[REVIEW] Peripera Ink Concealer 02 Blemish Hider Beige

Peripera Ink Concealer 02 Blemish Hider Beige Review:

Being a person with a sensitive and acne prone skin, acne isn’t my only skin problem. Actually after I’ve found out the suitable skincare routine for myself, my face is now acne-free most of the time. And now the remaining problem is hyperpigmentation. So that being said, I’ve been on the look for a great concealer that can cover my hyperpigmentation and also my dark circles (yes, I have those and it is a problem too).

After reading lots of reviews and recommendations, I went to my favorite seller in Shopee (a mobile marketplace) who are selling Korean products. I was initially going to buy from another brand but unfortunately the color that match my skintone was sold out at that time, so I looked for an alternative concealer and that’s how I found this one!
Honestly speaking, I bought this concealer without much research. Because it is fairly new at that time, there wasn’t any review yet on the internet. In English, at least. So I bought it based on my belief that Peripera is a good makeup brand. All of their lip products are a hit in Korea and even in my own country, Indonesia. So this concealer couldn’t be so bad. And thankfully, I was right.

There are two options for the shade. #1 is Cover King Vanilla and #2 is Blemish Hider Beige. I got myself the second one because the other seems like it would be too fair in my skin.


1. Soft smooth blur effect to hide blemishes and pores.

– Moisturize inside, matte outside! Smooth soft finish covers pores and blemishes all at once!.
– Flawless, clean canvas skin completed!.

Blurring Effect : Skin blemish cover and tone-up effect to make the skin elastic and firm like baby’s skin by filling up skin texture smoothly.

– Silica powder with a high absorption effect makes the skin look flawless.
– Sebum trapping : Excellent sebum absorption makes the skin look matte.
– Wrinkle blurring : A light reflecting effect covers wrinkles.

2. Thin close adherence like having ink penetrating the skin!.

– Concealer contains ink!.
– Thinner, lighter like ink! Natural cover like my own skin.

3. Amazing sustaining power of ink-lasting.

– Absolute sustaining power resembling ink!.
– Long-lasting sustaining cover from morning to night without darkening!.

Dark-Out Formula : Increases the lasting power of color without darkening by minimizing the separation phenomenon of base and color with silicon coating powder.


Unfortunately I fail to find any ingredients list, even on their official website.

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Volume: 0.3 Ounce

How to use:

1. Shake well before use.

2. Tap appropriate amount using the tip of the applicator wand onto the problem areas and blend evenly smooth and radiant skin.

My Skin Type: Sensitive, acne prone

Peripera Ink Concealer 02 Blemish Hider Beige Review:

I have no complaints at all in terms of packaging. The cute packaging is really similar to their velvet ink products and seems firm enough to withstand an accidental fall. The wand applicator is not flimsy at all.

Peripera Ink Concealer 02 Blemish Hider Beige Review

The texture is light and creamy enough so it blends well used with my foundation. For the smell, unfortunately I have to say that this concealer doesn’t smell pleasant. I can sense a slight perfume used and also some chemical smell. The good thing is, the smell is so faint and barely there unless you bring it close to your nose or you are sensitive to smells.

The coverage is really good, I would say it has medium-full coverage. You only need a little for a full coverage and it is buildable so it’s enough to cover all of my hyperpigmentation and the redness in my cheeks. It also doesn’t cause any breakout or discomfort in my sensitive skin, which is the most important aspect for me in terms of makeup and skincare. It barely budges even if I splash it with water and I can remove it easily with micellar water.

Moving on to the downside of this product. Even though this concealer performs really well in the most part of my face, sadly it doesn’t look too good if I used around my eyes area. Thanks to the coverage, yes, my dark circles is covered well but it settles into the fine lines (or wrinkles) at my eyes area.

So though the dark circles are gone, this concealer accentuates the fine lines in my eyes area which in the end, making my overall makeup looks weird. This could also be due to the fact that it’s mattifying, but wearing an eye cream doesn’t make it much better.

This concealer also doesn’t have any UV protection, so you would have to use a sunscreen before it. Not much of a problem to me though.

Overall, I quiet like this concealer and would repurchase it. It has its downsides, but I don’t regret buying it and it’s really affordable too, so it is still really worth the money. Though I wouldn’t recommend to use this in your eyes area if you have some fine lines like me.

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Amazon Prime | eBay | Yesstyle

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