[REVIEW] Peripera Ink Lasting Cushion Mint SPF 50+ PA+++ | #03 Sand

Peripera Ink Lasting Cushion Mint SPF 50+ PA+++ | #03 Sand Review:

My fellow ladies and gentlemen who are reading this, this is what happens when your favorite seller on eBay betrays you by sending the wrong stuff. Not that I never thought of buying this cushion but definitely not this edition!

I originally bought the (then) new perikiki edition cushion that’s supposed to have water moving on top of the case! How cool is that??? In a few words you understand how disappointed I was when I got a plain mint case. The formula is supposed to be the same but at this point I have lost all of my excitement. I’ll act like I really wanted the plain edition so let’s see how this cushion does!


♥ This cushion is especially made for those who want to have flawless, smooth and baby-soft skin. Also, for those whose skin concern is redness, excess sebum, red blotchy spots and frequent breakouts! (so far it sounds like the ideal cushion to me).

On top of all these, it is supposed to have:

♥ evenly toned, shine-free, powdery finish,
♥ Seamless matte coverage with a single layer,
♥ Ink-like lasting power,
♥ An auto blurred skin effect on the skin!
♥ This cushion is recommended to those with combination or oily skin.


Peppermint- Controls acne and gives moisture to the skin
Tea Tree- fights redness and acne
Cantella- well known for being a great antioxidant that improves elasticity
Boswellia- works against dry and oily skin. Also prevents wrinkles and aging skin

Peripera Ink Lasting Cushion Mint SPF 50+ PA+++ #03 Sand Review

Volume: 14g.

How to use:

– After you have applied toner and primer on your face (and sunscreen! Never forget the sunscreen!).

– Press the puff onto the sponge inside the case (gently because it comes with a LOT of foundation), and then gently dab it on your face.

– Re-apply if you want more coverage (you’ll never have to do that because this cushion is pigmented af!)

My Skin Type: Combination oily and dry, acne prone.

My shade is N13 or in common Korean, #01 Ivory. That basically makes this cushion unbelievably dark for me. At this point I’m having a mental breakdown because I really wanted this cushion to work for me. Too bad. TT^TT

Peripera Ink Lasting Cushion Mint SPF 50+ PA+++ | #03 Sand Review:

Let’s be honest now. No matter how great this exact cushion might be proved to be, I won’t be able to use it since it’s unbelievably dark for me.

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I have to say that I did try it on my face about 4 times. Once on all of it and three times on the outer part of it to contour. This cushion is a game changer. It’s very affordable if you don’t plan to repurchase. That’s because you can’t buy a refill for it.

Peripera Ink Lasting Cushion Mint SPF 50+ PA+++ #03 Sand Review

Once there’s no more product left, it’s useless. With that being said, this product comes with way more liquid formula than most of the other cushions. For comparison, it has almost double the amount of foundation that Missha’s signature cushion has.

Peripera Ink Lasting Cushion Mint SPF 50+ PA+++ #03 Sand Review

The formula is very pigmented (like seriously look at the photos) and as Clio claimed, it has a matte, soft finish. It doesn’t get cakey at all and it is completely smudge proof.

That also makes it pretty hard to blend so I can’t use it for contouring either. I’m not exactly sure how to describe this but my skin really became one with the foundation. It looks like it’s my natural skin color (until you look at the rest of me).

Peripera Ink Lasting Cushion Mint SPF 50+ PA+++ #03 Sand Review

This formula does oxidize but not that much; I noticed it brought red undertones to the surface as it oxidized and it had a gradient like effect towards the places I dabbed less. It also became a tiny bit lighter.

As far as the packaging goes, I could expect nothing less from Peripera. The case is easy to open but not to the point that it opens on its own! The puff is a bit harder than I like it to be and absorbs a lot of the formula so I’d recommend using a different puff; I tried Missha’s puff with it and it works amazingly.

There is a noticeable sunscreen smell once you open the cushion’s case but thankfully it goes away once you put it on your face. The texture is pretty thick and kind of chalky; not in a bad way, that’s what gives it the matte finish.

This definitely didn’t work out for me that well but I’m convinced to buy another one in the right shade (and with the right packaging……). I recommend it to anyone that wants a lightweight, long-lasting foundation that doesn’t clog the pores but still conceals all the imperfections that lie beneath it-if you know what I mean.

Where to buy:

Amazon | eBay | Cosmetic-love

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