[REVIEW + SWATCHES] New 2018 Peripera Sugar Glow Tint 02 Grapefruit Spirit

Peripera Sugar Glow Tint 02 Grapefruit Spirit Review:

I’ve become a fan of Korean lip tints since I tried one from 3CE and recently I’ve been hauling a lot of lip tints. One of the newest collection I purchased is the Sugar Glow Tint from Peripera. I know Peripera is very popular with their Peri’s Ink collection but they upgraded the packaging and I can’t not buy it because it’s so cute!

With this new collection, Peripera claims it’s a brand new formula and will make lips look more juicy, shiny and plump, just like a syrup. It will keep lips feel moisturized and for people who has dry lips like me, it can’t be better. Juicy and moisturizing will always get my utmost attention.

Claims :

+ A watery lip tint with rich color payoff.

+ Enriched with maple syrup, Manuka honey extract, and muscovado sugar to moisturize your lips.

Ingredients :

Maple Syrup, Manuka Honey Extract, and Muscovado Sugar
*other ingredients are not listed*

Peripera Sugar Glow Tint 02 Grapefruit Spirit Review

How to Use :

1. Apply to lips using brush tip.

2. Apply first layer to achieve soft and light lips and apply another layer to add more color and makes lip looks plump and healthy.

Volume : 3g

My lips type : a little bit dry

Peripera Sugar Glow Tint 02 Grapefruit Spirit Review:

When the package arrived on my place, I almost squealed because the packaging is very cute! It came in a plastic bag with a zipper lock which I think add the unique factor for the packaging. The design is cute as well, with a dripping effect and it has a same color with the shade inside.

Peripera Sugar Glow Tint 02 Grapefruit Spirit Review

The plastic is good but I don’t know where to store them because it took too much space but if you love travelling especially out of country, this zipper lock bag will be very useful. I think you can use it to store other small makeup items too.

Peripera Sugar Glow Tint 02 Grapefruit Spirit Review

The bottle is very different with other Peripera’s lip tint. It’s bigger and wider with a transparent plastic and white lid but the whole bottle still looks like an ink bottle.

My friends told me it looks like a nail polish bottle and I have to agree, if I put it on my nail polish box, I’m sure I’ll never realized it was a lip tint. You can see the shade from the outside and I really love it when a packaging has a transparent side so I can see the actual shade color and how much left inside.

Since I’m a fan of scented products, of course I have to sniff the scent first and I can say I’m not disappointed at all! It smells so good, like a real fruit and if I’m not mistaken, since this collection is inspired by fruits, each color has different scents according to their name. Mine is in 02 Grapefruit Spirit and it’s truly has a grapefruit scent. It’s not too sweet and it’s so refreshing!

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I got mine from my local seller and they are so affordable. I think the price is not too different with their older Peri’s Ink series. I’m pretty sure out of 5 shades available the best-selling shade is 03 Pink Melon. I wanted to get the shade 03 Pink Melon but it was sold out so I decided to get the shade 02 instead.

Peripera Sugar Glow Tint 02 Grapefruit Spirit Review

02 Grapefruit Spirit is a truly grapefruit shade. It has a perfect red with orange undertone which makes the tint is so wearable for daily use and looks so pretty on fair to even deep skin tone. The pigmentation is good enough for a tint with glossy finish but a layer will not enough to cover my whole lips. I need a several dips to make the shade looks pigmented enough.

Peripera Sugar Glow Tint 02 Grapefruit Spirit Review

The applicator is kinda new for a Peripera lip tints. Usually they have a flat applicator but for the Sugar Glow Tint, they have a curved doe-foot applicator. The curve side is perfect to apply the tint nicely because it hugs every lips shape perfectly. It distributes the shade nicely and there’s no patchiness at all. If only it has good pigmentation, I’m sure it’d be better.

Peripera Sugar Glow Tint 02 Grapefruit Spirit Review

This lip tint has a high shine finish but it’s not sticky and fairly easy to make a gradient lips. It’s easy to blend out the color but it’s never set on the lips so my lips feel forever wet when I’m wearing this tint.

If you want to layer the color, smack your lips first to make the color spread nicely on the lips. If you apply the next layer directly, it will remove the first layer and will make it look so blotchy.

It doesn’t have a good lasting power. I’m not mad though because it’s a glossy finish. Lip products with glossy finish tend to fade faster than a matte or velvet finish. It’ll be gone after I eat or drink and it doesn’t stain my lips.

Even though it’s a glossy lip tint, it doesn’t make my lips feel moisturized, it makes my lips feel a little bit dry instead but it doesn’t emphasis my dry parts so I can tolerate that.

I think I would buy another color just to see if they have different formula or not. If you are a collector, I highly recommend you to get all the shades because the packaging is cute but if you’re not, I’d suggest to apply lip balm every time the color fades so your lips won’t look dry. It’s budget-friendly so there’s no harm if you want to try it.

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Where to buy:

Amazon Prime | eBay | Cosmetic-love | YesStyle

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