days I wore this makeup it looked so good I was afraid of ruining it.

On and on it is all they promised and I recommend it because it’s way more flexible than they said and has really good quality you can hardly find for that price! I love it.

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