[REVIEW] New 2017 Peripera INK Cloud VELVET 3 Pure Apricot Coral

Peripera INK Cloud VELVET 3 Pure Apricot Coral was purchased by Cosmeperks.

We are all fans of good and inexpensive makeup, and Peripera has been famous for being good, inexpensive, and fashionable, so it is really popular. Other Peripera products were reviewed here on CP, and this is the freshest addition to that list.

This ink is the newly launched Peripera ink, it’s a part of their velvet textured inks but it is different still. How is it different? And why is it called “Cloud”? I explain all of those things below!


Is light like a cloud both in texture and appearance. So light it feels like you didn’t apply any product. Makes gradation super easily and naturally. Doesn’t smudge. Moisturizing, it does not dry your lips.


Main ingredients: Shea butter, sweet almond oil, lotus extract.

Volume: 8g

Peripera INK Cloud VELVET 3 Pure Apricot Coral Review

How to use:

-Apply on the center of the lips by dotting for a light gradation, or by drawing a line for a strong gradation, and then smudge the edges gently to make it look natural.

-Apply as a full lip product.

-Can be used as a blush or eyeshadow.

My Skin Type: Dry, sensitive and allergic lips.

Peripera INK Cloud VELVET Pure Apricot Coral Review:

Generally, I won’t talk about the design of this tint much since there are other reviews of same brand tints and this brand basically repeats the design in almost every product (even in the mascara).

Regarding the color choice, I usually would go for bright red or bright pink so I told my friend to choose for me and she chose this color, I took it without complaining and left the color judgment entirely up to her. Why?

They don’t have many colors in this collection but all of them match both cold and warm skin tones (yes, even the pink and the orange, I swatched all of them)!

Peripera INK Cloud VELVET 3 Pure Apricot Coral Review

Other than the information you can see on the back of the product, on the top of the box you have the name information, on the bottom of the box a bar code (not pictured), and on the bottom of the tint you have the name and packaging date information.

Peripera INK Cloud VELVET 3 Pure Apricot Coral Review

I wanted to keep the top of the ink package clean, but this package just doesn’t cooperate on that so what I try to do to keep it clean is open it always touching the same side with the brush. But it doesn’t come out of the package after closed, so it won’t dirty your pouch anyway, I’m just picky.

Peripera INK Cloud VELVET 3 Pure Apricot Coral Review

The brush isn’t weird or special in any way, so what I can say about it is that it does not have a hole in the middle, it’s not completely round (it’s a little flattened but not too much) and there is a small amount of ink on the tip that the brand says (on the package, only in korean) that a better tip to apply it would be to clean the brush (on the package) before applying it, so avoid an unavoidable tint explosion on your lips.

Peripera INK Cloud VELVET 3 Pure Apricot Coral Review

The tint is very, very rich. And I must say that, even though it doesn’t show on this photo, the color of this tint is exactly as they show on the website! Except for the #1 color which is completely bright red, they all look exactly like the website, so it is very easy for you guys to choose.

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The fragrance is perfumed and it’s as strong as a cushion fragrance (not like Sulhwasoo, those ones are super strong, but Iope cushion level of intensity), so I guess it can be strong for some people. I don’t think it bothers most people (unless cushion/BB/foundation smell intensity bothers you) but it is unusual for a lip product that doesn’t have a candy flavor!

Peripera INK Cloud VELVET 3 Pure Apricot Coral Review

Here I smudged it for you to see how you can use it as a blush. It smudges really well and naturally, really cloudy as they say. But you have to do it within two minutes of application because if this is a smudge proof ink as they say then after it dries it only comes out with makeup remover, so it can’t be smudged!

Now off to the real swatches and review!

Peripera INK Cloud VELVET 3 Pure Apricot Coral Review

The image is pretty self explanatory. You can notice on the left that the ink colors my natural color well, since my bottom lips are really dark compared to the tint. I have nothing else to add on that department as it is what it is, it is what they say it is. (That’s a good thing by the way!)

