[REVIEW] Skin79 Vita Glow BB Master

Skin79 Vita Glow BB Master Review:

I was watching the StyleCast trend report segment on Arirang channel and this Skin79 Vital Glow BB Master was being introduced. I have heard about the brand Skin79 and its highly raved BB creams but had never gotten down to try any. The BB Master is touted as a new concept product that blends ampoule with BB Cream, thus providing skincare and coverage at the same time.

It just sounded so good, I quickly googled to see how to get my hands on this. I think it was a relatively new product then (in Apr 2017) and I had a hard time finding it online. Even up till now, I also do not see it selling on the more common platforms such as Amazon and Ebay. Being the non-conformist, I am always game to try out the lesser known products. It can be rather exciting and satisfying to find a hidden gem out there.


♥ Unique multi-tasking BB Master containing vitamin ampoule that can be blended with BB cream infused with vitamin complex express radiant skin and skin care effect

♥ Vitamin Glow Ampule containing plenty of vitamins to help express moist and smooth radiant skin while brightening and clearing skin tone.

♥ Vitamin BB cream that perfectly covers skin blemishes and arrange uneven skin tone to express bright and healthy skin.


Skin79 Vita Glow BB Master Review


25ml BB cream + 25ml ampoule

How to use:

Pump proper amount of Ampule and BB Cream, then blend them on the pallet. Spread evenly on the skin.

My Skin Type: Sensitive, Oily, Dehydrated, Enlarged pores, Aging

Skin79 Vita Glow BB Master Review:

The dispenser is interesting. But it can get messy when you mix the cream and ampoule together. It also takes some skills to control how much to squeeze out. I tend to squeeze out more than needed every time and this leads to wastage.

Skin79 Vita Glow BB Master Review

The other thing about the packaging is its bulkiness and therefore not that ideal for travel.

Although the cream looks thick, once blended with the ampoule, it is not tacky and spreads easily. It feels moisturizing, blends into the skin once applied and the coverage is light.

It does somewhat even out the redness due to the white cast, which is helpful for my sensitive flushed skin. From the picture, you may be able to see the faint little cut on my hand, near the top of where I swatched the cream. It was well-covered upon application of the cream.

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Skin79 Vita Glow BB Master Review

It does its job of whitening and brightening, giving a dewy look (which I apologise does not show up clearly on the photo, likely due to lighting reason. I am not sure if the whitening is a result of the skincare effect or just cosmetic. This can only be verified with prolong use.

Otherwise this does nothing much for the pores nor the occasional acne scars I get. But to be fair, the product claims do not specifically address anything about pores. Another disappointment I have is that it seem to settle into creases after some time and accentuates the fine lines.

Even though it is lightweight, layering on the cream when I attempt to better hide the imperfections proves to be too much. It can turn out to look plastic-y and thick.

One pleasant surprise to this is that although it does not say to have any sebum control property, my face did not break out in grease for about 4 – 5 hours. This is considered good for me given my oily skin.

So not all is lost and in any case, I do not want to waste it and leave it to collect dust somewhere in the cupboard. I still use it, though rarely, as it provides UV protection on top of the other claims. Sometimes when I am feeling lazy and not want to put on too much on my face, I am consoled that with just this BB cream, there is something good going onto my face regardless.

I also have to qualify that I do not have the habit of using primer under BB cream. So the effects of the cream could be different for those of you who do.

Unfortunately this BB cream is not the hidden gem for me. I have more gripes about it than praises. Most importantly, it does not meet my needs expected of a BB cream.

As with most Korean BB creams, they come in limited shades. This one comes in only one shade which is more suitable for fair-skinned person.

Overall, I think this will be good for those with clear complexion, looking for light coverage and dewy look. It should give you that “my skin but better” look. And coupled with the vitamin-infused combination as well as UV protection, sometimes you may have a cheat day and just put this on when lazy or rushing for time. PS: I do not encourage doing this too regularly though.

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Have you tried Skin79 Vita Glow BB Master?

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  1. This is SO fascinating! I would like it with more coverage I guess, but with the right pore primer I think I could work with it… maybe if they fix the package so that we can control the amount better then I’ll get it ^^


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