[REVIEW] New Etude House Any Balm Blusher 01 Red

Etude House Any Balm Blusher 01 Red Review:

I bought this on an impulse because I was trying to make my pouch smaller. My pouch has a cushion, a blush, a concealer, a lipstick, and at least 4 more items. If I could save space (and scratch my phone less) by having a smaller pouch wouldn’t that be nice?

Honestly I’m not a fan of cream blush, but I am a fan of Etude and I always wanted to try a red blush. So I went for it!


This blusher blends smoothly while providing romantic and lovely cheeks.


Cetyl Hexyl Hexanoate, Diisostearyl Maleate, Silica, Polyglyceryl-2 Triisostearate, Phytosteryl / Isostearyl / Cetyl / Stearyl / Behenyl Dimer Dilinoleate Nylon-12, Microcrystalline Wax, Bis-diglyceryl Polyacyl Adipate-2, Ceresin, Sorbitan Olivate, Silica Dimethysilylate, Synthetic Wax, Titanium Dioxide (Ci 77891), Mica, (Ci 15985), Yellow Iron Oxide (Ci 15985), Red Iron Oxide (Ci 15505: 1), Red Iron Oxide (Ci 77491), Tocopheryl Acetate, Yellow No. 5 77492), Red No. 201, Capryliliglycol, Phenoxyethanol, Dimethicone

Etude House Any Balm Blusher 01 Red Review

Volume: 3.5g

How to use:

Pick up the product with the cushion and pat lightly onto the skin.

My Skin Type: Combination, huge pores (pertinent for this case)

Etude House Any Balm Blusher 01 Red Review:

Etude House Any Balm Blusher 01 Red Review

The thing you get when you purchase this product is this. A disk separated in half, with a vinyl lid on it. You remove the vinyl and on one side you have a puff, on the other side the product.

Etude House Any Balm Blusher 01 Red Review

You will need a cushion case like this Any Cushion case. It’s hideous in many ways, but it’s the only one they have for now…

The disk slides in easily, then you click it down on whatever side is still propping up. You can put the puff on the left side if you’re a leftie, or just wherever if, like me, you don’t care.

Etude House Any Balm Blusher 01 Red Review

The puff is… lacking. It’s a half moon and I must say that it’s very uncomfortable to hold and use since it’s thin, really bendable, and has no handle whatsoever.

I really dislike this puff and think it’s useless, but still for the sake of the review I used it for a few days before changing to a finger based application.

Etude House Any Balm Blusher 01 Red Review

It grabs enough product, and as you apply it to the skin the product half-stays half-goes. But I think the application with the puff looks less natural in my pores. More superficial, more fake… I dislike it.

Etude House Any Balm Blusher 01 Red Review

Since I don’t like that puff at all, when I saw this throwback photo of before using the blusher I thought if it wouldn’t be nice to have two colors or even better – a blusher and a concealer. I will not use the puff anyway, and it’s more space I save in my pouch!

Etude House Any Balm Blusher 01 Red ReviewBefore showing you the actual product in use, this is the size difference between a normal cushion and the Any Cushion Duo required for these Any Balms.

There is almost no smell to this product (I mean literally almost no smell at all) which is nice because imagine this having a smell… and then the cushion on the lower floor also having one. Ugh.

Etude House Any Balm Blusher 01 Red Review

This is how natural it can look when applied. I think this blush is quite natural, and this red is quite neutral so it will look good on any skin tone.

Although it wasn’t recommended by the brand, the texture of this balm (and color intensity) really reminded me of the Tony Moly Pikachu Pocket Lip Balm so of course I tried it on my lips.

Although the balm is pinker (I’m guessing like the pink version of this blusher would be) the effect is the same, and it does make a difference on naked lips. Like it makes you more pulled together over having nothing on the lips.

So, so far, in this same box there is a cushion, a blusher, and a lip touch? I can add the concealer, or a color corrector. That’s already four things. But let’s see how red it can become.

Etude House Any Balm Blusher 01 Red Review

With a more intense application this is how pigmented it can become.

Okay so maybe I won’t wear the same red on my cheeks lips and eyes at the same time. But if it covers as an eyeshadow (it takes a while to dry though, or just apply sebum powder on top), then bring me another shade of this thing for my cushion!

Do I recommend it? At 5$ I definitely do for anyone who likes any of the Etude cushions (since they all fit here). I mean, it’s not a super quality blush, the Innisfree blushes for 7$ are better quality and bigger in quantity also, but to carry just a cushion and a lip balm in my pouch sounds dreamy to me.

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As for me I’ll probably get me another shade of the blushers instead of a concealer.

Where to buy:

eBay | Cosmetic-love

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