[REVIEW] Steblanc Aqua Fresh Gel Cream

Steblanc Aqua Fresh Gel Cream Review:

I was in need of a moisturizing cream to use at the end of my routine and seal all the previously used products in. I went online, I searched, I found one with a great discount, I bought. I wish this method had a happy ending for everyone but sadly it usually ends as a waste of money (trust me I’ve wasted a lot of money on random products because they had a discount… maybe I should check that..).

Thankfully this time it had a happy ending. All I knew about this brand was that it is somehow related to Mizon and I love Mizon so I had nothing to lose. Buying this cream was like I bought a lucky bag that gave me my money back.


Intensive provision of moisture: By containing 4 different types of water like Alaska glacial milk (aka the thing that is created when glacial grinding occurs and creates pieces that are dispersed in the glacial meltwater, to then create the “milky” appearance), deep sea water (no idea how they get that but it basically is colder than regular surface water), Hita water (aka active hydrogen water) and birch sap (aka the watery thing that comes out of birch trees). These are used to give a moisturizing and soothing effect but also to purify the skin.

Whitening Functionality: It contains Niacinamide which is certified as a whitening ingredient that can brighten freckles and blemishes. It also contains licorice extract which can help brighten dull skin tones.

Refreshment Feeling/ Cooling Effect: It controls the imbalanced skin temperature which occurs if the oil and moisture barrier are broken.

Refreshing Texture: This cream can be absorbed as quickly as it meets the skin because it does not contain oils but a fancy water mixture. That also makes it light on the skin.

Soothing functionality: With witch hazel Leaf extracts, watermelon extracts, basil leaf extracts, lotus extracts and vegetable active ingredients, it is able to sooth rough and sensitive skin that has been exposed to various harmful situations, like UV rays and dust. It is also capable to protect the skin from more skin damage.


Steblanc Aqua Fresh Gel Cream Review

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Volume: 50 ml

How to use:

At the last step of your skincare (it’s ok to use at any time of the day but please use sunscreen in the morning!), apply a small amount on your face and gently spread/ dab onto your skin.

My Skin type: acne prone, sensitive dry and oily (currently transitioning because of the climate ugh)

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Steblanc Aqua Fresh Gel Cream Review:

As I previously made clear, I knew nothing about this cream until I got it on my hands so I had almost zero expectations. All I wanted from this cream was to seal the serum I used before it on my skin. Obviously, it did a great job at that but it really exceeded my expectations.

Almost every cream would be able to do what I wanted but this particular one managed to do that, without clogging my pores at all but instead making my skin feel like there’s nothing on! (not even the serum I previously used lol).

Steblanc Aqua Fresh Gel Cream Review

Steblanc Aqua Fresh Gel Cream Review

The cream has a very thin but stable texture. It spreads effortlessly and has a nice matte finish. It’s unbelievable lightweight and my skin always absorbs it right away, just like it claimed.

Steblanc Aqua Fresh Gel Cream Review

The soothing and the cooling effects are undoubtedly present, as soon as the cream touches the skin. It really made my summer easier. I don’t know how it’d be using it in the winter but for the rest of the 4 seasons I totally recommend it.

Sadly, this cream has one small downside. It has a strong smell. To be more specific, a strong smell that doesn’t go away. It’s not that it smells bad but I don’t really like it when my face smells like perfume right before I’m about to sleep.

I would describe the smell as a lime deodorant. I can’t even elaborate on that because I really don’t know how to explain it! To put it out short, it’s like men’s perfume.

This cream’s packaging is very extravagant. At a first glance, it looks like this cream is suuuper expensive. Also feels like it. Both when you hold the container and when you use the cream. There’s absolutely no problem with the packaging except if you’re looking for a carry-around cream- which I’m not, since It’s pretty bulky.

Steblanc Aqua Fresh Gel Cream Review

As far as the long term effects go, since I’ve been using this cream for almost 5 months now, it’s pretty safe to say what I’ve noticed on my skin is legit. Of course, it didn’t clear my acne or anything but my skin definitely gets the moisture it needs and I do notice a slight difference in terms of brightness on my skin. Maybe it’s just me but I think my cheeks are glowing more than before.

This was a great, pretty random purchase. I don’t know about repurchasing this one since winter is coming but I’ll think about it when the summer gets closer. I’d recommend it to people that have trouble with their skin’s dryness and also to those who live in big towns that have pollution problems. You’ve got nothing to lose!

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