[REVIEW] Opera Lip Tint 01 Red

Opera Lip Tint 01 Red Review:

Having placed first in both the well-respected 2017 Cosme Best Cosmetics Awards Mid-Year and Year-End in the lip tint category, it’s clear that Opera is doing something amazing with their lip tints. Everywhere you go in Japan, you will find people pulling out these lip tints for touch ups. A friend that I talked had gone through four of these already!

Sheer lip tints are perfect for an everyday look because of their ease of application without the compromise of color. The Opera Lip Tints also promise lasting wear without the stickiness or dryness that lip tints are often prone to.

Is this too good to be true?


+ This lip cordial is a combination of 3 different textures (Rouge x Tint ÷ Oil).

+ A single application leaves the lips vividly colored, with a semi-matte shine and pure color.

+ The tint formula gives the lips a natural blushed color that does not wear off. It glides over the lips without feeling sticky at all.

Official list of ingredients are not listed

Volume: 3.9g

How to use:
Not stated

My Skin Type:

Oily, dehydrated, acne-prone, sensitive
Dry, often cracked, lips

Opera Lip Tint 01 Red Review:

My first impression of this product — even before opening it — was that it looks and feels extremely luxurious. It comes in a smooth, reflective, gold metal casing, and honestly, it seems like it would belong more to a counter of a high-end beauty boutique.

Opera Lip Tint 01 Red Review

The cap pulls out relatively easily to reveal an easy twist-up (and twist-down) mechanism for the lip tint. The lip tint itself comes in a round, flattened tip. It’s not my favorite type for precise application, but since this is a lip tint and not a lipstick, it still works pretty well.

The lip tint comes in six different shades, and like most lip tints, the shades are very much MLBB colors. I find that Asian lip colors in general tend to favor healthy, brighter shades as opposed to dark hues. This rings true for Opera’s lip tint, as the shades tend to stick to reds, pinks, corals, and oranges.

Opera Lip Tint 01 Red Review

Owing to my lack of red lip colors, I chose Shade 01 in the classic Red, which is a pretty neutral red that would go well with most, if not all, skin tones. The pigment on this lip tint is obviously quite sheer, however, it is pigmented for a lip tint. The color does show up even when swatched just once, and is also buildable. The finish is glossy, as it claims to be.

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The texture is extremely soft and feels moisturizing; the lip tint coats as a very thin layer on top of the lips. It sits quite comfortably, and really does not feel sticky at all. I’ve worn this both in hot, humid weather and in a cold and dry climate, and I can safely say that the lip tint provides the necessary moisture without feeling overly oily or greasy.

The wear time for this product is pretty long; lasting a good six to seven hours without touch-ups nor eating. Mind you, the glossy finish does wear off, but the color fades gradually and evenly to a natural flush. With any sort of eating or drinking, you may have to touch up. It is not transfer-proof, unfortunately, especially because of its glossy texture.

If you enjoy lip tints or are looking for a good one, look no further — this is the product. Having used this religiously, I now completely understand why this product has so much hype around it, and in my opinion, it completely deserves the awards it has won.

It’s such a comfortable product to just throw on quickly every morning for some added color to the lips as well as to provide the necessary moisturizing treatment all day long! I really cannot recommend this enough!

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eBay | Rakuten

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