[REVIEW+SWATCHES] New 2018 The Face Shop Coca Cola Lip Tint 03 Harmony Pink

The Face Shop Coca Cola Lip Tint 03 Harmony Pink Review:

When I came to know about this collaboration, I was like, “Are you kidding me, The Face Shop? Coca Cola?! But WHY???” Well, I don’t mean that this is ugly. No. But, who would even buy this? So, I thought I wouldn’t waste my money for this. BUT on the next day, I found myself crawled on internet to find any information about this makeup collaboration and finally bought one of the lip tints. LOL.

Actually The Face Shop launched two lip tints in this collaboration, this one and the other one has a polar bear snow globe on the top. I don’t know why but I was tempted with this Coca Cola Lip Tint instead of the Coke Bear Lip Tint though the bear one is super cute. They also have cushion, eyeshadow palette, lipstick and compact powder for this Coca Cola edition. Of course, all of them come in red coke theme. In the end I have to admit that the vibrant red packaging is like a boat sailing in my head, haha! That’s why I decided to get one. Anyway, here is the review of Coca Cola Lip Tint in shade #03 Harmony Pink. Let’s see if this Cola-boration is worth it or not!

Claims :

+  Natural makeup with vitality on your lips. This lip tint will not make your lips dry, it moisturizes your lips while give you young-fresh-looking lips.

+ Moisture-rich lip tint that provides refreshing texture, high impact color, and contains red fruit complex (apple extract, sweet cherry extract, orange extract, grapefruit extract).

Ingredients :

The Face Shop Coca Cola Lip Tint 03 Harmony Pink Review

Volume : 3.1 g

How to use :

1. Use the applicator to gather the product.

2. Apply on lips starting from the center of the lips and blend outward.

My Lips Type : Normal with some fine lines, pigmented, occasionally dry

The Face Shop Coca Cola Lip Tint 03 Harmony Pink Review:

Honestly, I am not a fan of Coca Cola because I don’t drink it (I even couldn’t enjoy any other soft drinks because they tend to cause blemishes on my face, I don’t know why. Anyone have same experience like me?).

I wasn’t interested with this collaboration, at first. But the more I looked at those red packages, the more I wanted them, haha. I think it’s a makeup addict’s instinct.

The Face Shop Coca Cola Lip Tint 03 Harmony Pink Review

The Coca Cola Lip Tint comes in a beige and red box. The color of the box looks classic but the whole design is actually catchy. We can find a short product description and full of ingredients list on the back side.

Ah, this is another reason why I chose the Coca Cola Lip Tint rather than the Coke Bear Lip Tint, because this lip tint comes with a box meanwhile the bear lip tint doesn’t. I’m so picky, haha!

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The Face Shop Coca Cola Lip Tint 03 Harmony Pink Review



The lip tint itself is housed in a red Coca Cola tube. The red tube is glossy, tall, chubby and so sturdy. It is very adorable and pretty. I feel like holding a real Coca Cola can but in a slim edition, so cute (they even added ‘do not eat’ sign on the tube, haha).

Okay, let’s forget my early impression right after knowing this collaboration. In fact, I am in love with the package and I’m glad having it. I’m such an easy girl when it comes to cute related things, hehe.

The Face Shop Coca Cola Lip Tint 03 Harmony Pink Review

I held my breath when taking out the applicator. Just take a look at that candy cane wand. So cute and adorable! The cute wand is sturdy and quite long as the tube itself comes in a tall size. Aside from that, it’s just like many other lip products with the doe-foot applicator. It has a right slant on the brush and soft bristles. It’s very easy and comfortable to use.

Before we jump to the swatches of this product, I’d like to tell you the other amazing things from this Coca Cola Lip Tint. It does smell like Coca Cola! When you close your eyes and sniff this lip tint, you will enjoy a REAL cola’s scent, like having a glass of coke right in front of you. If you love that popular drink, you would probably lick it, LOL. But don’t do that, however it doesn’t taste like coke, haha.

Following its Coca Cola’s scent which is so enjoyable and unique for a lip tint product, I also found this lip tint gives coke’s popping sensation when applied on lips.

Oh, seriously. I firstly thought it was an irritation or allergic reaction from my sensitive lips since my skin doesn’t like soft drinks. But I found my lips were still fine after using this product. Then I realized that it’s jut a fizzy sensation from this lip tint, it’s like a sensation you usually get when drinking soda pop. It is actually a very short popping sensation, like 2-3 seconds, but it’s so much fun!

The Face Shop Coca Cola Lip Tint 03 Harmony Pink Review

This Coca Cola Lip Tint has 5 shades and mine is the third one, Harmony Pink. This is a kind of coral color with a lot of pink hue. It even looks more pinkish on my lips. I really like this shade because it is very wearable for daily-lovely look and makes my face look more fresh. This shade is also suitable for all skin tones and it will look good both for gradient and full-lips application.

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The Face Shop Coca Cola Lip Tint 03 Harmony Pink Review

The texture and finish result of this Coca Cola Lip Tint is very similar with 3CE Velvet Lip Tint. The texture is like a lip mousse and it feels lightweight on lips. It glides smoothly and has a velvety-matte finish but still looks moist.

This lip tint looks so soft and doesn’t accentuate my wrinkly lips. Its color payoff is very nice but the coverage is so so. You may need to add another layer to get a full coverage on your lips. But I suggest to use a concealer or lip primer because adding too much layers can make this lip tint looks clumpy on lips.

Honestly, I didn’t expect too much about the product quality. But I was surprised as this product has an amazing result on my lips. I admit that it is not transferproof and tends to leave ugly traces on glass. But the leftover pinkish stain lasts longer than I expected. I think it’s about 7-8 hours. Furthermore this product doesn’t sink onto my lips and it doesn’t make my lips dry at all.

I can feel that this lip tint gives a slight of moisturizing effect to my lips. This is a thing that I rarely get from a lip tint. Therefore The Face Shop Coca Cola Lip Tint is recommended for anyone, even if you have dry lips. But remember to prepare your lips (by scrubbing or using lip balm) before applying this lip tint to avoid clumpy or flaky result.

Finally, I would recommend this lovely Coca Cola Lip Tint. It’s not only a limited edition lip tint that comes in a cute and catchy packaging but, in fact, it also has a great formula and result. Especially if you want to enjoy the unique aroma of Coca Cola in your lip product and feel that popping soda sensation on your lips, you should try this lip tint.

Where to buy:

eBay | Cosmetic-love | Yes Style

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  1. I want to have the Bear Lip Tint from this Coca Cola makeup.
    Can you tell me the differences of this Cocacola Lip Tint and the bear lip tint? Are they same lip tint in different packaging?
    Thankyou unnie

    • I don’t try the Coke Bear Lip Tint but I think it has more watery texture, meanwhile the Coca Cola Lip Tint has a mousse texture. They may have different finishes too, the Coca Cola Lip Tint is velvety-matte but I’m not sure with the bear one, maybe it looks more natural like other watery lip tints.


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