[REVIEW] Whamisa by Glow Recipe Green Tea Serum Toner

Whamisa by Glow Recipe Green Tea Serum Toner Review

Whamisa by Glow Recipe Green Tea Serum Toner Review:

This innovative serum toner duo was cooked up through a collaboration with well known K-beauty retailer Glow Recipe and equally as well known K-cosmetic brand Whamisa. The collaboration was intended to introduce new and perhaps not so new K-beauty consumers around the world to Whamisa grade products at a more budget friendly price without compromising quality and effectiveness.

I decided to purchase this product when formulating my skin care routine late 2017. It is one of my first introductions to both Whamisa brand and Glow Recipe brand products.

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[REVIEW] Bonajour Eggplant Daily BHA Toner

Bonajour Eggplant Daily BHA Toner Review

Bonajour Eggplant Daily BHA Toner Review:

I wanted to try this product as soon as I heard about it for two reasons. One is that Bonajour is a surprisingly good brand that keeps amazing me, and they do use lots of natural ingredients. The other one is… it’s an Eggplant toner, come on. And it’s purple! Wouldn’t you want to try that?

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[REVIEW] Cosrx Mela 14 White Ampule

Cosrx Mela 14 White Ampule Review

Cosrx Mela 14 White Ampule Review:

I am suffering from an acne prone skin that leads to acne scaring. If I get a pimple, I will get panic and use every product that I know to help treating my acne, from the very first step of my skincare routine I always clean my face thoroughly and keeping my face hydrated while treating my acne. After my acne is treated, there’s a chance that I will get an acne scar even when I don’t pick the pimples, from a zit, pustule acne, or a cysts(this type bother me A LOT) there’s a chance from leaving me an acne scars.

So I want to try this ampoule from COSRX from what I read is targeted to lighten any hyperpigmentation or acne scars. COSRX is a popular brand among k-beauty bloggers, their products are always on a hot topic, raved by everyone who suffered from skin problems and sensitivenes. COSRX always bring their products to minimum usage of ingredients, and only use the ingredients that is actually needed to heal skin problems without adding unnecessary things in their product, keeping it minimalist in ingredients.

I am also the one who is suffered from skin problems, so I need to try one of their product to help fixing my skin. I bought this ampoule for around $20 on local online shop, not so expensive I think as there are lot of ampoules that more expensive than this.

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[REVIEW] NIOD Sanskrit Saponins

NIOD Sanskrit Saponins Review

NIOD Sanskrit Saponins Review:

I already have a Holy Grail gentle and low pH cleanser that I have been using for years now. However, I don’t have a stronger cleanser in my routine to deep clean my pores on the days that my skin feels extra dirty. I have always relied on once or twice a week mud mask for that purpose. So I began looking for a cleanser to do just that, and I thought of giving NIOD Sanskrit Saponins a try since I really love their Flavanone Mud.

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[REVIEW] Krave Beauty Matcha Hemp Hydrating Cleanser

Krave Beauty Matcha Hemp Hydrating Cleanser Review

Krave Beauty Matcha Hemp Hydrating Cleanser was purchased by Cosmeperks.

I will be completely honest and admit I hadn’t heard about Krave nor the blogger Liah Yoo until (almost at the same time) two different people told me about it. I was even attracted to the product before I went and investigated the blogger! When I did finally watch her video on the product I didn’t flinch on my wish to try it. Why?

It’s not only the claims of the product (which I’m sure most of you have heard of by now) but mainly because the introductory video starts with “Are you familiar with the words squeaky clean? Well, that’s one thing your skin doesn’t deserve” – and I thank you so much. I know lots of people who have been into skin care know that, but a lot of starters or people who don’t care that much think that squeaky clean is equal to true cleanness. And also her honesty when she said that it doesn’t really smell good… because they didn’t want to add stuff for that. In the end, scent isn’t important if the product is good and the scent isn’t bad, right?

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[REVIEW] Goodness Be Cool Mist Toner

Goodness Be Cool Mist Toner Review

Goodness Be Cool Mist Toner Review:

As an unfortunate member of the population with slightly dry AND sensitive skin, I was on the hunt for a toner that would not dry my skin (like most over-the-counter drug store toners do) nor cause sneaky breakouts. I was in luck when Goodness released their Be Cool Mist Toner, which is a vegan-friendly and alcohol-free toner without any nasty parabens (a bonus for an animal-rights advocate like myself)!

I decided I would give it a try – the price of $14.99 NZD was (and still is) very affordable, so no losses either way. It also comes in a spray bottle, if you want to save time and cotton pads! I also think this line of products is really emblematic of the ‘clean, green’ image New Zealand has, being a local brand. I really love the principal the Goodness company have stuck with, and it is a big part of the reason why I trust this toner – with no parabens, alcohol, or animal testing and/or ingredients. Their line of skincare is made in New Zealand as well.

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[REVIEW] The Ordinary Buffet

The Ordinary Buffet Review

The Ordinary Buffet Review:

I chanced upon a Youtuber reviewing this skincare brand called The Ordinary. On further search online, it seemed that this Canadian brand has generated quite some buzz. Its low pricing for the products that are so raved and the targeted ingredients used in each of its products got me interested.

The Ordinary is from this company called DECIEM, and is also known as “The Abnormal Beauty Company”. Abnormal? I am not sure what to make of this. Well, yes, for sure the prices for its products from The Ordinary are not that normal. I was hopeful that its products will work abnormally well on my skin, where many had failed.
After falling in love with the Niacinamide 10% + Zinc PCA 1%, I decided to try out its other products and had my eyes on The Buffet.

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[REVIEW] The Ordinary Caffeine Solution 5% + EGCG

The Ordinary Caffeine Solution 5% + EGCG Review

The Ordinary Caffeine Solution 5% + EGCG Review:

I’ve had permanent dark circles under my eyes ever since I can remember. Even in older photos I find from when I was 2 years old, you can still see the circles. It mostly happens because of my bone structure but my skin also has some issues, otherwise, it would’ve been pretty pointless to try anything to reduce dark circles.

I’ve tried multiple vitamins and stuff but I didn’t manage to get rid of the problem. When I first discovered The Ordinary, I just browsed on their website and randomly found this. I had already heard of the difference caffeine solution can make to dark circles and the antioxidant power of EGCG so I found it promising.

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[REVIEW] Hylamide HA Blur

Hylamide HA Blur Review

Hylamide HA Blur Review:

I got pretty curious about DECIEM and its products after coming across many reviews of products from its economical range The Ordinary.

DECIEM is a Canadian company, interestingly also known as “The Abnormal Beauty Company”.  It started as a modest company in year 2013 with only 1 brand and 1 product but has since grown to carry 10 brands under its umbrella with an array of products ranging from skincare to hair care. The Ordinary is one of its better known brand, raved for the product efficacy and the attractive price point.

And having tried the Niacinamide 10% + Zince PCA 1% myself, I am sold that their products are worth a second look. So I went on to check out its other skincare brands and products. Hylamide is its mid-range skincare brand which was in fact launched before The Ordinary though I do not come across it as much on google search. Probably lesser hype because the prices are about double that of The Ordinary, akin to many other mid-range brands in the market. So what other differences are there?  The Ordinary have the ingredients in separate serum, so in a way, it is very targeted. Hylamide combines the ingredients to address various skincare concerns and offers the complete range of products including sun protection and primer which The Ordinary does not have. Not to mention the packaging for Hylamide is more colorful.

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