[REVIEW] Moonshot The First Moon Drawing Gravity 4001 Highlighter

Moonshot The First Moon Drawing Gravity 4001 Highlighter Review:

I’ve been travelling quite a bit recently, so I’ve had to really narrow down and select products that are travel-friendly and convenient to use. Highlighters are actually a very versatile product as they can not only be used to give dimension to the high points of the face, but also as an eyeshadow or even as a lip topper to give some much needed glam and glow.

At Moonshot’s flagship store in Myeongdong, Seoul, these chubby sticks — the highlighter, to be specific — caught my eye. Highly pigmented, they had an extremely smooth texture that simply glided onto the back of my hand. The highlighter (shade 4001) had a slight holographic duochrome effect, which is actually quite rare for Korean products, and it ended up being one of the two Moonshot products that I purchased.

Without further ado, let’s take a look at how The First Moon Drawing: Gravity holds up!


+ 19-mm thick chubby color stick on-the-go for contouring, highlighting, and blush

+ Easily glides onto the desired areas

+ Creates expertly-sculpted makeup look

+ Easy-to-blend formula that glides on skin without caking and gives deep blur effect

+ Drawing proof

+ Skin fit texture

+ High pigmentation

+ Blend effortlessly

No official list of ingredients

Volume: 9.5g

How to use:

Spin it a little bit to use, spread it to desired areas, and blend it out smoothly

My Skin Type: Oily, dehydrated, acne-prone, sensitive

Moonshot The First Moon Drawing Gravity 4001 Highlighter Review:

First off, the packaging for this product is simply great. It comes in a smooth, sleek black tube that looks very sophisticated. The lid screws off, meaning that it will never accidentally come undone or open during travel. The twist-up portion is reversible meaning it can twist up and down — you won’t have to worry about wasting product.

Moonshot The First Moon Drawing Gravity 4001 Highlighter Review

This product comes in four different shades — one opal highlight shade, one cool-toned contour shade, and two blush shades. The blushers also contain a highlight portion, so that half of the circular tube is the blush color, and the other half is the highlighter. One of the blush-highlight duos is a n*dy beige shimmer highlight with an orange-coral cheek color, and the other is a n*dy beige shimmer highlight with a rose-pink shade.

Moonshot The First Moon Drawing Gravity 4001 Highlighter Review

As mentioned, I got the highlighter shade, which isn’t advertised as holographic, but does have a slight duochrome effect. In the tube, it looks white, which was a little off-putting at first as I tend to go for more natural highlights that aren’t frosty. However, on the skin, it gives a wet shimmery look that isn’t glittery or frosty at all, with a bluish sheen under the light.

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Moonshot The First Moon Drawing Gravity 4001 Highlighter Review

The pigmentation for this product is quite strong — a few swipes can give a bold highlight. However, for those like me who prefer a very subtle highlight, it can be blended out for a barely-there effect. Its texture is like that a soft balm, and because of that, it is extremely blendable and seems to just melt into the skin once it’s on. Because it’s so soft and goes on almost like a thick liquid, blending it out is essential to ensure smooth application.

One of the only qualms I do have with this product is that it’s fragranced — it’s nothing too overpowering with a slight floral scent, but for those who may be sensitive to fragrances in their makeup products, they may want to reconsider purchasing this.

Despite it being so balmy in texture which tends to translate into oil slick for my oily skin, the highlighter held up all day in the hot and humid Seoul weather, and didn’t make my face any more greasy or oily than usual. I tried setting it with powder and without on different days; on days without, it was still very long-lasting with only slightly more oil production as you would expect, and on days with, the highlight was still very noticeable even under setting powder.

On various days, I tried using it as eyeshadow and as lip topper; while the highlighter worked great as a lip topper, it didn’t look great as an eyeshadow. The highlighter made my oily eyelids even more oily after a few hours, but the slight duochrome effect on my lips was stunning.

Overall, I think the product really lives up to its claims — blendable, melts right into the skin, great pigmentation, and highly blendable. This highlight shade in 4001 Gravity is slightly more cool-toned, so if you are searching for a warm-toned one, I would consider the blush shades which come with a slightly warm-toned beige highlighter. I have been using this non-stop ever since I purchased it, and will definitely consider some of the other shades!

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eBay | Yesstyle

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