[REVIEW+SWATCHES] Nature Republic Real Gel Tint 03 Orange

Nature Republic Real Gel Tint 03 Orange Review:

I was so ecstatic when I saw Nature Republic official store finally opened near where I’m living! I went there when it had its grand opening and it was so chaotic because it’s too crowded.

I was swatching their lip tints section and found this tint. The price wasn’t expensive and the swatch was pretty good. Actually I’m not an avid fan of Nature Republic, I rarely tried their products and the only item I have from them is the Soothing & Moisture Aloe Vera Gel 92% (which I’m not to fond of).

After I bought it, I searched some reviews about this product but so far I only found a small amount of reviews so I thought maybe this product wasn’t too hyped both in Korea and internationally. That just made me more curious to try the lip tint.

Claims :

With fruits complex rich in vitamins, this Water Gel Type tint moisturize your lip perfectly.

Main Ingredients :

Raspberry Extract, Sweet Cherry Fruit Extract, Orange Extract
*other ingredients are not listed*

Nature Republic Real Gel Tint 03 Orange Review

How to Use :

Apply a moderate amount on your lips and spread it with your finger.

Volume : 9ml

My lips type : a little bit dry

Nature Republic Real Gel Tint 03 Orange Review:

The size is actually small and the outer packaging is not too eye-catching. The packaging is very similar to Innisfree Fruit Tint but more colorful. It doesn’t come in a box but it has a seal on the bottle.

Nature Republic Real Gel Tint 03 Orange Review

To break the seal, you have to turn the lid and open the product. Actually I prefer this type of seal compared with a product with a box but has no seal because it’s safer.

Because of the size, it’s pretty easy to carry everywhere I go. It doesn’t take too much space either in my makeup purse or my vanity. The packaging is quite simple and small but turns out the applicator is tiny and short as well! The space between the doe-foot and the lid is really small so sometimes the lid hit my bottom lips area.

Nature Republic Real Gel Tint 03 Orange Review

The scent though, is pretty amazing. I love scented products but this tint scent is really sweet and refreshing, it smells like an actual orange! I keep sniffing the wand (it’s a weird habit, I know) because I really love the scent.

They put orange extract in it so no wonder it has a true orange scent. If I’m not mistaken, the other 2 shades have Raspberry and Sweet Cherry extracts so maybe the scent will be different for each shades.

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Nature Republic Real Gel Tint 03 Orange Review

They claim it’s a water gel tint formula and it’s exactly what this lip tint is. It’s very thin like a water tint but it’s soft and cooling like a gel tint at the same time.

Usually water tint will be absorbed into the lips immediately after application and leave a hint of color but with this tint, it makes my lips feel cool for a second. It’s absorbed into my lips but the pigmentation is still visible.

Nature Republic Real Gel Tint 03 Orange Review

I got mine in shade 03 Orange and it’s a truly orange shade. I’m a fan of orange lip shade so I’m very happy with the shade! Orange lip tint is easy to find in Korean brands but it’s not easy to find a real high quality orange tint with affordable price either so I can say this lip tint is one of my favorite lip tints from low-end brands.

Sometimes lip tint can makes my lips look dry but not with this one. It’s very comfortable on the lips and doesn’t make my lips feel dry at all. It last longer than I thought it was gonna be!

I wear it for 4 to 5 hours, the color fades but the stain stays on my lips until I remove it from my lips. It’s not too hard to remove the tint but I’d suggest to use a cleansing oil instead of a cleansing water since oil works better to remove lip tints.

The finish is glossy and the glossyness makes the color not transfer-proof. After eating oily food, the color will fade a bit and leave a beautiful orange stain on my lips. The stain is not blotchy at all and it fades beautifully as well.

Once I licked my lips and not only it smells like an orange, it also taste sweet like an orange candy. I won’t recommend to lick and try its taste though because who knows the ingredients might be harmful if ingested.

I really recommend this lip tint to everyone! I never thought the quality will be this good since it’s not popular in Korea (and to be honest, the packaging is pretty average) but don’t judge the quality by its size and packaging. I think I’ve found a hidden gem from Nature Republic and it makes me want to try their other lip tints.

Where to buy:

eBay | Yes Style

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