[REVIEW+SWATCHES] Missha Wish Stone Tint Water Gel Vivid Pink

Missha Wish Stone Tint Water Gel Vivid Pink Review:

About a week after I purchased the Pop Tastic Jelly Tint (which I disliked), I saw Missha releasing a new lip tint for their Festival collection and not gonna lie, the packaging is so pretty and they also made it in 2 different finishes.

They have water gel type with glossy finish and velvet type with a velvet finish. Both have 5 shades each and the shade range is very pretty and colorful. I had a hard time in deciding only one I would get but in the end I got the dark, vivid pinkish red one.

I purchased it when my Poptastic Jelly Tint had not arrived yet so my expectation was kinda low at that moment. The tint itself just arrived on my place a week ago and I already have my opinion for this product.

Claims :

+ Create gorgeous, vivid lips with long-lasting high color payoff, special design from Star Pop Festa Edition.

+ Water gel texture containing Honey extract, Sunflower Seed Oil and Apricot Seed Oil, is absorbed lightly and rapidly for dewy, supple lip express without any dryness

Ingredients :

Honey extract, Sunflower seed oil, Apricot seed oil

(Other ingredients are not listed)Missha Wish Stone Tint Water Gel Vivid Pink Review


How to Use :

If you want a gradient lip, make the inside of your lips darker.

Volume : 3.3ml

My lips area : Slightly dry

Missha Wish Stone Tint Water Gel Vivid Pink Review:

The thing I don’t like the most from Missha is that they don’t list the ingredients on their website and it’s really hard to find the full list ingredients. They only put the ‘main ingredients’ but for people with allergy, it’s important to know it because maybe something in it can be harmful for their lips or skin.

Missha Wish Stone Tint Water Gel Vivid Pink Review

Ingredients aside, the packaging is the main reason I got this lip tint. As its name, the bottle is designed like a wish stone but with a long, pointed tips on both end. It has a nice weight on it and it feels like something you only get from a high-end brand. It has 3.3ml of product which is less than most tints and weigh about 48g so we can say that most of its weight is from the packaging only.

The bottle is made from plastic and has a unique shape but it’s bulky that I can’t put it in my lip tint shelf and because of the pointy tips, I can’t put it on standing position so it takes more space compared to my other lip tints.

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The shade I got is called 쿨내진동 which means ‘Cool Vibration’ but on Yesstyle they put it as ‘Vivid Pink’. The color on the promo image is totally different with the actual shade but I’m not surprised anymore because most brands tend to over-editing the images.

Missha Wish Stone Tint Water Gel Vivid Pink Review

The shade in real life is a red shade with pink undertone and once it dries, it will leave a fuchsia pink color. I’m pretty sure this kind of shade can be worn by everyone including both warm and cool undertone because while the red tone matches warm undertone really well, it also has a pink undertone which will suit cool undertone as well.

Missha Wish Stone Tint Water Gel Vivid Pink Review

The applicator has a flat shape but it works pretty good in distributing the color on my lips evenly. The bad thing is it’s hard to reach the corner of my lips so I have to be careful if I don’t want to make a mess.

The pigmentation is very good! I’m surprised how the pigmentation is so vivid and even, especially when I swatch it on my lips. For my whole lips, it needs only one dip and even sometimes it’s too much for my lips (but I do have small lips so maybe it’s one of the reason why).

Missha Wish Stone Tint Water Gel Vivid Pink Review

When I apply it on my lips, it looks so smooth and it’s very easy to blend. It’s very easy to make a gradient lips because of its blendability. Korean lip tints are meant to be used for making a gradient lips so I’m impressed how it looks good for the full lips look as well! Unlike the Poptastic Jelly Tint, it’s not patchy at all and applied evenly on my lips.

It has a glossy finish but the glossiness wear off easily after 30 minutes to an hour. Fortunately, it leaves a pink stain that last very well on the lips. The stain start to get patchy after 4 hours of wearing and it also makes my lips look dry but I think it’s pretty good for a lip tint with a very affordable price.

The tint is not drying but it will look better if you prep your lips first either with a lip scrub or a good lip balm because it can sink into your dry parts and make your lips look not so smooth. It feels comfortable on the lips and it doesn’t feel sticky at all, even when I apply it for the first time when the glossiness is still visible.

To remove it, I use a cleansing water and it works really good but you have to tug your lips a little bit to be able to remove the stain of your lips.

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Overall, I really like this tint and recommend it for everyone! Not only it has good quality, it also really affordable and easy to get everywhere. I think even people with dry lips will love it too. Now I want to get the velvet one because I love this one so much.

Where to buy:

eBay | Cosmetic-love | Yesstyle

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