[REVIEW+SWATCHES] Peripera Pink Moment Ink The Velvet 18 Update Natural Pink

Peripera Pink Moment Ink The Velvet 18 Update Natural Pink Review:

I am here and superb excited to give you a review of the most beautiful lip product in town!

Well, if you read every single post on Cosmeperks, I believe you already knew this collection, Pink Moment from Peripera 2018 Fall Collection. Our lovely author, Debby, already reviewed the Ink Gelato #8 Blacktea With Milk and Ink The Velvet #17 Hip Beige Pink last month. And now, I also have Peripera Ink The Velvet for this review but, of course, in different shade. Mine is #18 Update Natural Pink.

I tried Peripera Ink The Velvet before, the SS 2017 colors and the Pearly Night edition. Those products were launched last year. And now, since it’s 2018, I was curious if Peripera did any improvement for their Ink Velvet product or they just dressed up this lip product in a beautiful packaging only. Let’s see!

Claims :

+ 2018 Fall Collection “Pink Moment” : Velvety muted pink shades just in time for autumn

+ Matte and Intense Color without Flaking. True Color Payoff – Powerful ink-like color payoff in a single swipe. Velvet texture for soft, flake-free lips! Real velvety lips are ready with an intense color and matte finish.

+ No Makeup Touch-up Necessary with this Intense Color with Lasting Power – Experience the same super lasting power of Peri’s Ink.

+ No More Dry Lips with Moisturizing Ingredients. Soft Lips with Matte Finish. With moisturizing ingredients, it keeps the lips matte on the outside and moisturized on the inside. The Lasting Fit Polymer complex helps both color and moisture last longer.

Ingredients :
(ingredients are slightly different for each shade)

Dimethicone / Vinyl Dimethicone Crosspolymer, Glyceryl acrylate / acrylic acid copolymer, Cyclopentasiloxane, Water, Polyglyceryl-2 triisostearate, Cetyl PEG/PPG-10/ 1 dimethicone, Titanium Dioxide, Pentylene Glycol, Butyl Acrylate/ hydroxypropyl Dimethicone Acrylate Copolymer, Methyl trimethicone, Phenoxyethanol, Caprylyl Glycol, Silica, Ethylhexylglycerin, 1,2-Hexanediol, Propanediol, Dimethicone, PEG/PPG-18/18 dimethicone, Silica Dimethyl Silylate, Illicium Verum Fruit Extract, Methicone

Peripera Pink Moment Ink The Velvet 18 Update Natural Pink Review

Volume : 8 g

How to use :

Take the product out with the applicator, apply an appropriate amount begin to the center of the lips then spread and blend out evenly.

My Lips Type :  Normal with fine lines, pigmented.

Peripera Pink Moment Ink The Velvet 18 Update Natural Pink Review:

As we know that Peripera always do a great work when they deliver their packaging. They never disappoint us with their cute and girly concept. And I think this Pink Moment collection is the best packaging they have ever made!

Peripera Pink Moment Ink The Velvet 18 Update Natural Pink Review

Indeed, I’m mostly attracted with their outer box. It’s soooo pretty! They made it in both cute and chic vibes. It’s not too mature nor childish, just perfect. I don’t know about you, but for me, its fancy packaging owned my heart since the first time I saw it.

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Oh, I think they made the box in a thicker cardboard because it seems to be sturdier than the old boxes I have. Shortly, I would give 100 stars for the box design and material.

Meanwhile, they didn’t change the design of the ink bottle. It is totally same with the regular version of Peripera Ink The Velvet, except the color of the lid. Just like its name, Pink Moment, the lid comes in pink color (well, practically it’s not pink but pinkish brown, though). In my opinion, it is prettier than the regular version which has a solid black cap.

Peripera Pink Moment Ink The Velvet 18 Update Natural Pink Review

The applicator is also same with the regular version. And guess what? This is my most favorite applicator from Peripera Ink series! It’s doe-foot type with pointy and slanted brush. I really love the brush for its perfect size and soft bristles. It’s very easy to apply the product precisely, even on my lip corners.

“Did I buy Peripera Ink Velvet or Ink Airy Velvet?” That was the thing I asked to myself when swatching out this product for the first time. I was surprised, the texture is very similar with the Ink Airy Velvet. Okay, let me describe the differences of the Ink Velvet and Ink Airy Velvet first.

Basically, the word ‘airy’ makes the point that Ink Airy Velvet is more weightless in texture and more matte in finish, rather than the Ink Velvet version. If you say the Ink Velvet is a very lightweight lip cream, then the Ink Airy Velvet is just air (haha, just kidding).

However, the consistency of the Ink Velvet tints I’ve tried are less watery, slightly thicker and creamier than Ink Airy Velvet. But it doesn’t happen on this Ink Velvet Pink Moment edition. The texture is just same with Ink Airy Velvet.

Although this product has a same texture with its sister but it still brings its original scent that smells like a sweet candy (meanwhile the Ink Airy Velvet has floral scent). So we can easily distinguish them from their scent, but not from their texture.

Peripera Pink Moment Ink The Velvet 18 Update Natural Pink Review

I purchased mine in shade #18 Update Natural Pink. I didn’t use Peripera’s swatch as reference when chose the shade since this brand is noted for altering their shades on commercial pictures, especially the lip swatches.

Surprisingly, the actual color is not too far from the official swatches. It is a kind of coral pink color with neutral undertone. This is my best MLBB shade from Peripera and it’s absolutely perfect for autumn daily look!

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Peripera Pink Moment Ink The Velvet 18 Update Natural Pink Review

The finishing result is kinda same with regular Ink Velvet, but this one feels more lightweight. On the other hand, it is also pretty similar with Ink Airy Velvet, but not completely same (am I confusing you? lol).

Well, if we’re talking about lightness, both of them have same feel on my lips, very lightweight with velvety-matte finish. But their formula are slightly different. The Ink Velvet is a little bit shinier and less powdery than the Airy one.

Other than that, the Ink Velvet is more moisturizing than the Ink Airy Velvet. Well, not that moisturizing though, but however, the formula is more friendly for dry lips rather than the Airy version.

So, if your lips are very dry, I recommend this Ink Velvet for you because this product is not drying. But still prepare you lips with lip scrub to exfoliate dead skin and lip balm to hydrate your lips before applying this product.

The staying power is great but not as long as the other Ink Velvet I’ve tried before(#1 Sellout Red and #11 Spring Orange). I think it’s because this shade is softer than my previous shades. So, it’s very normal. It is not a transferproof product but it doesn’t transfer crazily, just a little amount on glasses.

It does leave stain on my lips as well. The pinkish leftover stain itself can stay around 4 hours.

To be honest, I am not 100% confident to say that Ink Velvet Pink Moment edition has more lightweight texture and formula than the original version since this is a kind of soft shade (while two shades I’ve tried before are very bold). I do need to buy other bold shades from this Pink Moment Collection so I will be able to say if the formula is really different or not.

Apart from that, I would like to recommend this Ink Velvet in shade #18 Update Natural Pink for you who love pretty MLBB colors. My favorite Peripera ink product was the Ink Airy Velvet, but now I prefer this Ink Velvet Pink Moment #18 as my holy grail lip product. I’m loving it!

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