[Review] SNP The Sound of Your Heart Aebong Warming Eye Mask

SNP The Sound of Your Heart Aebong Warming Eye Mask Review:

I was walking through Korean beauty section of my local Watsons when I found this SNP –The Sound of Your Heart Aebong Warming Eye Mask. I was initially drawn by the cutesy packaging but “warming eye mask” also got me. I have to admit that I abuse my eyes A LOT lately which probably explains as to why it hurts and feels irritated more than ever. I know the power of a warm compress so buying this warming eye mask is not up for discussion. I NEED THIS ONE!


SNP –The Sound of Your Heart Aebong Warming Eye Mask claims to relax dry and fatigued eyes with delicate warmth at about 41oC. It promises to leave you feeling soothed and comfortable.

Main Ingredients:

Polypropylene film, Polyethylene, Felt, Active charcoal, Iron

SNP The Sound of Your Heart Aebong Warming Eye Mask Review

Volume:  1 ea

How to use:

  1. Tear the cutting line in the center of the eye mask and wear it so the illustrated side of the mask faces outward
  2. Take a deep rest with lasting with lasting warmth for about 20 minutes.


  1. Do not use when using eye drops.
  2. If you feel that the mask is too hot, immediately discontinue use.
  3. Do not press eyes while wearing the eye mask.
  4. Do not store in areas under direct sunlight, with high temperature or near heat source.

My Skin Type: Combination, Acne-Prone, Occasionally Dull and Sensitive

SNP The Sound of Your Heart Aebong Warming Eye Mask Review:

I know I’ve abused my eyes well whenever I start to feel throbbing in the area and it’s been occurring more frequently lately. Eye is a very delicate area so I like taking precautions. I can no longer be proud and say that I have a 20-20 vision because one of my eyes is already graded 50.

Not much of a difference, I know but the mere fact that I am outside normal worries me a lot. I spend most of my time in front of computer or books; while they may be good for my brain they are not very healthy for the eyes. I was once advised by the ophthalmologist to look at anything green in between work to relax my eyes.

Now I’m just glad to have spotted SNP The Sound of Your Heart Aebong Warming Eye Mask! I am not fond of eating carrots and I find squash disgusting so this warming eye mask must be the best treat that I could offer to my eyes!

SNP The Sound of Your Heart Aebong Warming Eye Mask Review

As I open the packet, a very cute eye mask laid before me. It was still sealed in a transparent packet, probably to keep it fresh. This eye mask is fool-proof. You just have to tear lining to reveal the ear loops and then proceed with your masking. The eye mask doesn’t feel warm as I removed it on the packet. It only started to warm up when I wore it.

I was afraid that it would be too warm~ I mean 41°C doesn’t sound much of a treat, does it? If anything, it got me a little scared to try the product so I decided to do the masking in a cool room although I am ready to take it off and discontinue using should it feel way too warm for my liking.

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I’m happy that the mask feels alright. The warmth gradually increases so it wasn’t alarming at all. As the temperature of the mask increase, I started to detect a very faint herbal scent; initially I thought it was just my hair scent playing with my nose because I’m certain that this eye mask doesn’t have a scent when I open the packet.

I took off the mask for a while and sniff it and indeed it was the one omitting the herbal scent! Now I am impressed by this product because the scent definitely made the experience a lot better! I only wore this mask for about 10 minutes because it feels a little too warm already.

SNP The Sound of Your Heart Aebong Warming Eye Mask Review

I wanted to see, however, how long this product would give out heat so I attached the ear loops again but this time, I positioned it on my V-line.  I was able to detect heat past 40 minutes which is not bad, at all! I could feel moist on my v-line so it felt like a sauna for you chin (or eye) ☺

Overall, I love SNP The Sound of Your Heart Aebong Warming Eye Mask very much! It may not have observable aesthetic results but I’m certain that this baby got some therapeutic benefits. After all, a little heat could be beneficial in terms of blood circulation and whatnot! I would definitely keep one in my stash should I feel the need to relax my eyes. I highly recommend this product to everyone but please see listed cautions for guidance.

Where to buy:

Amazon Prime


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