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Swiss Pure All Cover Duo Concealer SPF 35 PA +++ Review:

I have started taking part in some YouTube videos films with a really HD camera. After seeing my first video there I ran to the store and got myself a brand new concealer! First you should know, I never really used Swiss Pure much, but the things I did use I loved them. Also, Swiss Pure is part of BeautyNet (Missha, Apieu) but for some reason it isn’t as well known. Regardless, it’s a really affordable product that has two types of concealer, so you can match your daily preferences with it. Now the question is, how does it perform?


Ultra violet protection.

A liquid concealer and stick in one, covering several facial imperfections in a clean manner. Its soft sliding ability allows it to be applied easily. Gives nutrients to the skin, including omega 6 and ceramide.

Ingredients: Not available

Swiss Pure All Cover Duo Concealer SPF 35 PA +++ Review

Volume: 20ml + 3.2g

How to use:

All cover liquid concealer: when large areas need coverage, press the package gently and apply the liquid that comes out. In the case you want to mix the concealer with your base products, you might feel a stronger coverage.

All cover stick concealer: touch it on the points that need coverage and slide it gently, and blend so there won’t be any difference with your skin tone.

My Skin Type: Oily T, dry U, sensitive, blemishes easily, and allergic. Very thin, dehydrated and oily eyelids.

Swiss Pure All Cover Duo Concealer SPF 35 PA +++ in Shade 01 Review:

Swiss Pure All Cover Duo Concealer SPF 35 PA +++ Review

The very first opening moment! So excited for this. It’s my first concealer ever, I’ve always been self conscious of powder settling, especially around my eye area which has a lot of little wrinkles and is very thin – so it shows in an ugly way if the product isn’t good. Concealers do conceal, but can also enhance that!

Okay, I’ll start now.

Swiss Pure All Cover Duo Concealer SPF 35 PA +++ Review

This is the tip of the stick. It’s just a ball, nothing special to it. However, when I first pressed my fingers on it, it didn’t feel sticky (I never bought stick concealers before because lots of them feel sticky at touch.)

Swiss Pure All Cover Duo Concealer SPF 35 PA +++ Review

Both officially opened! A small downside, there’s glue residues around the exit hole, I have to clean that before starting to use it.

Swiss Pure All Cover Duo Concealer SPF 35 PA +++ Review

Of course I used it on my face before writing this, BUT my hand wrinkles are more extreme, so I wanted to take good definition pictures and show it to you.

Before, you can see my permanent small wound on my middle finger’s knuckle. And all my knuckles are yellow/orange/pink colored. As soon as I apply the stick (only on the stronger colored areas) you can see a huge difference! The wound was completely covered. And my knuckles still have coloring but in a much more balanced way, and it looks natural.

Then I applied the liquid. This liquid is really strong and spreads really well, so those dots there actually covered the whole top part of my hand (minus fingers)! You can see there’s almost no color difference at all, but the concealer color doesn’t match my (hand) skin 100% so you can see small differences, as if it is enhancing the wrinkles.

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But it’s not. When I apply a cushion on top (in this case I applied the Nature Republic natural CC cushion because it gives a natural shine, and the concealer is matte) it’s like the concealer color disappears and you can only see the cushion color. My hand looks perfectly unstained and, in this case, quite white. No sign of my wound, and barely any sign of knuckle color at all.

The concealer, on my face, lasts the whole day without re-application, but I do use the two layers: stick for small spots, and liquid on top for larger areas. I only need to reapply the cushion as I would normally without concealer, and the concealing abilities never wash out.

It is easily removed however with makeup remover, and leaves no residues (neither while on the skin with makeup on, nor after cleaning the makeup). It settles naturally on the skin, and not on the wrinkles! No awkwardness here.

This concealer barely has any smell at all. It’s very, very faint. And the smell it has, both on the stick and the liquid parts, is like… a pine tree, or a eucalyptus. A fresh tree.

Swiss Pure All Cover Duo Concealer SPF 35 PA +++ Review

This is how it looks on my face. I use the stick for my under eye area and the corner of my nose, and the liquid version for the triangle under my eyes and the broader area next to the corner of my nose.

I think it’ll last a while since I only use this type of “heavy” makeup on occasion (I’m a cushion and mascara type of girl!!) but I will definitely consider this product again when I finish it!

Where to buy:

SwissPure Website

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