[REVIEW+SWATCHES] It’s Skin Colorable Draw Tint 05 Icing Coral

It's Skin Colorable Draw Tint 05 Icing Coral Review

It’s Skin Colorable Draw Tint 05 Icing Coral was purchased by Cosmeperks.

It’s Skin may be one of the Korean beauty brands I rarely use. Not because of the price or the quality, but it’s almost impossible to find a seller who sell it without ridiculous price so I didn’t have any chance to try something from them. But one day Nigama offered me to try and I’m grateful for the chance! The item I got is the Colorable Draw Tint, which is their new product this year.

The It’s Skin Colorable Draw Tint basically is a tint with velvet finish. I have a hard time in finding information in English about this product because most of them are in Korean, even on their global website they didn’t put any info about it in English so I’m sorry if I can’t provide detailed info.

It is also hard to find online because only several stores have it in stock. Actually I’m surprised to see that YesStyle didn’t have this product so if you want to try this tint, I think you have to really dig the internet to find one.

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[REVIEW+SWATCHES] Colorgram x Miffy Thunderbolt Tint Meringue 01 Apple

Colorgram x Miffy Thunderbolt Tint Meringue 01 Apple Review

Colorgram x Miffy Thunderbolt Tint Meringue 01 Apple Review:

Last February, Colorgram was back with their latest release and this time they did a collaboration with character Miffy! I read the news about Colorgram and Miffy collaboration (honestly I don’t even know what Miffy is until I search about it online) and the packaging is too cute too pass on. For this collaboration they make a collection which consists of lip tints, liquid shadows, concealer, cushion, and other products as well.

The thing is, Colorgram is one of the most difficult brands to find in my country, even I had a hard time in finding info about their new release including this tint. Apparently they didn’t have an official website so the only source you can find about them is through Olive Young’s website. But the website along with description of each product was in Korean so I couldn’t understand the information about this tint at all except that it has a moisturizing matte finish.

This tint is called Thunder Ball Tint Meringue and I think based on the name only, it’s a creamier version of their well-known Thunder Ball Tint Lacquer. I haven’t try the Lacquer version but I heard good things about it. From Colorgram, I’ve tried their Liquid Shadow and so far I’m so satisfied with how it performs on me so I decided to pick this tint, not only because the cute packaging but also because I want to know if it will work on me as good as their liquid shadow.

For the collaboration, they have 5 shades and I’ll be honest, all of the shades look so similar to each other! When I saw the official swatch picture, I was confused on how I should choose the shade because I saw almost no difference between those shades. At the end I chose shade 01 just because it is the lightest one out of those 5 shades.

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