[REVIEW] Skinfood Fresh Fruit Lip & Cheek Trio #06 Plum Mellow

Skinfood Fresh Fruit Lip & Cheek Trio 06 Plum Mellow was purchased by CosmePerks.

I have waited for this cute makeup for a year due to a shipping issue (well, actually 2 months, though. Ordered in November 2017 and had just received it in the following year, January 2018, ha!). Anyway, instead of reading my unlucky story about how I got this product, it’s better to jump to the product itself, right? So this is Skinfood Fresh Fruit Lip & Cheek Trio from Plum Mellow 2017 F/W Makeup Collection. I have mine in shade #06 which is Plum.

For fall and winter makeup collection, Skinfood launched some new makeup in plum color theme that look very elegant. Skinfood released some shades of lipstick (glow stick) and lip lacquer, an eyeshadow palette, nail polish and 2 shades of this Lip & Cheek Trio. The Lip & Cheek Trio itself is multi-function product that can be used as a lip color and a creamy blusher as well. And like its name, it has 3 different colors in one package. Meanwhile, the words “Plum Mellow” made me imagine about beautiful and dreamy shades in rosy-red mixed with purple color. And yes, I immediately felt in love with the shades when saw it on Skinfood’s Instagram since the first time. And here is the complete review!

Claims :

+ Skinfood Fresh Fruit Lip & Cheek Trio is a multi-purpose product that makes your lips and cheeks moist and lustrous with fresh fruit colors.

+ Fresh fruit inspired color with an innovative two-in-one formula that doubles up as a lip color and a blush.

+ This Skinfood Lip & Cheek Trio is for face color & lip balm in cream type. It is moisturizing and smooth to touch.

+Each box comes with three shades to add a fresh fruit flush or a natural rosy glow.


Not Available

Volume: 2.5 g * 3

Skinfood Fresh Fruit Lip & Cheek Trio 06 Plum Mellow Review

How to use:

For lips: Take an appropriate amount of the product and apply on lips evenly. Use your fingers for natural look or use a lip brush for more precise application.

For cheek: Using your finger or sponge, apply it on the part of your cheek and blend evenly.

For more color, layer on until desired color is achieved.

My Skin Type: Oily-Combination, dehydrated on cheeks, acne prone and sensitive.

My Lips Type: normal with some fine lines, pigmented

Skinfood Fresh Fruit Lip & Cheek Trio 06 Plum Mellow Review:

Since I did not own the first edition of Skinfood Lip & Cheek Trio, I was a little bit surprised when got this product at the first time. This is so slim and mini! Moreover, it doesn’t come with outer box, thus it looked really thin when arrived on my doorstep. This Lip & Cheek Trio is like a mini palette.

Skinfood Fresh Fruit Lip & Cheek Trio 06 Plum Mellow Review

It has three different colors in one package and each color is placed in a square pan. Very cute. It also has a sliding cap, a perfect cap from its safety and aesthetics side. Skinfood really knows how to make this product looks even prettier. The purple color added with embossed letters gives a sleek and elegant design.

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Meanwhile, since it does not come with outer box, I do not get many information about the product itself on its mini package. There is a little information on the back side and only written in Korean (and the manufactured and expired date close it, LOL). However, I will still give two thumbs up for its cute packaging. Even I do not need a pouch, I can put it in my pocket and carry it anywhere with me.

Skinfood Fresh Fruit Lip & Cheek Trio 06 Plum Mellow Review

This product does not come with applicator. Hence we have to prepare our beauty tools to apply the product. We need a lip brush to apply it all over the lips and a sponge to apply it on cheeks. Or use our fingers? Well, before we decide what tools should we use, let’s see its texture first.

Like the things it promised, this product has creamy texture and blends sooo easily. All of the shades have very nice texture. They are very soft and not clumpy. Even the lightest shade can be blended evenly and easily.

Skinfood Fresh Fruit Lip & Cheek Trio 06 Plum Mellow Review

Meanwhile the balmy texture gives natural-glowy finish and keeps skin moist. So do not worry if you have dry lips, this product will not make lips drier. Now move to the cheek where I get love-hate result from this product. I have some dry patches on my outer cheek but the inner part is more oily. This product works very nice on my dry patches. It gives healthy-glow look and does not accentuate the dryness. Meanwhile, it feels a bit sticky on the oily part. It does not help to control excess sebum too.

Due to its creamy and blendable texture, it doesn’t matter anymore to use fingers or tools to apply the product. Using our fingers will create a natural result and it’s easy to control the thickness of the layer we made. But if you want a neat result, you can use a lip brush to apply the product on lips. Or in case you have oily skin and want to apply it on cheeks, it’s better to use sponge to blend the product out. Sponge will help to absorb and control excess sebum too.

Skinfood Fresh Fruit Lip & Cheek Trio 06 Plum Mellow Review


Since I do not know the name of each shade, so I will call it with first, second and third shade. Let’s start from the top of the swatches. First shade (the top) is a fresh plum color which is a mix of red and purple. Second shade (the middle) is a warm-nude color with a touch of baby pink. Third shade (the bottom) is a rosy pink color with hint of brown tone. This is my most favorite shade to use both on lips and cheeks.

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All shades are very pigmented (even the lightest shade can cover my natural lip color nicely) and buildable. They can be used together for gradient look. Or single use is okay too. The darkest shade is great to create bold-elegant look and it’s good too to apply on cheeks when we make Igari makeup.

The lightest shade can be combined with smokey eyes look. This n*de shade can also tone down the darkest shade in case you apply it too much. And the third shade is perfect to create a natural makeup. It is also good to make a rosy-cute look by adding its layer.

Skinfood Fresh Fruit Lip & Cheek Trio 06 Plum Mellow Review


Ah, do not worry if you want to apply this product more than one layer. It won’t feel heavy due to its lightweight texture. But unfortunately the longevity is just so so. It lasts about 3-4 hours on lips. It also fades away easily after eating and when used as a cream blush, the color lasts longer but starts to be oily after 2-3 hours depends on your skin type.

Another gripe from this product when used as a lip color is the leftover stain. The darkest shade leaves a slight of pink stain, meanwhile the other shades leave almost nothing. We really need to reapply the product after few hours. Luckily, it is not only weightless but also has a pleasant sweet plum scent. Thus it’s still enjoyable to reapply the product many times.

Everyone with normal to dry lips can use this product because of its moist formula. But this product is more suitable to people with dry skin type when used as a blush, otherwise you may need good primer to control excess sebum if you have oily skin.

Overall, I love this product. The shades in this mini palette are all pretty. Though it does not last that long as a lip color but due to its lightweight texture, easy to blend and moist result, this product is still worth it to buy. Moreover, it’s not only a multi-function product to lips and cheeks but also has three shades in one package. What a good buy!

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