[REVIEW] Nature Republic Beauty Tool Double Eyelid Glue

Nature Republic Beauty Tool Double Eyelid Glue Review:

Double eyelids seem to be an obsession, especially in some Asian countries. This is understandable since double eyelids do make the eyes look bigger and less tired, thus more attractive. You can see the Japanese anime always feature doe-eyed characters. And I would say it is easier to do makeup on double eyelids.

According to an online article I came across, it is estimated that 80% of adults are naturally monolid in Japan and Korea. It is no wonder that most of the products to create double eyelid are from Korean and Japanese brands. Not to mention that Korea is pride on skillful double eyelid creation through surgery.

I have double eyelids. But as my skin age, one of my eyes become more droppy than the other. This result in asymmetrical eyes which bothers me somewhat, especially when it shows up very clearly in photos.

Surgery is not an option, as I do not think the situation is so dire that I have to put myself under the knife and to fork out so much money for this. I have seen people who use the tape and personally find it embarrassing to have the piece of plastic, albeit very tiny, exposed on the eyelid. So this leaves me to explore the only option left – eyelid glue.


Achieve a defined, clear, and natural looking eyelid line using this double eyelid liquid glue and applicator.


I am not able to find the list of ingredients, neither on the packaging nor google search. The faintest that I have come across stated the “main ingredient is acryl emulsion”.

Volume: 5ml

How to use:

1. Remove any oil, dirt, and makeup from eyelids before applying the Double Eyelid Glue on clean skin.
2. Create the desired crease on your upper eyelid using the tip of the shaping stick, and gently apply pressure along the line.
3. Apply a thin layer of Double Eyelid Glue to the center of the desired crease line and let the glue dry for 2-3 minutes.
4. Before the glue completely dries, gently apply pressure along the desired crease with the shaping stick and slowly open your eyes to form the double eyelid.

My Skin Type: Sensitive, Oily, Dehydrated, Enlarged pores, Aging

Nature Republic Beauty Tool Double Eyelid Glue Review:

I was initially clueless on how to use the glue and had watched a few Youtube step-by-step tutorials, decided it seem easy and went on to purchase.

Nature Republic Beauty Tool Double Eyelid Glue Review

The tube of glue comes with a brush applicator, which is very thin so there is no worry of getting on too much glue at one go. It comes with a shaping stick, with a Y-shape on one end and a pointy tip on the other. You can use either side to help fold the crease to form the double eyelid.

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Nature Republic Beauty Tool Double Eyelid Glue Review

The glue is white on application but turns clear after a couple of minutes, so there will not be any visible traces that could embarrass. But here comes the warning – it is very sticky! The first time I applied too near my eyelashes, and they got stuck to the glue. I was so afraid that my lashes were going to drop off as I tried to detach them from the glue.

I wish I could show you a photo of my before and after. But I have not been able to get the crease right, despite trying for umpteen times. Whenever I use the shaping stick to poke (the word sounds frightening, but I assure you it is not painful) at the eyelid, the glue and stick adhere together.

When I then try to remove the stick, the skin get pulled together so the desired fold just cannot be formed. What remain are still my natural line and traces of the sticky glue.

Regardless, I wanted to test its lasting power so I just left it as that. The glue felt kind of uncomfortable on my lid the entire day. It might be how it feels when you have false lashes on? I am not sure as I had put on false lashes only once years ago and can hardly remember how it was.

The product claims to be water and oil-resistant. I can vouch for the water resistance because I have a hard time removing the glue just by using water on the eyelids. As for oil, I was initially surprised to know that the recommended removal of the glue is by oil cleanser.

But on further thoughts, having oily lids is nowhere near applying a whole cotton-padful to the eyelids. After all, it said “oil-resistant”, not “oil-proof”.

This brings me to share on how tedious it is to remove the glue. The tenacity of the glue is astounding. Or maybe it is just simply me not heeding the recommendation to use an oil-based cleanser.

I do not want to spend on getting an oil-based cleanser just for the purpose of this glue because oil cleansers are not my kind of thing. I use tons of other methods such as the normal makeup cleanser, warm water, facial cleanser, bare fingers, cotton pads.

It always takes me like forever before the glue eventually comes off. By then, my eyelids are so sore and stretched because of the rubbing and tugging. It leaves me worrying that this will worsen my droppy eyelid.

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It seemed so easy-peasy to the Youtubers who use the glue. After watching them, I think you will not need much convincing to be sold on the product just like me. I am disappointed that it did not work for me even after trying on more than ten occasions.

Despite the failed attempts and no wonder pictures to showcase, I am still writing this review so that those of you who might have been contemplating purchasing can learn from my layperson experience.

Honestly, I wonder if it could be more of my incompetency than the glue’s. I say so because the glue is so sticky that I have every faith it will work. I probably have yet to master how to apply and fold the crease well. Or it could be because of my heavier lids?

On this note, this means that not everyone may be suited to use the glue method. And because there is no clear indication of the ingredients, do be cautious if you do want to try out in case there is anything you could be sensitive to.

And yes, please get an oil cleanser if you do want to try this out. Do not follow the “wrongs” that I did.

While I do feel disturbed by my asymmetrical eyes, I am wary of further attempts to perfect my skill in using this glue for two reasons; the agony of the removal process and the tugging may make my eyelids more saggy in time to come.

So here concludes my amateurish experience. For those who are game to try, I hope you have a better experience. And to those you who are familiar with such glues, I will be most glad if you have any tips to share.

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  1. Personally, I had started using the double eyelid glue two years ago, after I buying mine at TONY MOLY. In the first couple of weeks, there might be times that the glue may fail and your lids stick together in a really uncomfortable manner, otherwise, it just looks unnatural/ugly. Took me quite some practice before I could finally achieve a success rate of 4 in 5! To remove the glue, I would usually dab with some water then gently roll it off my lids. Not sure why it seemed so tedious for the author but it could possibly have been the brand of glue. Presently, I no longer use double eyelid glue because my eyelids have formed its crease, given my diligence in using the glue every day (forming the crease at the same spot). In the mornings, I would just gently put my nail along the crease on my eyelids and keep my eyes opened for a minute, with that my double eyelids stay for the rest of the day:)


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