[REVIEW] Skinfood Beauty in a Food Mask Sheet Centella Asiatica

Skinfood Beauty in a Food Mask Sheet Centella Asiatica Review:

This sheet mask came as a beauty sample with my order when I restocked on some K-Beauty favorites. Previously I had tried Skinfood’s Wash Off Rice Mask and was neutral about it – while it was easy to use, it was hard to tell if it made a difference in my skin or not. My previous experience aside, I was curious about what this sheet mask had to offer.

For those new to the brand, Skinfood is known for its skincare and beauty products that boast creating healthy-looking skin using natural ingredients. Centella Asiatica is an ingredient found in Asia that is used to treat and help troubled skin with soothing properties. Apparently the ingredient is attributed to clearing acne-prone skin, which is appealing for someone like me who experiences the occasional breakout.

Claims: Creates clean and clear skin with soothing properties.


Purified Water, Dipropylene Glycol, Glycerin, Butyleneglycol, Ethanol, Hydroxyethylcellulose, Centella Asiatica Extracts (0.0468mg) Phage-60 Hydrogenated Castor Oil, Phenoxyethanol, Ethylhexyl Glycerin, Xanthan Gum, Ammonium Acrylate Eddimethyltaurate / Beheneth-25 Methacrylate Crosspolymer, Disodium Iodide, Tea Tree Leaf Oil, Licorice Extract, Centilla Extract, Soybean Extract, Chamomile Flower Extract

Skinfood Beauty in a Food Mask Sheet Centella Asiatica Review

Volume: 18 ml/1 single use mask

How to use:

1. Cleanse face and follow up with toner.

2. Remove sheet mask from packaging and place on face for 10-20 minutes.

3. Remove and pat in remaining essence.

My Skin Type: Normal with occasional dryness and acne

Skinfood Beauty in a Food Mask Sheet Centella Asiatica Review:

Per the instructions, I washed with my regular face wash and applied toner before opening the mask package. Immediately I smelled a strong scent of tea tree oil and licorice. (The former does not surprise me, as tea tree oil is often recommended as a good natural ingredient for acne spot treatment in place of dermatologist recommended creams and products.) Because I am not familiar with how centella asiatica smells, it was hard to tell if the scent was present in the prominent scent notes for this mask.

Skinfood Beauty in a Food Mask Sheet Centella Asiatica Review

The fit of the mask was good – very little overlapping was needed for me to get this to fit. If you have a longer face, it may be best to try to center the mask on your face so you cover the majority of it. The mask essence is quite watery versus creamy – easy to blend excess from the package into the skin.

I kept this mask on for the full 20 minutes while I did chores. It had a slight tingling sensation but on a scale of gentle to burning, it was more of a light tingle in the beginning. The rest of the duration was pleasant and the mask felt cool on my skin – perfect after emerging from a warm shower. The fragrance was quite prominent under my nose and I was glad to remove it once the time was up.

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My skin felt smooth and hydrated after using and I noticed the following days that there were no new breakouts in my problem areas. Any blemishes I had prior to using the mask looked less irritated and were healing well.

I give this product a 3.75/5. The Skinfood Beauty in a Food Mask Sheet Centella Asiatica does deliver on the promise of repairing damaged and troubled skin in terms of dryness and acne-prone skin. For the latter, it was impressive to see blemishes looking considerably less red and skin texture feeling smoother after using.

I was not a huge fan of the scent and would prefer to find another mask by Skinfood that could deliver on the same promises that was less heavy in tea tree oil and licorice. This mask is ideal for those with dry or acne-prone skin. If you are sensitive to scented masks or do not care for this type of fragrance, I would avoid using.

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