[REVIEW] Skinfood Vege Garden Mask Sheet Basil

Skinfood Vege Garden Mask Sheet Basil Review:

When I heard Skinfood launched this Vege Garden line, I was intrigued to give it a chance, especially for their mask sheet. The Skinfood Vege Garden Mask Sheet seems to be very interesting as it consists of fresh vegetable ingredients (you know, typically Skinfood products) and some of them are never found from other brands. Skinfood have 10 kinds of vegetables and the mask sheet itself is made in Water, Essence and Cream essence type.

As I said, some variants of this Vege Garden Mask Sheet are quite unique and rare, at least for me. Kidney Bean, Basil, Peanut, and Mugwort. I think I’ve never tried any skincare consisting those ingredients. So I gave my first try to Basil mask sheet. Aside from my curiosity, I was attracted since this mask promises to purify pores with its refreshing water-type Basil essence. It would be a good treatment to my big pores (I hope so).

Claims :

+ The Vege Garden delivers exuberant health to the skin with nutrients from freshly picked garden vegetables. You skin will relax with the essence extracted and concentrated at low temperature with time and sincerity.

+ With Vege-Calming Complex™ (a blend of extracts from cabbage, bitter melon, broccoli and centella asiatic), it promotes moisturising and soothing benefits.

+ 5-Free System: NO mineral oil, NO silicon oil, NO imidazolidinyl urea, NO tar colour, NO phenoxyethanol
Basil : purify pores with cooling sensation.

Skinfood Vege Garden Mask Sheet Basil Review

Ingredients :
Could not be found.

Volume : 18 ml

How to use :

1. After cleansing, prep your skin with a toner or lotion.

2. Take out the sheet mask and place it on your face, avoiding the eye and lip areas.

3. Remove the sheet after 10-20 minutes and massage the remaining essence onto your skin until fully absorbed.

My Skin Type : Oily-Combination, dehydrated, big pores, acne prone with some redness and very sensitive.

Skinfood Vege Garden Mask Sheet Basil Review:

I wouldn’t say too much about the packaging since it is just like an ordinary mask sheet in the market. Honestly, it is a little bit boring and less colorful for me. Green, beige and sandy-brown seem to be too plain and quite classic. However, it just comes in Skinfood’s style though. Simple and so natural.

They put Korean and English description on the back side of the pouch. Unfortunately I couldn’t find the ingredients list in English, so I checked on google but still couldn’t find it, even on their official site (if you find the ingredients list, lucky you).

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Skinfood Vege Garden Mask Sheet Basil Review

I started using mask sheets regularly since last year and based on my experiences, the sheet of this mask is one of the smoothest sheets, if not the smoothest, I have ever tried. Seriously, it is sooo smoooth! It doesn’t matter if you have very sensitive skin, its superb smooth surface feels so comfortable and light on skin. Besides its smooth texture, the sheet is also very thin and adheres like a magnet onto my face.

But… an extra thin and super smooth sheet is not always perfect because I faced a little issue about it. The sheet did tear easily. I accidentally tore the sheet when unfolding it from the pouch. Arrghh. Well, it’s not a wide torn piece (just a small one on eye area), but as a picky person, I do not like wearing untidy sheet, LOL.

I think it would be better if they made the sheet a little bit elastic like Innisfree My Real Squeeze Mask, so it wouldn’t tear easily.

Another thing that annoyed (and literally shocked) me is… the scent! Seriously, it smelt sooo bad. I was like ‘I don’t believe my nose, so let me smell it once again’ (I even checked the expiration date, hahaha) but the scent was still UNPLEASANT. Very unpleasant.

To be honest, I concede that I do not like basil smell in real, but this mask is even worse for me. It is more like medicinal herbs or random leaves mashed (ha?) rather than basil. I’m serious. Oh, sorry Skinfood, but I nearly fainted when placed the sheet onto my face since the scent was quite strong and unfriendly to my nose.

Skinfood Vege Garden Mask Sheet Basil Review

Meanwhile, the essence came in a decent amount. I still had some remaining essence in the pouch and it was enough to apply on my neck and made the swatches for this review as well. The essence itself is clear, liquidy and very lightweight as this basil mask belongs to their Water Type mask. The consistency is just like water and that’s why I couldn’t put the essence onto my back hand because it’s so runny.

Skinfood Vege Garden Mask Sheet Basil Review

So far, when I used water-type mask sheets, I always get at least semi-matte result. I mean, however they still gave little sheen and moist effect on my skin, even some of them had glowy effect as well. But this product is different, it’s matte! I was surprised after removing the sheet (I left it on 20 minutes) and found all the essence was already absorbed into my skin. Seriously, I didn’t need to dab anything after taking off the sheet since the essence was fully absorbed.

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Skinfood Vege Garden Mask Sheet Basil Review

This mask didn’t make my face shiny and moist (if you see a shine on my photo, I believe it’s just a light reflection. In real, my skin was matte). But don’t get wrong, though it’s not moist and glowy, but this mask hydrated and soothed my skin pretty well. My skin was smooth, supple and bouncy after using it. And of course, without feeling greasy and sticky. My oily-combi skin really liked it.

This mask worked nicely to my pores as well. It purified my pores and made them feel instantly clear and fresh. But, it’s not surprising for me, it didn’t reduce my pores appearance nor tighten them (understandable since I only used it once). The cool sensation from this mask is not too much, so if you want to get a real cool sensation, better to keep it in refrigerator before use.

Skinfood Vege Garden Mask Sheet Basil is highly recommended for oily to combination skin types (I do not recommend it for dry skin). This is also a perfect mask sheet for summer as its lightweight essence gives a matte finish and a decent amount of hydrating effect without leaving greasy or sticky result.

But personally, I’m not really sure to repurchase this mask because of its scent, which is sooo… yeah, you know what. I prefer to try the other water-type mask from Skinfood Vege Garden Mask Sheet in the future.

Where to buy:

eBay | Cosmetic-love

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