[REVIEW] Natura Siberica Little Siberica Baby Lip Balm Polar Baby

Natura Siberica Little Siberica Baby Lip Balm Polar Baby Review:

Am I a baby? Of course not. Do I have one? Not yet, no. But my lips are really dry and in the winter the majority of lip balms and products alike is too hard (literally) to spread. Because temperatures here go easily down to -15C or under. So, I saw this product at the store and decided to give it a try! I mean, I can use it even in those horribly low temperatures? Count me in!


– The balm, filled with organic Altai sea-buckthorn oil and northern cloudberry oil, nourishes and softens baby’s lips, while protecting them from winds and cold. Perfect for summer and winter use.

– With organic Altai sea-buckthorn and northern cloudberry oil.

– Lip balm protects the delicate baby skin of the lips from chapping, cracking and peeling.

– Easy to use even at -50C degrees.

– It is safe, even if a child licks his lips. Suitable for use in summer and winter.

– 0% SLS, parabens, silicone or synthetic dyes


Octyldodecanol, Ricinus communis seed oil, butyrospermum parkii butter (shea butter), glyceryl stearate, euphorbia cerifera cera, rubus idaeus seed oil (organic ingredient), pinus sibirica seed oil (organic extract), rubus chamaemorus seed oil, wheat germ oil (organic ingredient), tocopherol (vitamin E), fragrance

Natura Siberica Little Siberica Baby Lip Balm Polar Baby Review

Volume: 10ml

How to use:

Apply to the lips when they are dry or whenever you feel needed.

My Lips Type: Dry, sensitive and allergic lips.

Natura Siberica Little Siberica Baby Lip Balm Polar Baby Review:

Natura Siberica Little Siberica Baby Lip Balm Polar Baby Review

At first, I thought “Why do you need such a huge package for a lip balm?” and then I realized that they put this stand inside. But my question remains, why such a big package? Honestly, I like Natura Siberica a lot but they push it with the size of their packages. No shame in having a small package people, it’s the performance that counts! And a little bit of a good lip balm goes a long way.

Natura Siberica Little Siberica Baby Lip Balm Polar Baby Review

Excessive, environmental damaging packaging aside, they did add a cute little detail of silver slow flakes, very appropriate. Very cute. Doesn’t match the orange bottom of the product, but very cute.

I do think their symbol is beautifully ornamented.

Natura Siberica Little Siberica Baby Lip Balm Polar Baby Review

The cap has a small pin to make sure the product stays inside the whole time, hygienic and well protected. The plastic on the package has a nice and comfortable texture, and grips well on the fingers even though the package is so small. The angle of the applicator is also appropriate to the usage and hand position (did you hear me IOPE?).

Natura Siberica Little Siberica Baby Lip Balm Polar Baby Review

The scent is sweet and not strong, and it smells sort of like… well, a mixture of shea butter with something else. Although I will tell you right away the scent must be almost completely artificial if you look at the ingredient list, at least it’s a relatively weak scent. Just enough to make kids like it, I guess!

I have been running away from scented lip balms, but I guess it’s because of mint and herbs that I dislike them – it’s like they dry my lips more and make them peel. With this lip balm, even with its scent, no such thing happens. It feels like applying honey (in the sense that it protects your lips).

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The texture as you can see is like melted Carmex. Very different than mid-of-winter-not-even-negative-degrees Carmex. Yes, it does become a little thicker outside, but it still is easy to apply and spread, and it doesn’t gain weird bumpy balls that feel like wax.

The amount of product on the picture is as big as the C in your keyboard. And that’s what I usually apply for my lips. It lasts around two hours, which is not the longest I have tried when it comes to lip balms, but I only use it outside because I can actually use it outside since it still spreads and protects. And it is quite effective while it is on.

If you live in a country that makes lip balms difficult to use, then you really should consider trying this one. Especially if you live in Russia or know someone there – where this doesn’t reach even 3$ in price (when I bought it, it was 89 rubles, so around $1.30 I think).

Worth it? So very much, I’m happy that this winter I can walk outside and play in the snow for once!

As a lip balm I would give it a 4.5/5 because it only lasts around 2 hours, but it does get extra points on top of that if I consider it a winter outdoors lip balm.

Where to buy:

Beauty Malka | Yangoobaby

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