[REVIEW] Neulii Snail Bee Anti-Wrinkle Serum

Neulii Snail Bee Anti-Wrinkle Serum Review:

Neulii is a Korean skin care brand launched by the online shop RoseRoseShop, and when they first launched the brand they were kind enough to send out free samples to people. However, that wasn’t the reason I became interested in this serum, but rather the fact that it had so few ingredients and the fact that RoseRoseShop were so transparent about the percentages of actives and ingredients in their products. I liked the fact that they produced a simple serum with few ingredients and their openness about the products details.

When I saw they had a snail bee serum I was curious to try one and see if it would work for me, since so many people seem to have great success with snail products. It also contains propolis which is an ingredient that I also like in skin care, I’ve long been a fan of Cosrx Honey overnight sleeping mask which also has propolis in it. The simple clean design of the product appealed to me, and the low price so of course I couldn’t resist buying it.


+ A Serum containing snail slime and propolis extracts to assist anti-aging and wrinkle care.

+ The snail slime extracts assist anti-aging and wrinkle care

+ The propolis protects the skin from external environment to keep it healthy


Water, Butylene Glycol, Snail Secretion Filtrate, Propolis Extract, Betaine, 1,2-Hexanediol, Allantoin, Sodium Polyacrylate, Carbomer, Sodium Hyaluronate, Panthenol, Arginine, Adenosine

Neulii Snail Bee Anti-Wrinkle Serum Review

Volume: 100ml

How to use:

After washing your face apply all over your face before using toner

My skin type: Dry, easily dehydrated skin with mild rosacea.

Neulii Snail Bee Anti-Wrinkle Serum Review:

I wanted to try a snail serum for a long time, and was planning to try the Benton one, but instead I decided to try something new especially since Neulii’s was much cheaper than the Benton one. I had also previously tried samples of the Benton one and found it did nothing, so I was hopeful that the Neulii one would work better for me. I have also tried the Cosrx Snail essence in the past as well, so I was curious to see which snail product I would like more out of the three.

The Neulii Snail Bee anti-wrinkle serum sounds similar to the Benton one, they have similar names but the ingredients are not the same. Benton has bee venom in it, but the Neulii “bee” component is “propolis”. Which I guess is good if you are allergic to bee venom or react badly to it, although some people may also be allergic to propolis if they can’t tolerate bee venom.

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Neulii Snail Bee Anti-Wrinkle Serum Review

Neulii’s entire line of serums come in a plastic frosted bottle with a pump on the top. The packaging is simply, each type of serum has a different color and slightly different design. Personally, I like the packaging and design, but it’s not as important as the product itself. The snail bee serum has a light khaki green color on the bottle and the box.

Neulii Snail Bee Anti-Wrinkle Serum Review

The pump works well, you can see in the swatch photo how much you get per pump. The serum is clear and scentless and spreads very easily, you don’t need much to spread it across your skin. It is a little sticky but not as bad as the Cosrx snail mucin essence, and it feels quite light and moisturizing on the skin.

Because this is a snail serum you expect it contain a decent amount of snail, but it actually only contains 10% of snail secretion filtrate, which is quite low. This could be good and bad, good for those who can’t tolerate a high concentration of snail. It also contains 10% of propolis, so the two star ingredients of the serum make up around 20% which I guess isn’t bad.

It also contains panthenol which can moisturize and hydrate skin because it’s able to penetrate skin. Arginine is meant to be good at healing wounds, and adenosine is good for boosting collagen production. However, we don’t know much about the percentage of the serum contains of panthenol, adenosine or arginine so I’m not sure how effective they are in this product. Although to be fair since this serum contains only 13 ingredients the concentration could be higher than in other products with many ingredients.

I’ve been using this serum for roughly three months now, at first, I used it on my neck and then I switched to using it on my forehead where I have some fine lines if I don’t get enough sleep. I had read a review where people said it helped with fine lines on their skin. I also used it all over my face in my PM routine for a while, curious to see if it would help hydrate and moisturise my skin.

Although if you read the blurb for the product on the official site it doesn’t mention that it’s good at hydrating and moisturizing, instead that it’s for anti-aging and wrinkle care. Maybe that’s why I found that it didn’t with moisturizing or hydrating my skin at all.

But at this point I’ve come to conclusion that while snail may work wonders at moisturizing some people’s skin, it doesn’t do that for me at all. I found that using this serum on my face made no difference, if I stopped it my skin looked and felt exactly the same, which was disappointing.

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As for anti-aging and wrinkle care, it didn’t do a thing to help the fine lines on my forehead. I applied both AM and PM on one side of my forehead, and noticed it made no difference at all. It also made no difference on my neck either. Maybe I was unrealistic to expect a difference in this amount of time, yet the Mizon Snail All in one repair cream made a difference to my skin in a couple of weeks. So maybe in this case less ingredients aren’t always so effective?

Perhaps I needed to use this serum for a year to see a difference? But even then, I’m not sure if I could be able to see any kind of difference, and since this serum is not moisturising or hydrating at all (at least not for me) I can’t see a point in using it for a year to see if it makes a difference. If it hydrated a little I might consider using it for a year, but at the moment it feels like a completely unnecessary step for me.

Overall, I think this product suits those with oily/combination or normal skin types. Those with severely dry and dehydrated skin (like me) probably can’t see a difference in using this serum. It’s not a bad serum, it’s just not moisturising enough for someone like me, but in a humid or warm climate it’s probably perfect.

So, I wouldn’t repurchase this snail bee serum, or possibly any other snail products at this point in time because I don’t think snail does much for me. Personally, I can’t see much difference between this and the other two snail serums/essences I’ve tried previously.

None of them worked that well for me, but overall, I like the feel of the Neuliii and Benton ones, because the Cosrx one was too slimy. But I would be unlikely to repurchase this serum because I don’t think it’s moisturizing enough for my skin.

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