[REVIEW] NEW Innisfree My Lip Balm Visual Shock Peppermint Tea Wanna One Edition

Innisfree My Lip Balm Visual Shock Peppermint Tea Wanna One Edition was purchased by Cosme Perks.

Innisfree My Lip Balm is a new lip balm that just released in January 2018. But why did it become a trending stuff among Kpop fans? Because it’s available in Wanna One edition! You know, this boy band is sooo famous since they’re debuted through the 2017 series Produce 101 Season 2. Hence this limited edition lip balm from Innisfree became a hot product and seemed to be the most wanted product, especially if you are a Wanna One fan. If you remember, Innisfree was very successful in their first collaboration with this group for their Jeju Volcanic Color Clay Mask, and I guess they wanted to repeat this success for My Lip Balm. And yes, they did it again. Honestly I am not a fan of Wanna One (I don’t even know the members or their songs, hehe). But it’s quite a while since my last lip balm from Innisfree, so I was interested to try out this new one.

There are 11 different colors and scents from this lip balm, it matches with Wanna One that also has 11 members (did Innisfree make it in 11 variants because they wanted to match it with Wanna One members? hehe). So, each member represents one kind of color and scent. And I got mine in Kim Jae Hwan’s face and the shade was named Visual Shock Peppermint Tea (quite long, huh?). Well, let’s stop talking too much and meet this good looking lip balm!

Claims :

+ Innisfree My Lip balm makes lips healthy and look natural with refreshing fruit and tea scent.

+ It is available in 11 sweet fragrances and vivid colors.

+ Infused with sunflower oil and jojoba oil which delivers rich moisture and prevent lips from drying.

Ingredients :
Not found.

Innisfree My Lip Balm Visual Shock Peppermint Tea Wanna One Edition Review

Volume : 15 g

How to use :

Apply an appropriate amount on the lips to keep lips moisturized and supple. It can be used before and after applying lip color to prevent lips from drying.

My Lips Type : Normal with some fine lines, pigmented, occasionally dry

Innisfree My Lip Balm Visual Shock Peppermint Tea Wanna One Edition Review:

I didn’t get the box for my lip balm because it is actually a limited bundle pack which contains the 11 variants and photocards of Wanna One members (complete with their signature on the back side), the seller sold each shade separately. Thus the things I got are the lip balm itself (without any box) and a photocard of Wanna One member who represents the shade I chose, Kim Jae Hwan.

Ah, Innisfree also released individual package (with face of the member on the box) for each shade, but they did not include photocard in the package.

This Wanna One limited edition was sold with pre-order system and I think it’s already closed (am I right?), but you still can get this lip balm in its regular version.

In case you really want this Wanna One edition, I believe some sellers out there still have some stocks, but I am quite sure the popular members were sold out earlier. Yeah, I found Kang Daniel (I think he is the most popular member) was sold out very quickly, or the sellers sell it with (crazy) higher prices.

Innisfree My Lip Balm Visual Shock Peppermint Tea Wanna One Edition Review

Anyway, Innisfree My Lip Balm comes in a tube packaging and it has a long size compared with other tube-type lip balms I’ve ever had. The tube is about 11.5 cm and I think it’s very reasonable because each tube contains 15 gram of lip balm, which is quite a lot.

Front side is where you will find the face of Kim Jae Hwan (or other members if you choose different shades) and a little information about the shade name, expired date and PAO are on the back side. Meanwhile, I couldn’t find further information about this lip balm even on Innisfree’s website.

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Innisfree My Lip Balm Visual Shock Peppermint Tea Wanna One Edition Review

A thing I want to complain from the package is the tube is not made from elastic material or anything with good elasticity. It is like a toothpaste tube. It creates a dent on the surface every time I squeeze the tube to take the product out. It’s not good to Kim Jae Hwan’s face on the tube, hehe. If you buy this lip balm due to Wanna One’s face on the tube, it could be a big and serious gripe (of course, how could you bear if you made a dent on your bias’s face? LOL).

Innisfree My Lip Balm Visual Shock Peppermint Tea Wanna One Edition Review

Meanwhile, the applicator is similar with Laneige Lip Glowy Balm on my previous review. It has a slanted shape with a small hole to control how much product we want to take out.

Honestly, I never apply this lip balm with its applicator. I always use cotton swab to spread the lip balm because I think it is more hygienic and neat. Take a small amout of the product on your hand then apply on lips with cotton swab, it will keep the applicator clean and not messy.

