[REVIEW] RYO Jayangyunmo Anti Hair Loss Nutritive Treatment

Ryo Jayangyunmo Anti Hair Loss Nutritive Treatment Review:

Hair fall is a serious problem for me, or if not sound too much, it is very extremely serious problem. My real bad dream is when I woke up in the morning and found dozens of hairs fell on my pillow TT And I have been suffering from this problem about a year lately. Before going too bad, I looked for powerful and great products to resolve my problem. It brought me to a Korean hair care brand, Ryo (part of AmorePacific group).

I firstly knew the brand when I watched K-Drama, Doctors, in 2016. It was shown on the drama and as guessed, the lead role actress (Park Shin Hye) is the brand ambassador of Ryo. And I was interested with the claim said it is number 1 Korean hair care brand. So I had a high expectation with this brand. I bought Ryo Jayangyunmo Anti Hair Loss Nutritive Treatment for my first product from the brand. This is the newest version from their original Jayangyunmo Anti-Hair Loss Treatment.

This is my second tube after few months using it. So, it could be guessed that I really like this product, right? But why do I like it so much? Is this product truly worth it? Let’s find the reasons out!

Claims :

♥ Treatment to provide nutrition to hair and scalp for healthy full hair care. Herbal nutrition treats hair loss for soft hair care. With green tea and ginger ingredients to soothe stress scalp gently.

♥ Jayangyunmo hair care line created by the new hair-loss care technology GinsenEX with the vital power of ginseng.

Key Ingredients :

Salicylic acid, Thuja Orientalis Seed Extract, Coix Lacryma-Jobi Ma-yuen Seed Extract, Scutellaria Baicalensis Root Extract, licorice, green tea, ginger

Ryo Jayangyunmo Anti Hair Loss Nutritive Treatment Review

Volume : 200 ml

How to use :

1. After shampoo, apply onto wet hair and scalp

2. Apply right amount onto scalp evenly

3. Use fingers to massage scalp gently

4. Apply onto hair

5. Rinse off with lukewarm water after 2-3 minutes

My Hair Type / Texture : Dry, damage, thin, fall easily, oily and sensitive scalp

Ryo Jayangyunmo Anti Hair Loss Nutritive Treatment Review:

Start from the packaging, I think it is classy and looks professional. It reminds me to the luxurious brands like Sulwhasoo and THOW. I think the packaging is great enough to represent The Number 1 Korean Herbal Medicinal Hair Care Brand.

The tube is made from glossy plastic that could be pinched easily, but it is a bit hard to squeeze the product out because of the consistency of the product. But still forgivable so far. It may be a little bulky but very reasonable since the content is 200 ml, pretty much.

Ryo Jayangyunmo Anti Hair Loss Nutritive Treatment Review

I hope Ryo wrote the description of the product in English too since it is in Korean only. And since the product does not come with box, so I have to browse on internet to know more about it. Well, actually I always do that before buying everything, though 🙂

Ryo Jayangyunmo Anti Hair Loss Nutritive Treatment Review

As I said that I have to pinch the tube a bit hard to take the product out. This is because the conditioner has thick consistency. The texture itself is very creamy and smooth. Like a paste but more buttery.

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I do not mind with its texture and consistency as far as it could be applied well and easily on my scalp and hair. Besides, the thick consistency makes the product does not leak easily even if the cap accidentally opened.

At first When I smelled the scent, I thought it would be better if it had floral scent. But after several times using it, I think the scent is pretty nice. Ryo Jayangyunmo Anti-Hair Loss Nutritive Treatment has fresh menthol and herbal scents. It is way too far from feminine-flowery scent, but actually it smells very soft and refreshing.

I love this conditioner since it has not only refreshing-minty scent but also cooling sensation when I apply and massage the product onto my scalp.

If you live in tropical country like me, you will love how this product brings a very fresh feeling to your head. This is good to relieve your stress too.

Oh, by the way, I really love that this conditioner can be used onto scalp. It is unlike usual conditioner that should be used only on hair (since, as we know, if we use or apply conditioner onto our scalp, it can clog our follicles and increase oil production).

Ryo Jayangyunmo Anti Hair Loss Nutritive Treatment Review

Though this product has thick and creamy texture but fortunately it does not leave sticky nor greasy feeling after I wash it off. I do not have any problem to rinse it off from every strand of my hair too. Good.

I got the result after using it about two weeks. And it was amazing! This product really does its job to save my life. I sound too excited, I guess, haha.

I mean, for a twenty-something girl who has an extreme hair-fall problem, I was too afraid that I might be hairless before my 30’s, LOL. But this product gives me a chance to get my hair back.

For your information, during 2015 I crazily dyed my hair and used hot styling tools everyday. I used to change my hair color three times a month. After a year, my hair got very angry with me and kept falling day by day.

So I stopped doing anything with my hair and started to look for great products to resolve my problem. That’s why I was truly excited when finally found this product.

Ryo Jayangyunmo Anti-Hair Loss Nutritive Treatment truly reduced my hair-fall a lot. It makes my hair stronger than before. I have been using this product for about three months and now I feel my thin hair is getting thicker.

It is not extremely thick but, however, I can feel it when I touch my hair, it is thicker than before or at least not as fragile as before. I still find some hairs when I comb my hair but this is in normal amount. If I have to say, this product reduces almost 80-90 % of my hair-fall so far. Thank you so much, Ryo!

I still need an extra hair vitamin or serum to smooth my dry hair since the smoothing effect from this product is so so. Well, actually it helps to make my hair smoother but the effect is not silky smooth, but pretty fair. However Jayangyunmo line is mainly created to reduce hair-loss problem, right?

I do recommend this product for everyone who has hair-loss problem. Now I have no doubt why Ryo Jayangyunmo line was sold more than 45 millions in 2016 (the website said, I didn’t count it by myself, LOL). Because this product is truly awesome! I will definitely repurchase it over and over again.

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