When you apply the tint, it always *aaaalways* feels soft and fluffy. This ink falls in their velvet category when it comes to the general look, it is matte, velvet, and soft, but it is light and it looks lighter than velvet so it fits the name perfectly!

Peripera INK Cloud VELVET 3 Pure Apricot Coral Review

This image is important. If you don’t have wrinkly lips this won’t happen. It doesn’t even happen on dry lip patches! But the tint settles on the wrinkles. However, because it has such a huge coverage and strong pigment, it looks perfect and natural to other people (see the third photo in this collage), and it’s not really noticeable when you smile either – if you apply two layers (two photos below).

Peripera INK Cloud VELVET 3 Pure Apricot Coral Review

Here was a transfer test. I kissed my hand and there is barely any transfer. So, whereas it is not completely smudge proof it is almost smudge proof! And when I was eating the only transfer were my dead skin flakes (again, really dry lips, more on this later), so it’s almost perfect (for the price it’s honestly incredible).

Peripera INK Cloud VELVET 3 Pure Apricot Coral Review

Here I applied two layers. There is still settling on the wrinkles but you can’t see any color difference between the settlings and the lips because the tint’s ink is really pigmented. So, my advice is obvious, but always apply two layers, even in gradation.

On the bottom photo I dragged my finger from my lip to my chin, as we do when we are distracted in our daily life, and the smudge is minimal. It is so minimal that it looks almost just like I scratched myself and it’s a little pink, it doesn’t look like a lipstick smudge. So, whereas it is not perfect, it is really good!

Peripera INK Cloud VELVET 3 Pure Apricot Coral Review


Now the moisture issue. I have really dry lips, and they said this ink doesn’t dry the lips throughout the day so of course I tried it without using lip balm.

When I got home and saw this oxidation I realized that what they said is not true. It is true that the lips don’t feel dry, but they are as dry as when you don’t apply lip balm (which is only a problem for lips that dry so much that they harm themselves, like mine).

Peripera INK Cloud VELVET 3 Pure Apricot Coral Review

Here is the problem. My lips are so sensitive that when they are dry they get a rash. And the other problem is that they are really dry, so I have to moisturize them all the time. I only had the lipstick on for a few hours (3, more or less) and didn’t apply lip balm for that time because the lips didn’t feel dry. But in all reality they were dry under the tint. So, always keep in mind that this tint is not moisturizing, at all, you just don’t feel the lips drying.

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Let me just do a disclaimer: that was not an allergy nor reaction to the product, it’s cheilitis which is a basically a lip inflammation that, in my case, appears (yes with allergies too but) mainly when my lips are dry. I get it when I am exposed to the sun, dust, pollution, dryness, and when I have allergies it’s way worse (needing cortisone type of worse) so don’t panic and don’t worry. It was just because my lips were dry.

So, knowing that the lips are dry under the lip tint what can we do?

I tried applying lip balm over the lip tint, but the fat of the lip balm removed a lot of tint. (I guess now we know the easiest way to remove this tint is with oil and balm cleansers)

Peripera INK Cloud VELVET 3 Pure Apricot Coral Review

So I applied it with lip balm under the lip tint. Outside it looks the same, but since the tint protects the lips the lip balm actually lasted longer than without the tint! And it looks velvety and cloudy just like when we apply it directly on the lips.

It also lasts as long (I went out for dinner, 4 hours, still beautiful by the end of it – this photo). And even with the lip balm, it did not transfer to the lips after dry (bye bye embarrassment).

Peripera INK Cloud VELVET 3 Pure Apricot Coral Review

However, even though it looks and acts almost the same, the transfer is a little more colored than without lip balm under it. But it is still a small transfer and it’s the first time in my life that my lips look matte without being dry, so I am quite pleased with it.

I will actually buy the intense red (#1 in this collection) and keep using them as my point lip, or as a nice blush.

If I didn’t have dry and wrinkly lips it would have maximum grade, but since I have dry and wrinkly lips I give it a 7 out of 10 (still a great grade, dear students).

Where to buy:

eBay | Cosmetic-love

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