I think there is no reason to worry about an easy-leaking product, because this lip balm is totally safe and will not spill easily. The cap comes in twist open/close style which is very safe, besides the product itself has a thick consistency and will stay inside its tube until you gently press the tube to dispense it.

Innisfree My Lip Balm Visual Shock Peppermint Tea Wanna One Edition Review

This lip balm has a mix of cream and gel consistency, that’s why even though it is thick and creamy but it’s not too buttery for my liking. It glides and spreads very easily on my lips with its soft texture.

Honestly, I chose this variant because I was attracted with the minty fragrance and wanted to try out the shade, not because of the member who represented it, hehe. But, doesn’t Kim Jae Hwan look cute in that photocard? Haha! Okay, stay focus and let’s back to the review.

By the way, Jae Hwan’s signature is actually on the back side of the card, but I edited and put it on the front side, hehe.

The original version of this shade was named Green Peppermint Tea, but it became Visual Shock Peppermint Tea for Wanna One limited edition (all shade names were changed too due to this special edition).

Not a matter because both the regular and Wanna One edition has same shades and fragrances, just a bit different in their names.

Visual Shock Peppermint Tea is a clear lip balm which I chose because I wanted to have a lip balm that can be used on top of my lip color without ruining any color expression.

When I took out the lip balm, it was in a pastel green color (it’s really pretty) but turned to be transparent as I spread it out. It is truly colorless after blended hence it can transform perfectly on all lip color and is enough to give a healthy sheen on lips.

Like its name, peppermint tea, it has a mix of sweet tea and mint smell which is very pleasant and fresh. I do really love how refreshing the fragrance is. I can sniff the scent once the cap opened but it becomes odorless after spread on lips.

This soft and sweet minty scent is one of the best fragrance among my lip balm collection, if not the best. And also, it doesn’t have a bitter taste that can bother us if we accidentally lick our lips.

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Innisfree My Lip Balm Visual Shock Peppermint Tea Wanna One Edition Review

When I took the product out at the first time, I thought it would be very very thick and heavy on my lips, but it was not true in real. Once I spread the lip balm over my lips, it will melt and create a thin layer without feeling too sticky or too heavy.

But please remember to apply only a small amount of the product and spread it evenly. If you apply it too much, I am very sure it will be sticky and clumpy on your lips.

It may look oily (but not over greasy) when applied too much on lips, but if you can control to apply in appropriate amount, this lip balm will give pretty sheens that makes your lips look naturally healthy, supple and soft. It instantly moistens dry patches on my lips (you can check on the pictures) and my lips look less wrinkly too.

My latest lip balm that I bought from Innisfree was Canola Honey lip balm and I really liked the formula. Hence I expected My Lip Balm would give the same or even better formula than my previous one, and it did its job very well. This lip balm keeps my lips moist and smooth a whole day while giving a healthy and youthful look on my lips as well.

It can stay about 4 hours on my lips before the sheens fade away as I eat or drink a lot. But as I mentioned, the moist and smooth effect is very great for daily use. Even when the sheen is gone, this lip balm still keeps my lips in a supple condition.

I just have to re-apply the product if I want to keep the glowy look on my lips. But once again, be careful for not over-applying this lip balm as it can be sticky on lips. Well, it is a bit tricky product, but once you got the rules, you will really enjoy to play with it.

Since Visual Shock Peppermint Tea has a transparent color, so I can’t tell more about the stain. This shade, of course, does not leave any stain. Visual Shock Peppermint Tea is very recommended for anyone who like or have to wear lip balm anytime due to dry or chapped lips problem because it will keep lips moist even when we wear any lip color. I suggest to use it after applying lip color to make the surface of the lips look smoother.

Innisfree My Lip Balm left a curiosity to me to try its other colors because this lip balm is awesome, especially its moist and soft effect. It is also affordable as 15 gram is a lot for a lip balm (even I’m not sure if I can finish it because I have many lip balm collection).

I recommend this lip balm for you. In case you do not want this package then you can buy the regular version (without Wanna One members’ face). I don’t mind buying one more shade that has more vivid color like Sun-kissed Cherry Tea (will choose the regular package) BUT I am 100% gonna buy all shades if Innisfree made it in Block B edition, haha!

Where to buy:

eBay | Cosmetic-love

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