[REVIEW] Etude House Pure Jelly Multi Balm aka Genie Multi Balm

Etude House Pure Jelly Multi Balm Review

Etude House Pure Jelly Multi Balm was purchased by Cosmeperks.

About two months ago one of our lovely brand released two multifunction products to resolve any skin problem. New from Etude House, Pure Jelly Multi Balm and Pure Drop Multi Oil. These products supposed to be one solution products that can be used from crown to toe to give skin instant moisturizing effect and keep it healthy without feeling sticky. They could be mixed with other products or used alone as well. Sounds very interesting, doesn’t it? One product in your hand to resolve all skin problems, like a genie. “Tell Genie Multi Balm about your skin problems.” Haha!

At first, I was interested with Pure Drop Multi Oil. It should be good to be a topper for my lipstick or lip tint. But after watching a review from Korean Youtuber, I thought Pure Jelly Multi Balm is more recommended and easier to use. I also found that the Multi Balm could be used to fix our eye makeup. So, I turned around and chose the Multi Balm (sorry, Multi Oil!)

Well, now let’s jump to the review and find how genie Multi Balm grant my wish!

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[REVIEW] J.One Black Jelly Pack

J.One Black Jelly Pack Review

J.One Black Jelly Pack Review:

I admit I had prejudices about this brand and its products. Too much hype makes counter effect on my first opinion while contemplating about the power of good marketing strategy. Alas, I took the bait. And I am glad I did. This product is (I don’t know where to begin from) a moisturizer/sleeping pack/all in one skin enhancer. All I can say is it does its job.

I must however mention its white twin brother J.One Jelly Pack that is also all in one moisturizer but primarily it’s a primer proving it by its sticky texture in purpose of almost impregnating skin before applying any SPF or makeup. That is (besides the ingredients list) the most significant difference between them.

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[REVIEW] Belif The True Cream Aqua Bomb

Belif The True Cream Aqua Bomb Review

Belif The True Cream Aqua Bomb Review:

This was a cream I have been wanting to try for ages as I have read a lot of flattering reviews of Belif and my friend has been swearing up and down that Belif is the reason for her blemish-free complexion. This cream is more of a lightweight gel moisturiser and great for those with oily / combination skin.

Belif claims to have re-created a formula whereby this cream acts like an explosion of a water bomb to relieve the skin from modern age daily pollutants. As it is of a gel consistency, it dries relatively quickly on the skin – good for those mornings when you are in a rush to get out of the house and need to apply your makeup at breakneck speed.

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[REVIEW] J.ONE Jelly Pack

J.one Jelly Pack Review

J.one Jelly Pack Review:

I kept seeing this J.one jelly pack coming up in K-beauty reviews, but it never quite caught my attention sufficiently to read the reviews because of its very plain packaging. Neither do the name of “jelly pack” help because I have no idea what it is for.

Then I saw it on the highly popular Korean beauty show “Get it Beauty”. The J.one jelly pack is developed by a popular Korean actress Ha Ji-won, to meet the needs of busy on-the-good women like her. I was enticed by its multi-functions claim of being hydrating, pore-smoothing and especially the tagline used by Ha Ji-won is that it is a “corset for your face” ie. firming and lifting. In addition, the jelly pack is free of ingredients that are generally frowned upon – parabens, mineral oils, sulfates and phthalates. Doesn’t that sounds just like what I need for my complicated skin type?

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[REVIEW] Benton Aloe Propolis Soothing Gel

Benton Aloe Propolis Soothing Gel Review

Benton Aloe Propolis Soothing Gel Review:

As being a Korean skincare aficionado, and having skin this handful, looking up Benton’s window is pretty much inevitable. “It’s only logical” as would Spock say. Also browsing their website and seeing description of a product like this:

ALOE PROPOLIS SOOTHING GEL is for all types of skin including sensitive and troubled skin. The product contains Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice, rich in polysaccharides and Propolis Extract, well known for its soothing properties. This soothing gel prevents skin damage, leaving skin refreshed and hydrated.   

Aaaand I was sold.

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[REVIEW] A’pieu Waterful Bamboo Soothing Gel

A’pieu Waterful Bamboo Soothing Gel Review

A’pieu Waterful Bamboo Soothing Gel Review:

The world of soothing gels is fit for any taste and any skin type. I first thought that this would be just a copy of the famous Aloe gels, but I found out that each type of gel has its own abilities and utilities and I know that this one can match an Aloe gel in some. I also know that it is less good at some things, but better at others.

Since soothing gels tend to be an affordable product, they are a staple in most people’s beauty cabinets, and definitely a staple in mine. If you haven’t used a Bamboo soothing gel, I’m sure you will get to know some cool stuff about it if you keep reading.

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[REVIEW] Etude House 98% Watermelon Soothing Gel

Etude House 98% Watermelon Soothing Gel Review

Etude House 98% Watermelon Soothing Gel Review:

As a person who lives in tropical country, heated skin is usually being a terrible problem especially in summer. If you are Korean skincare lovers, you probably know that aloe vera soothing gel is very popular since last year and I thought that soothing gel is the best product to solve heated skin problem. But for my oily-combination skin, I felt that most of aloe vera soothing gel products were too moist, some of them even made my skin feel sticky and greasy especially on my T-zone. So I browsed through online shops and found this product. It is soothing gel type too but made from different main ingredient. Instead of aloe extract, it is made from watermelon extract. Yes, I am talking about 98% Watermelon Soothing Gel from Etude House!

I’ve ever read that watermelon is a great ingredient for acne prone skin. The extract of watermelon helps to heal acnes, smooth the skin texture and give a fresh skin without feeling greasy since it has powerful antioxidant rich in Vitamin A & C and Lycopene which are good to regenerate skin too.

Etude claimed that this soothing gel is made with 98% watermelon extract from Yangpyeong. I don’t know where Yangpyeong is. Usually I notice that most of Korean skincare made with natural ingredients from Jeju island, LOL. However, I have a high expectation with this product. Now let’s check how 98% Watermelon Soothing Gel works on my skin!

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[Review] The Saem Fresh Bamboo Soothing Gel 99%

The Saem Fresh Bamboo Soothing Gel 99% Review

The Saem Fresh Bamboo Soothing Gel 99% Review:

After trying The Saem’s 99% Fresh Jeju Aloe Soothing Gel, I saw this product and wanted to give it a try. After all, I do love a good soothing product because I experience acne rather often. Ultimately, seeing that it had “natural salicylic acid” is what got me interested in this product (plus, it was cheap considering the large amount of product available).

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[Review] The Saem 99% Jeju Fresh Aloe Soothing Gel

The Saem 99% Jeju Fresh Aloe Soothing Gel Review

The Saem 99% Jeju Fresh Aloe Soothing Gel Review:

After spending hours online in search of a good aloe product, I settled on this one because of its alleged “99% aloe” ingredient as opposed to the more often 95% or even 92% aloe products I have seen on the market. I just wanted something that was as much aloe-based as I could get because my skin was irritated, dry, and sensitive at the time that I needed it.

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