[Review] Skinfood Beauty in a Food Salmon Sheet Mask

Skinfood Beauty in a Food Salmon Sheet Mask Review:

One of these days as per request of a friend, I walked pass a Skinfood store. Well, I had never ever tried a Skinfood product, and since they are a little out of my price range, so I stuck to the mask section! And it’s not disappointing at all, they have all sorts of masks, with all scents and all abilities. The one that attracted me the most was, of course, the salmon mask. It has a beautiful package, pink, inexpensive, and I am a foodie so how can I not be attracted to this one? Salmon has Omega-3 and good fat, which are definitely things we want on our skin to take care of it!


Salmon is a super food full of omega-3! This mask will brighten up dry and dull skin. It livens it up using the salmon extract, and clears and cleans the skin.

Key ingredients: Salmon eggs extract (27mg)

SKINFOOD Beauty in a Food Salmon Sheet Mask Review

Volume: 18 ml

How to use:

  1. After cleansing, use a toner to refine the skin texture.
  2. Place the mask on your entire face, avoiding the eyes and lips.
  3. After about 10 to 20 minutes, remove the sheet and lightly pat to absorb the remaining essence.

My Skin Type: Oily T, dry U, blemished, sensitive, and allergic.

Skinfood Beauty in a Food Salmon Sheet Mask Review:

Look at me being all brave and using animal based products! (I have the Guerisson horse cream to thank for that)
First of all SPOILERS: It does not smell like salmon nor sushi! 🙁

SKINFOOD Beauty in a Food Salmon Sheet Mask Review

Opening the package I have the small, and pleasant, surprise of the front and back of the package being stuck together. The reason that is good is because that way you know that there was no air inside the pack until the moment you opened it!

SKINFOOD Beauty in a Food Salmon Sheet Mask Review

I took a peak inside the pouch and took this photo so that you can see that the essence is literally flooding the mask–there is an “essence lake” on the mask!

SKINFOOD Beauty in a Food Salmon Sheet Mask Review

Although I tried to squeeze it out a little before I removed the mask from the pouch, the mask sheet is so drenched the essence just keeps drooling on my hand!

SKINFOOD Beauty in a Food Salmon Sheet Mask Review

This was one of the most difficult shots I have ever had to take, since it was so drenched I had to clean my hand a lot of times. Anyway, the mask is really thin, which can have advantages and disadvantages, it all comes down to whether it is proper for the mask or not.

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SKINFOOD Beauty in a Food Salmon Sheet Mask Review

The mask fit is… arguable! It doesn’t have exceeding fabric on the forehead, which is good, and it covers my whole nose, which is also good. But on the cheeks the mask has a lot of extra fabric, as you can see in the photo. Which means those parts will not be as hydrated as the rest. So I tried to position the mask to cover the parts that really needed help (in my case that’s the chin and the cheek part right under the eyes).

SKINFOOD Beauty in a Food Salmon Sheet Mask Review

Before I put the pouch down I thought I should show you, the pouch is so full of essence it has a lump!

But anyway, to the important stuff. The mask scent, as you already know, is not salmon. But it smells really fresh, and it smells really pretty (if a smell can be called pretty). It reminds me a little of the smell of Aritaum’s pearl mask (reviewed), so maybe this is what mermaids smell like!

As the time passes, even though the mask is so loose in some parts it stays really stuck well to my face, even as I move around the house and do the stuff I have to do (we can’t always take 20 minutes to relax and enjoy the masks, sometimes we have to make the most of those 20 minutes of waiting). So, I guess that’s why the mask is so thin.

It feels fresh, but not cold, right until the end of the 20 minutes! The area on my mouth and nose dried pretty well after this time. So, I remove the mask and pat the remaining essence in.

SKINFOOD Beauty in a Food Salmon Sheet Mask Review

You can see on this photo that it did brighten up the red and the yellow parts of my skin, it made it look overall bright and healthy! My pimples usually very red before my skin care, and it turn into an overall pink, and looking at this photo my skin looks pretty normal right at the second step of skin care! And bright doesn’t mean it changes your skin tone, I mean it made my skin… glow without shining. I am really satisfied with this mask, especially if you consider the price, and I will definitely be using it again.

Okay, maybe it doesn’t smell like salmon, a foodie like me will always have the dream someone will make beauty products that smell like food. But maybe they won’t sell well?

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