[REVIEW] New 2018 Peripera Sugar Glow Tint 03 Pink Melon

Peripera Sugar Glow Tint 03 Pink Melon was purchased by Cosmeperks.

I have been waiting for Peripera to launch their new lip products since I do really love their Lip Ink collection thus I never get enough to try other lip products from this cute brand. And finally, for this spring collection, they just launched a new lip tint for us. Here is Peripera Sugar Glow Tint!

This lip tint (and just like its name) promises to give dewy and glossy finishes with its 5 pretty colors, and I got mine in shade #3 which is Pink Melon. It’s not a secret that Peripera’s Lip Ink series are awesome in pigmentation and longevity. And even though this Sugar Glow Tint doesn’t have ‘ink’ in its name, but I had a high expectation since Peripera is such a great brand when it came to lip products. Now let’s see how this cute friend works, better than its ‘ink’ sister or otherwise?

Claims :

+ A dewy and glossy finish that completes a plump and lustrous pout!

+ A tint that maintains its original color, subtly staining the lips to last all day

+ Extraordinarily dewy! Non-sticky glossiness! A hydrating lip tint. This lightweight non-sticky texture is infused with a moisture base to hydrate the lips while leaving behind a lush sheen.

Key Ingredients :

Maple Syrup, Manuka Honey Extract, and Muscovado Sugar

Peripera Sugar Glow Tint 03 Pink Melon Review

Volume : 3 g

How to use :

Use the concave side of the sugar spoon tip to apply glossy goodness onto your lips.

My Lips Type : Normal with some fine lines, pigmented, occasionally dry

Peripera Sugar Glow Tint 03 Pink Melon Review:

I was surprised when got this baby for the first time. I thought it would come in a cardboard box, just like other Peripera’s lip tints, but it did not. It came in a plastic outer package. I know, this kind of outer package is not a new style since I already found it in The Face Shop Trolls Edition.

Peripera Sugar Glow Tint 03 Pink Melon Review

Yeah, it’s cute and unique but honestly I prefer a box than just a plastic. It’s like a snack or candy I buy from supermarket, haha. However, the outer package is made from thick plastic with pink theme. The back side is where you find the information of the product in Korean and some in English as well.

The Sugar Glow Tint itself is housed in an ink bottle though it doesn’t have ‘ink’ in its name (well, seems like Peripera and ‘ink’ never live apart, hehe). The bottle looks like a glass but actually it’s made from a thick plastic. It is sturdy and a bit heavy, that’s why it doesn’t look ‘cheap’ but otherwise, it looks very cute and unique (especially the frosty glass design in the top of its cap). The only down side is its chubby bottle is bulky enough.

Peripera Sugar Glow Tint 03 Pink Melon Review

This lip tint has doe foot type applicator and the wand is handy with a right size. The unique point is on the brush which has a curve, like a sugar spoon. The concave tip makes application easier and more comfortable because it can deliver the lip tint itself evenly onto our lips just in one swipe.

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Peripera Sugar Glow Tint 03 Pink Melon Review

The bristles are soft and smooth too. But, however, it is still not a perfect applicator because it’s a bit hard to apply the product on the corner of lips precisely as the tip is not pointed. We may need a little help from lip brush or cotton swab.

Melon is not my favorite fruit to eat, but honestly I always love its smell. Once I opened the cap of my Peripera Sugar Glow Tint – Pink Melon, I can sniff a pleasant melon scent. It is sweet, fresh and absolutely yummy like melon syrup. So far, this is the best scent that I ever get from Peripera lip products. I can’t stop myself to sniff it everytime I open the cap, it’s so fresh!

Sugar Glow Tint has 5 different colors with 5 different fruity names as well. I believe each shade has different fruit scent depends on its name. Meanwhile the color range from this lip tint comes in basic lip tint colors; red, orange-red, coral, orange, and pink. The shade of mine should be a coral color. And that’s what I got.

Peripera Sugar Glow Tint 03 Pink Melon Review

The shade Melon Pink is actually a cool tone coral with more pinkish pigment and a very slight hint of purple. That’s why it is not named Melon Coral but Melon Pink. This shade is so vivid with a good color payoff. The color is buildable thus it can be used for both soft and bold look.

The more layers you apply, the darker color you will get. Pink Melon is too flashy from my expectation, but this shade is still pretty though. I also like it because this is a kind of shade that makes my teeth look whiter, hehe.

The texture of this lip tint itself is very lightweight and smooth. It is thicker than water but I can’t call it gel-like, its consistency is more like oil but not runny. Due to its smooth texture and somewhat oily consistency, it glides very easy on lips and doesn’t leave clumpy nor flaky result. The product needs a few minutes to absorb thus it gives us enough time to blend it evenly.

One swipe of the product will create a very thin layer. It is very comfortable on lips because there is no heavy or sticky feeling at all. Fortunately this product has a great pigmentation thus it can cover my natural lips color nicely even though the texture is weightless. In case you need more coverage, just add the layer or simply use a lip concealer before applying this lip tint.

Peripera Sugar Glow Tint 03 Pink Melon Review

As you can see on the pictures, Sugar Glow Tint gives a dewy and glossy finish, just like the claims. It instantly gives a plump and glowy effect on lips like you are wearing a lip gloss on top of your lip color. I really love its glossy finish, it is soo pretty and lustrous. It doesn’t look too oily but otherwise, it covers my wrinkly lips and makes my lips look softer and moist.

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It may be a problem for some people, but I guess we all already know that most of glossy lip products are not transferproof. Even when this product set completely on lips, it will transfer easily. The sheen disappears firstly and the leftover stain stays about 5 to 6 hours.

The longevity of the stain is not as great as Peripera Lip Ink series but it is good enough for a glossy lip product. Meanwhile the stain is quite subtle and it depends on how bold you apply the product. But honestly, it’s not as vivid as I thought.

Peripera Sugar Glow Tint doesn’t give a superb hydration formula. It looks moist at first application due to its glossy finish, but actually it doesn’t work to hydrate my lips. A lip balm is required for anyone with dry lips. But the good point, at least it doesn’t make my lips drier.

Overall, it is still comfortable to wear daily. I usually apply Innisfree My Lipbalm in Peppermint Tea to add a glossy effect and keep my lips moist when the sheen of this lip tint is gone.

I can’t say that I am disappointed with this lip tint because the truth, this is a good and nice product. I just feel like I didn’t find any special experience or something superb from this lip tint (did I put my expectation too high?). This product gives me a lot of things I want like cute theme, glossy finish, good formula and so on. But to be honest, the Lip Ink version is still the queen for me, especially the Ink Airy Velvet.

However, this glossy lip tint is a good escape if you are bored with matte lip products that become so overwhelming lately. It has a pretty package, good pigmentation, very nice texture and consistency, pleasant scent, good longevity and affordable price.

I hope Peripera will launch more shades for this Sugar Glow Tint because the other 4 shades are kinda boring for me. Peripera should add other unique colors like they did for their Lip Ink series. I may come back to get one if they do that.

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